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Some of the Best Concealers to Use for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

I have noticed that as I got older, my girlfriends seem to be preoccupied with problems of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. While you can find best under eye concealer for dark circles online, the symptoms itself can be traced to many factors accumulated over a lifetime of bad lifestyle choices.

Before we get to the reviews of some of the best concealers for dark circles, let’s examine some of the root causes of this skin condition that afflicts millions of women and men, all over the world. I can assure you that the best under eye concealer will only mask the problem if you do not deal with the root cause of the issue.

I know we humans like to talk in generalities while seeking an instant miracle cure product. Take for instance the problem of obesity, most people will frown when you bring up the need to eat less and exercise. So to be truthful, even the best eye concealer for dark circles will not eliminate the problem, unless you correct your toxic lifestyle.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

Before I go into details about my life experiences with a puffy eye with dark circles, further examination of what science has to say about the skin condition is appropriate. Some of your periorbital dark circles can be traced to DNA or gene factors. Chances are that if your mom has them, you stand a pretty good chance of getting them as well, as you get older.

It is also true that puffiness and dark circles around the eyes can be caused due to the loss of elasticity of the skin around those areas. Now when you ask any scientist what causes the skin to lose elasticity in older age, you’ll get various answers to fill another blog post.

Some have blamed black circles under the eyes on the over production of melanin within that sensitive area. I beg to disagree on this factor, as I am fully aware of the value of melanin for good spiritual growth. Some might even say the over production of melanin around the eyes is more prevalent among people of color.

Other factors

The following factors might create puffiness or dark circles around your eyes;

Severe allergies
Skin eczema
Any form of contact dermatitis
Improper or prolonged rubbing of the skin around the eyes
The wrong kind of sun exposure

Now let me give you my personal take on the cause of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes;

Lack of water in your body

Simple as it might sound; if you drink very little water your overall skin will not be as vibrant, including those around the eyes area. I have had my share of toxic lifestyle existence, and most of my bad skin conditions occurred within those periods. So drink enough water to flush out toxins from your internal system.

Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking alcohol of any kind will do damage to your internal organs, including your skin. Do not be fooled by the industry-sponsored slogan that a little wine is good for the heart. All the benefits you can trace to drinking alcohol is far out-weighed by the negatives.

Get the Right Amount of Rest

Do you have television and other digital devices when you go to sleep? Get rid of all of them, to get a good night’s rest. Most electronics are toxic to the human body, and you can do your own research if you’re in doubt. The quality of your sleep is not determined by the number of hours but the type of rest you get.

Eat dinner, at least, a few hours before bedtime. Try not to watch disturbing television programs that could affect your peaceful rest. The type of rest you need will leave you refreshed and energized once you wake up in the morning.

It is okay if you disagree with some of my personal opinions, for the dark circles and puffiness around your eyes can still be hidden or made to disappear temporarily with the proper use of the concealers reviewed in this article. My personal opinion is for those seeking a more permanent solution.

Types of Under Eye Concealer

With so many beauty treatment products for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, it is getting harder to know which one does what for specific skin types.

If you check your local drugstore or online you’ll find there are multiple types of concealers for under eye skin problems. Depending on your skin discoloration, you might have to use at least two types to get the beautiful results you expect.

For brevity sake, there are three main types we’ll be discussing in this article; liquid, cream, and stick concealers. There are also hybrids that combine various aspects of the different types into one product.

You should also take into consideration the color of the concealer, before making your buying decision. Certain types are just better for people of color while some are geared towards the needs of white people.

Best Liquid Concealer for Dark Circles under the Eyes

The best liquid concealers you can use to hide dark circles around the eyes are ideal for those with oily, combination, normal, and sensitive skin. If your skin has blemishes, this type will allow you to make them disappear like magic.

The good thing about using this type of concealer is that the coverage is build-able, which means you can go from light to complete full coverage based on your needs.

