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Some of the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball and Review of Top Brands

Whenever a health problem rears its ugly head to attack Americans, you can bet ingenious entrepreneurs will find ways to create viable products to enable solutions to be manifested. Obesity is running rampant and wreaking havoc in millions of people’s lives and there are now exercise balls one can use to not only lose weight but also stay in shape.

This versatile piece of gym equipment is not your typical fitness tool, so do not judge its effectiveness unless you’ve put one to the test. Exercise balls offer you so many different ways of staying in shape that it can be deployed for rigorous workouts in numerous training programs.

Before we get to the buying guide for the best exercise ball brand, let’s examine some of the benefits you can expect from using a fitness ball for workouts.

Known Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball

The initial aim of any physical fitness routine is to stimulate better muscle tone within your core muscles group and your entire body. An exercise ball can be used to accomplish all that and more. The unusual design of this gym equipment makes it suitable for rehabilitating hip and back injuries.

If you happen to have knee injuries, an exercise ball is uniquely suited for use in powerful workouts. It will not only improve your core stability but also enhance your muscle balance and posture. Since it can be used for low impact workouts, it will definitely help to improve your cardiovascular health.

An exercise ball can be deployed effectively to help support your lower back during your stretching and exercising routines. This is why these balls one can use to stay in shape can also be found in chiropractor and therapist offices worldwide. Some of the users gave feedbacks that the ball provided soothing instant relief from back pain.

At a recent Los Angeles Lakers audition for new dancers, participants were given exercise balls to help them loosen up and firm up posture before the dance routines. It is also reasonable to assume one can use this home gym equipment to ensure that all your muscle groups are trained equally, to prevent muscle imbalance problems.

Best Exercise Ball Buying Guide

This popular gym equipment tool is also commonly called Swiss balls among fitness enthusiasts. With so many different brands in the marketplace, you want to make sure you’re getting one manufactured from high-quality materials.

Pay careful attention to the reputation of the manufacturer, before pushing the buy now button. It would be nice if the brand you like is available for purchase in many different colors and sizes.

Since an exercise ball is inflated with air, it would be nice to have one that comes with an inflator. Apart from the views in this exercise ball reviews, take a few minutes and look closely at the feedbacks provided by some of the current users of the ball you have in mind.

Simply reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to ensure you do not end up with a physical fitness tool with problems.

Exercise Ball Reviews

With dozens of brands seeking your business, ultimately finding that best exercise ball brand can be an arduous task. The exercise ball brands listed below come with high-performance metrics, and the awesome feedbacks from existing users made it possible to include each product in this review.

1 – Black Mountain 2000lb Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

When you ask around fitness forums online about exercise balls, the name Black Mountain is frequently mentioned. This company is known for outputting high-quality products including some of the top selling exercise balls.

The 2000lb static strength exercise stability ball comes with a Pump and well-documented starter brochure that any beginner would find very helpful. The maximum weight of 2000 pounds offered by this brand is quite impressive.

The Black Mountain 2000lb exercise ball is available for purchase in five different sizes and four unique colors. You’re bound to find the right size exercise ball for your weight and height within the Black Mountain brand.

2 – DynaPro Direct Exercise Ball

This is another exercise ball that comes with an inflator, and it is from a company called DynaPro Direct. It is available for purchase in three different sizes with four unique colors to choose from. The manufacturer claims this ball one can use to stay in shape is made from the highest quality materials.

Truth be told, this is the same ball used in the expensive gym my girlfriend goes to. I keep telling her to set up a gym within her roomy home to save money (but that is for another blog post since her parents are loaded).

This fitness tool is strong enough and can be used as your favorite exercise ball office chair. Recent studies have shown that exercise balls can help increase focus and concentration. Not to brag, but my girlfriend has a “killer figure” and she attributes those lovely curves to working on the DynaPro Direct Exercise Ball.

3 – BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Fitness Ball

The exercise ball from BalanceFrom comes with anti-burst and slip-resistant features. It is only available in three sizes with two different colors to choose from. This ball is made using very durable and high-quality materials as it is rated up to 3000lbs, which is one of the highest within this niche market.

The thick materials used guarantees it will not burst easily while the slip-resistant features ensure you’re comfortable while using it as your favorite exercise office ball chair.

This slip resistant exercise ball comes with a foot pump and can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth. The manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction with a two-year warranty.

4 – SmarterLife Stability Ball

This is another highly rated fitness ball one can use for muscle toning and effective weight loss workouts. While it is available in three different sizes, two of them are presently sold out. This best exercise ball brand can be purchased in three different colors.

The manufacturer claims this product is eco-friendly since it is manufactured using non-toxic materials. This good exercise ball is latex and phthalate free! You can also use it as your favorite desk chair.

It is recommended for all ages and all fitness levels. To help any beginner along the road to staying fit, you get a guide with the top 10 exercise ball workouts.

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