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What are the Physical and Health Benefits of Doing Daily Yoga?

In the beginning, you might think to do yoga on a daily basis is just a form of simple and unique exercises that would help you stay in shape, but as you get more proficient in the practice other benefits start to manifest themselves.

No one can really tell you about the true origins of yoga poses, but the drawings inside the Egyptian pyramids proves it was one of the many ways the pharaohs were able to gain so much knowledge.

The benefits of yoga are gender neutral, for it can help both men and women in their quest for peace of mind and the development of the right posture. While yoga is widely practiced in the Far East and India, I have my doubts if this ancient practice truly originated in those areas.

Keep in mind that the history of the world has been written from the perspective of the conquerors, so it is not surprising the true origin cannot be fully documented with certainty.

Just look at what is happening with the Pyramids in Egypt, slowly the images are been altered and some of the drawings on the walls erased, which is a vast ongoing concerted effort to deny the vast contribution of the black and brown people to the positive development of the world.

A friend once told me that the white race was not present in Egypt until after all the great accomplishments were created based on the drawings on the walls and the practices in the many temples, where by the way, yoga was also part of the curriculum.

But leave it to Hollywood to create myths by making movies showing Caucasian actors and actresses in leading roles in all movies about Egypt and the Middle East. While we all know that is not true, they’re carefully and skillfully trying to re-write history with a false narrative.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

What are the Physical and Health Benefits of Doing Daily Yoga?

Let’s forget the controversy about the origin of yoga poses and concentrate on the physical benefits one can derive from doing the exercises on a daily basis. Keep in mind that some of the benefits will be enhanced if you’re using the right type of yoga mat and wearing .

Some of the benefits of doing yoga might vary from individual to individual, but the most well-known ones are:

1 – Enhanced Flexibility

If you sit on a chair all day long at your job and do the same thing when you get home your body develops rigidity, which ultimately leads to the poorer functioning of your internal organs. Doing yoga on a daily basis can help restore flexibility to your body’s joints and core muscle groups.

Sad to say, but probably over 70% of Americans cannot bend down and touch their toes. Can You? It is probably one of the early benefits of doing yoga on a daily basis and it will help restore the flexibility needed to move and do yoga poses that might seem impossible to you.

The restored flexibility to key joints and muscle groups will lead to the disappearance of most aches and pains experienced by most people on a daily basis. With the right flexibility will come the appearance of the right posture, as if by magic?

2 – Will Strengthen Your Muscles

Doing yoga poses and meditation will help to strengthen your muscles, which will mean painful conditions like back pain and arthritis will be kicked out of your body domain. Most of our elderly citizens would live a more fruitful and productive life if they were introduced to yoga with the right coach.

It is only when you strengthen your core muscle groups and increase the flexibility of your joints would your overall body be stronger, and the daily practice of yoga poses and meditation can help you accomplish all that and more.

3 – Correct Poor Posture

Just take a look around you in your place of work or public transportation and the number of our citizens working around with poor posture will surprise you. Do you have an erect spine? Or has it been compromised by the many years you spent sitting in a stationary position at work or at home?

One of the main benefits of daily yoga practice is the correction of poor posture, which at the present time for most beginners would seem like an impossible goal. Just keep at it, for yoga poses would help correct your poor posture quicker than you know it.

4 – Will Stimulate Better Bone Health

If you fear osteoporosis due to poor bone health you should get into doing yoga several times a week to strengthen your bones to help ward off this painful condition from attacking and compromising your quality of life as you age.

Unless the bone density in your vertebrae is strengthened through the regular practice of yoga poses, the muscles in that core area of your body will deteriorate as you age. So use a few minutes of your daily time to learn yoga the right way to help strengthen your overall bone health.

5 – Yoga Can Help With Better Blood Flow

One of my good friends who shall remain nameless experienced erectile dysfunction issues a few years back and one of the ways he cured his condition was through the implementation of daily hot yoga exercises. As you learn to relax from the yoga exercises the circulation of blood to key organs within your body would be significantly boosted.

6 – Better Regulation of Your Heart Rate

The regulation of your heart rate is key to controlling the factors that can cause a heart attack. The yoga poses will not only enhance your cardiovascular health but also strengthen its functions. Yoga practice would teach you how to take in oxygen to regulate your heart rate in a good way, which also increases your endurance to amazing levels.

7 – Increases Your Mental Focus

This ancient practice is powerful enough to give you better clarity in your daily functions. Your increased mental alacrity will automatically enable better reaction time, increased focus, and better productivity. Yoga practice can also benefit kids study habits.

Why is this ancient practice of unique exercises not taught to kids in school? Is it because it might make them less susceptible to the control mechanisms used by the elite to rule the world? After all, why create more shepherds when the people are better controlled when raised as sheep’s?

I will leave the lack of yoga practices in our public schools to those knowledgeable about the vast government conspiracy to dumb the people down, including kids. If you’re a parent, find a way to introduce your teenager to yoga poses, and watch as his or her grades improve.

Other Health Benefits of Yoga

If you suffer from lack of sleep, why don’t you commence your own yoga exercises today and see if it helps you quiet that active mind so that you can rest comfortably at night? Most yoga practitioners swear that the ancient poses and exercises helped them sleep better at night.

Just from common sense alone, good night’s rest will lead to less stress in most practitioners of yoga poses. Less stress means you’ll be calm in your daily activities, which ultimately will help improve your decision-making ability.

Common ailments that used to bother you will simply vanish when you start your yoga exercises, thus leading to a happier life. Another side benefit will be the increased ability to see through negative people and you will be better equipped to resist been drawn into their drama.

In Conclusion

While yoga can help you create a peace of mind that is blissful and calming, it is not an easy practice to begin. It is even more difficult to begin yoga poses if you’re out of shape or morbidly obese. It might be wise to try to lose the extra pounds using this tips before commencing any yoga poses.

Like every physical activity that is good for your body, there will be initial aches and pains to overcome. The pains from your adjustment period to yoga exercises will subside as the physical benefits of yoga are manifested into your life.

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