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A Portable Breathalyzer Might Be the Only Way to Avoid Driving Drunk

Do you know when an automobile accident is considered a criminal offense? If you drive drunk you’ll be treated like a criminal and arrested on the spot. This issue is personal to me, for my best friend did some time in the penitentiary for a vehicular homicide.

Despite his claim that he only had a few beers, his blood alcohol level registered over the legal limit, and it took the jury less than six hours to find him guilty. And you know what, it was determined the other car ran a red light, but my buddy got the blame simply because he had too much to drink.

He could have avoided losing his freedom if he had a well-designed and reliable personal Breathalyzer with him on that faithful night. So if you like to go out and have some drinks occasionally, do yourself a favor and get one of the best Breathalyzers reviewed in this article.

What exactly is a Breathalyzer?

When you first see one, you might confuse it as another digital device. While it certainly can be considered a digital device, it is a personal and lifesaving one. After your night out drinking, and before you start looking for your car keys, you blow heavily into the Breathalyzer and it will tell you your alcohol blood level and if you’re over the required limit by law.

Simply assuming you’re fine and not drunk will not be a good defense, should the cops stop you, or if you’re involved in an accident that is not even your fault. The Breathalyzer is certainly more reliable than your alcohol clouded personal judgment.

Breathalyzers are now more sophisticated and all police departments have the commercial brands. The result from the Breathalyzer is instant, and you definitely will be arrested if the alcohol in your system is found to be above the legal limit.

Based on the latest FBI crime stats, there are over 11,000 deaths annually, just because one of the drivers was impaired while driving on the road. Now you know why states all across the country are getting tough on drunk drivers. Unfortunately, the fatalities and numbers of drunken driving accidents increase every year.

Before we get to some of the best brands in this portable Breathalyzer reviews and the types available for purchase online, let’s examine the misconceptions floating around the general public about Breathalyzers and driving drunk.

Facts and Myths about Personal Breathalyzers

Contrary to what some might tell you, the result from the Breathalyzer test giving to you by the cop on the road is fully admissible, and juries all over the country are known to rely on them in reaching quick verdicts.

If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test as requested by the police officer, he or she have every right to arrest you on the spot.

After having a few drinks, eating a large amount of food will not lower your alcohol blood content level. You can drink all the coffee or caffeine sodas you want, your alcohol level will not be lowered. The caffeine might help you stay awake while driving, but you would still be considered drunk if you had too much to drink and the Breathalyzer confirms it.

Some have the false belief that copper infused coins will help alter the readings of the Breathalyzer; trust me nothing could be further from the truth. Breathalyzers are designed to do one thing, that is detecting the alcohol level in your blood with instantaneous results.

Another wildly held misconception about getting drunk and Breathalyzers is that some alcoholic beverages cannot be read by the device. That is complete baloney, for alcohol becomes an intoxicant once it reaches your blood and internal organs.

Some have the misconception that you can pee out the alcohol content when you go to the restroom. Alcohol is full of toxins that help create the high and good feeling, and it does take a couple of hours to get it out of your system, depending on how much you consumed.

So to keep it short and straight to the point, every type of alcohol you consumed will be registered by the Breathalyzer. The device is not designed to measure your tolerant level for alcohol, but just the alcohol level in your system and if it is over the legal limit.

The Different Types of Breathalyzers

If you look online, you’ll find different types of Breathalyzers with numerous performance metrics. The main purpose of getting a personal Breathalyzer is to ensure the safety of the driver and the public at large. Some are stand-alone units while others are designed to be used as a keychain.

The type is irrelevant as long as it reads your alcohol blood level accurately so that you don’t end up driving drunk. After each type of Breathalyzer, a review of one or more best brands will be provided for your convenience.

Breathalyzers You Can Use With Your Smartphone

Within the industry, they are popularly known as iPhone Breathalyzers but will work flawlessly with other smartphones that have the latest Bluetooth technology. The units are quite small and are designed to snap into the data and charging port of your portable cell phone.

Depending on the brand, there is usually a small hole where a person can breathe into for instant accurate readings of the blood alcohol level. The interaction with your iPhone will be determined by the brand. Some are able to communicate with the App on the phone while others derive power from it.

