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Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Review

It is an inconvenient truth that knee walkers or scooters are never thought of until a lower leg injury occurs. We humans walk around on two legs like we’re invincible, but a visit to any local hospital would show you the fragility of the human body that is made up of just flesh.

The human flesh is not as strong as that of wild animals, and one might say our mostly indoor existence has made most of us soft. Anyway, any injury that impacts your mobility is not a good thing and one of the best mobility solutions to move around is the Drive Medical DV8 aluminum steerable knee walker.

I got introduced to this product when I choose to give a friend a ride from the hospital. My guiltiness for not visiting him during his stay at the clinic got the best of me, so I volunteered to pick him up. When he came out in a knee scooter my initial thought was that this device would not fit into my sports car.

The Drive Knee walker not only allows you to adjust the seat and handle, for the steering column can also be easily folded to make it easier to transport. I can you assure that it beats walking around in old fashion crutches. If you want your foot surgery to heal faster, this is the right device for walking around and it has some impressive features.

The Features of the DV8 Steerable Knee Walker 790

In its collapsible state, you might not know what it can do, but it is the ideal alternative to using crutches. It has a pair of front wheels and an excellent braking system, which guarantees you’ll experience a smooth walking around without impacting your injured leg negatively.

It uses four wheels to ensure mobility stability, which ultimately leads to better safety as you navigate the terrains of your city’s sidewalk or street. The use of 8-inch wheels also contributes to the safety experience provided by the best knee scooter from Drive Medical.

The key component of any knee walker is the cushion for the knees and this one is padded with high-quality materials to ensure comfort during your ride across town.

Not only is this scooter designed to be quickly folded, the handle and the seat can also be easily adjusted, all without requiring the use any tools. The adjustment features give you the ability to make the Drive Medical scooter to conform to your specific needs.

The frame of the Drive Medical DV8 steerable knee walker is made from durable aluminum, and it has an attractive and eye-catching silver vein finish. This product weighs about 19 pounds, and it is suitable for users weighing 300 pounds or less.

The Pros and Cons of the Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker

I am yet to run across any product without its pros and cons. It is hard to please every customer, but the true merit of a good knee walker can be measured in the approval rating from the users that love it. This product has over 4.5 stars out of available 5 stars, which translates to an impressive 80 to 90 percent rating from current users of the product.


It is certainly true that the durability and reliability of a product can be measured by looking at the warranty terms. This aluminum steerable knee walker comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the original buyer of the product, which simply means if you sell or transfer ownership the warranty terms cannot be included.

The flexibility of the design for this knee scooter makes it ideal for use by those dealing with amputation, sprains, foot surgery, and ulcers of the foot. The easy maneuverability of the steering column makes it the best alternative to using crutches.

The adjustment features can be applied to the height and the handle, plus coupled with the padded knee cushion, it delivers a comfortable riding experience like no other walker.

Apart from the 8-inch wheels, the dual braking mechanism is top notch. There is a hand braking control set up to initiate an immediate stop, while the push button brake locks are made for parking and safety.


Some of the users wearing a cast on their injury experienced pain and discomfort while riding the knee scooter from Drive Medical. Some complained the resting area for your leg is not wide enough to accommodate injuries requiring the wearing of other hospital devices.

Meaning if you have a heavy cast on your leg, think carefully before investing in one. While it is not the most expensive knee scooter one can find online, it is also not the cheapest.

Bottom Line:

Any type of injury to the legs or foot is quite excruciating and requires time to heal the properly. Unfortunately, life must go on and one of the best mobility options to move around that also does not affect your injury is the use of knee scooter like the Drive DV8.

The has some impressive features and most of the current users love the product. The inclusion of a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer it’s quite significant, as it is probably the best terms within the industry.

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