You can buy the best liquid concealer in several finishes, and some of the most popular ones are; matte, radiant shimmer, and satin. It is probably the most popular type of concealer, due to the fact that it is easier to apply.

Liquid concealers are usually not prone to cake-up problems; neither will they cause additional breakouts because they do not clog your pores. The two liquid concealers with high-performance metrics are:

1 – Maybelline New York Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Maybelline is a popular name that needs no further introduction to the millions of women who adore their beauty products line. This best concealer dark circles contains haloxyl and goji berry in its formulation.

Maybelline claims it can help rewind your age to those youthful years we all crave as we get older. That might be a bit of a stretch, but it does help diminish fines line, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes.

It comes with an applicator and be careful not to wet it. This best concealer for under eye bags is affordable and worthy of your attention.

2 – Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes

Another best under eye concealer for very dark circles is from a company called Neutrogena, and the coverage that it provides can be easily blended.

I use this brand, and I can assure you that it does miraculous coverage for skin blemishes and imperfections. It is commonly referred to as the appropriate 3-in-1 Concealer for a girl’s night out.

You can use this top rated under eye concealer to easily hide puffiness and dark circles. Not only does it offer sun protection, but it is formulated in such a way that those with sensitive eyes will find it safe and gentle to use.

If you wear contact lenses, this concealer will provide better natural looking coverage for those problem areas under the eyes without affecting your vision negatively. Some have called it the best corrector for dark circles, but I use it mostly to cover my natural blemish spots.

Top Cream Concealers for Blemishes and Dark Spots

Some of the best cream concealers are packaged in round jars. You might find them useful if you have sensitive, normal, combination, or dry skin. You can build the skin coverage from medium to full. Some of the most popular finish for this type are; creamy and satin.

Be careful how you use cream concealers for they tend to have thicker textures, and might look heavy on your skin if not blended the right way. You can use it to cover thick scars or heavy dark spots.

I would recommend this type to those with constant puffiness, bags and dark circles around the eyes. Here are the two brands that deliver absolute fabulous results:

3 – Toulon Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

The design for this best rated under eye concealer is quite appealing and catchy. The formulation includes vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and Peptides. It comes in a round jar and contains the right ingredients to correct fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes.

From my experience and what I gathered from my friends, this product contains top notch anti-aging properties.

The inclusion of vitamin E, Lactic acid, and Green tea shows the antioxidant properties are real and powerful enough to fight off free radicals before they can cause any damage.

This eye cream for dark circles from Toulon is made using cruelty-free methods, and completely free of Paraben, fragrance, and gluten.

It is safely manufactured in the USA, and you get a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. This skin care product is appropriate for all skin types.

4 – MediDerm Dark Circles Treatment Cream

This is another brand of dark circles concealer from a company called MediDerm. It is formulated to moisturize while leaving the skin protected and firmer.

The properties found in this product will tighten the skin around the eyes, which some have called a natural eye lift without surgery or the high cost associated with the procedure.

The top rated concealer from MediDerm will not only leave your skin smooth but also leave your face feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Top Rated Stick Concealers for Dark Circles

The name for this type is most appropriate, for it is sometimes confused with a long lipstick. The best brands of stick concealers can be used on dry, normal, and sensitive skin. They enable coverage that can be enhanced from medium to full.

The most popular finish for this type of concealer for dark circles is; powdery matte and satin. Some of the most popular brands will have a rich, creamy texture that can be used to cover heavy dark circles or skin blemishes around the eyes.

Here is a top rated dark circles stick concealer:

5 – Shany Creme Concealer Stick

This cosmetics company has made many strides since it was first created in 2006. This brand offers a product that is Paraben and talc free. It is the right concealer for use around the eyes, lips, and even the corners of your nose, to hide dark circles or any other skin imperfections.

While it can be used alone or right over your foundation, the company claims this stick concealer can soothe the fine lines visible under the eyes. It has a rich creamy texture, and will blend easily.

Shany Creme concealer stick is made using cruelty-free methods right here in the USA!

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