Most iPhone or Smartphone Breathalyzers are small and can be easily carried in your purse or pocket. Below is a good brand we found delivers high-performance metrics for the money.

1 – BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

This is the ultimate premier brand when it comes to Breathalyzers you can use with your iPhone or Smartphone by other carriers. BACtrack is probably the leader in Breathalyzer technology, with over 14 years of experience within the industry.

You should also know that this company plays both sides; meaning they also make professional Breathalyzers geared towards law enforcement needs. This little Breathalyzer will instantly transform your Smartphone into the type used by law enforcement all over the country.

It has the ability to give you instant accurate readings of your blood alcohol level, and the free provided App allows you to track your results over time. BACtrack mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer can also let you know when the alcohol level in your system will return to zero readings.

The device uses Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, which is the same used by highway police officers when they pull you over. The accuracy of the technology is not in doubt, as it is trusted by clinics, hospitals and law enforcement all over the world.

Your Smartphone must have Bluetooth connectivity for the device to work accurately. This best personal Breathalyzer for Smartphone is covered by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Portable Keychain Breathalyzers

Keychain Breathalyzers are probably the smallest and most portable. Most people will not even know what they do unless you tell them. It is small and discreet, because it is designed for personal use, and will deliver same accurate results as the other brands if maintained and used accurately.

If you park in a garage with attendants, be sure to remove the device from the keychain before heading to your drinking destination. The best time to perform the Breathalyzer test is before you get to your automobile, not inside. Most will come with display technology to enable you to clearly see and read the results.

2 – Mogoi LCD Display Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

This is quite a small unit that uses two triple “AAA” to function. It has digital technology, which helps to deliver instant and quick accurate results.

The device can also be used to test the alcohol density of the driver and the air within the immediate vicinity.

The alkaline battery required to make it function also powers the embedded flashlight, which might come in handy in dimly lighted parking garages.

Best Personal Breathalyzers

The majority of this type utilize semiconductor oxide sensors for accuracy. They tend to be stand-alone units, and they are the most popular type of Breathalyzers sold online.

Below is one of the personal Breathalyzer with good performance metrics for the money.

3 – AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector

When you find any AlcoHAWK PT500 review online, the features mentioned shows why this is the favorite brand for law enforcement officers all over the country.

The AlcoHAWK PT500 has replaceable mouthpieces, which means you can safely use it with friends and loved ones. Of all the Breathalyzers reviewed in this article this brand might be the most accurate, due to the use of a PT Core fuel-cell sensor.

This gives the unit the ability to block interference from acetone, making it deliver linear accuracy that’s vastly superior to units using the regular semi-conductor sensors.

This personal Breathalyzer from AlcoHAWK has LCD technology with an easy to read display panel. AlcoHAWK Breathalyzer is one of the few brands cleared by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as an approved alcohol testing device.

You get five mouthpieces with your purchase of this pocket Breathalyzer made by AlcoHAWK. This fuel cell Breathalyzer is built to last, and it is trusted by most law enforcement agencies, so should you.

If you decide to invest in this unit, remember to follow the included directions and maintain the Breathalyzer as required. Use it to test yourself to make sure you’re not over the alcohol legal limit before the cops test you.

Key Steps to Avoid Driving Drunk

If you plan to go out and have some fun with friends, decide before hand to have a designated driver that would not drink alcohol.

If you’re in a group and you notice someone is drunk, do all you can to take their keys away before they get into the car.

If you had too many to drink, ask someone to call you a cab or text a good friend or loved one to come pick you up. The UBER App will get a car to your destination in just a few minutes.

If you host a party at your home remind your guest to drink responsibly and offer shelter to anyone too drunk to drive home. Nowadays, it is also wise to have your guest sign legal disclaimers, especially if you have free-flowing alcohol.

Finally, this Breathalyzer reviews would not have helped if you still end up driving drunk. Breathalyzers can help keep you out of trouble, but you must, at least, own a good brand. Please drink responsibly, and do not drive drunk, for the lives saved might just be your own or loved ones.

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