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Sole F80 Treadmill Reviews

As a fitness and weight loss expert, I get my fair share of questions from patrons wanting to know the difference between the equipment you use at high-end gyms and the ones that are sold to the general public.

Based on my experience, it is usually based on the type of gym fitness product, for some are just from manufacturers that only deal with commercial establishments.

If you like to run on a treadmill in the comfort of your own home, the closest brand that mimics the same awesome results you can get from using one in a reputable gym is the F80 Sole treadmill.

Just so you know, it is not one of those cheaper treadmills that would break down after a few months of regular use. The F80 treadmill is for serious workout enthusiasts determined to benefit from all the cardiovascular enhancements this type of fitness tool can enable.

Just judging by the dimensions of the Sole Fitness F80 Folding treadmill you can tell it is one reliable machine and it will allow you to experience all the health benefits running on a treadmill can deliver.

Before it was released to the public, this treadmill for walking and running used to be sold exclusively to hotels, gyms, and other commercial establishments with customer care as their number one goal.

You probably would not find this treadmill at a budget motel or even a holiday Inn. But try the Beverly Hills hotel in California, the Plaza hotel in New York City, and other expensive hotels that take caring for their customer to another higher level.

Now that we know that the Sole F80 is sturdy, reputable, and will last for decades if probably maintained, let’s explore some of the features embedded within this fitness tool.

Features of the Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

From all the Sole F80 Reviews one can find online by critics and health experts alike, the warranty is one of the best within the industry. The most important parts like the motor, deck, and frames are all guaranteed for life while the numerous electronic parts are covered by a five-year warranty and the labor only two years.

Based on numerous studies, it is far more deadly to your joints to run on asphalt than it is to do it on a top rated treadmill like the Sole F80. This brand uses the latest in cushion flex technology to make the deck whisper quiet, regardless of how hard you run on it.

The Sole F80 that can be found on Amazon has a display console that is not only user-friendly but can be easily mastered by almost anyone. You’ll be able to instantly know about the distance you’ve traveled, speed, time, incline, pulse, calories, and pace.

You can track your progress every 1/4 mile, and the Valley and Peak graph you can create showing your progress it’s quite amazing, to say the least. Within the console, you’ll find built-in speakers which you can use to listen to all the contents within your digital devices.

The included HP motor allows you to reach up to 12 miles per hour, and you can do about 15 levels of different inclines. The incline gear design uses rack and pinion setup with a sturdy two-ply belt.

Apart from the LCD workout display, which is 7.5-inch, you also get to appreciate the power of the chest strap and pulse grip one can use to monitor heart rate.

The control for the inclines can be found within the armrests, while also enjoying the many benefits enabled by the embedded cooling fans.


This F80 treadmill is from a company called Sole and it weighs about 265 pounds and can support user weight of up to 375 pounds.

Some of the feedbacks from existing customers have called the best home treadmill machine very quiet, sturdily built, and reliable fitness tool one can use for maintaining the right ideal weight.

Best of all, the Sole F80 is very easy to use, maintain, and service.


Few of the users complained the treadmill F80 from Sole is not the easiest to assemble, for one should consider getting the installation service offered while purchasing the product.

Some found the installation images not large enough and quite difficult to follow. It is also pricey and might not be affordable for everyone.

Bottom Line:

The folding deck design that the F80 comes with is revolutionary and makes the fitness product take up as less of a living space as possible.

Apart from the useful heart programs, the included large stop switch allows you to bring the treadmill to an instant complete stop.

The included workout programs are customizable to work with your situation, and you’re able to create amazing results as far as your weight goes.

Sole F80 treadmill is certainly not for everyone, but it does come with all the right features needed by anyone looking to lose weight and stay in shape.

Brad Wellington

Brad Wellington

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