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The Many Ways Food Affects Your Mood and Personality

It is quite true that you become what you eat. There are hundreds of clinical studies to back up the fact that what you eat contributes immensely to how you feel on a daily basis. One can also reasonably conclude that changing your diet can effectively change your life.

It is not the intention of this article to change or argue about what types of foods are good for your body, for that would be an exercise in futility as that can be influenced by many factors some regional based.

We do intend to show that what you eat and how you eat can lead to mood and personality changes, which ultimately can alter the direction of your life.

The Present Day Modern Diet

The present day modern diet is loaded with high sugar ingredients that ultimately leads to obesity. Have you asked yourself why over 90% of all packaged food items contain some form of sugary substances? Now, the sweetener might come with scientific sounding names to confuse the average consumer into thinking it is good for the body.

Take a walk through your local supermarket aisle and pay close attention to the ingredients included in your favorite packaged foods. Most of your fast food restaurants include sugar in almost all the popular foods people are used to eating.

You might not know it but the sweet substances are included during the preparation stages. And if by any chance the food stuff does not include sugar, it is certainly present in the sauces you use, including the commonly used ketchup.

First, let’s take a look at how the foods you eat can change your mood with an adverse effect on your personality. Afterwards, we’ll look at some of the most effective steps you can take to ensure you’re not negatively affected by what you eat.

How Foods Affects Your Mood

I would not try to bore you with scientific data or statistics from clinical studies showing the power of food and how what you’re consuming can lead to bad moods and negative personality traits.

Instead, it might be more helpful to use common sense as our guide to reach reasonable conclusions about the effects of food on our moods and personality. You should be able to relate to some of the common sense occurrences I will give you unless you have been living on the planet Mars.

Food and Tiredness

The most obvious sign that what you just ate is not all that good for your internal organs can be traced to how you feel right after eating. The tiredness syndrome is a well-known phenomenon. When you consume your food in haste, chances are that you feel tired afterwards, and your productivity level suffers as a result.

If you care to Google it, you can find numerous studies that prove most workers are less productive right after lunch break. Why is that, you might ask? Why is it that the food products that’s supposed to supply needed energy to work hard make us tired.

Food and Obesity

I once watched a program whereby a teenager with obesity problems claimed the junk foods that he was addicted to was always calling him, both at home and when he stepped outside. It certainly made me chuckle, but it is deadly accurate. Addiction to sweetened foods can be blamed for our exploding obesity problems.

Americans are getting fatter by the minute, and all the falsely marketed dieting programs have not made any significant difference. We have been conditioned to expect instant miraculous weight loss results without any adjustments on our part.

To make it clearer if you do not understand what causes weight gain. You will gain weight when you eat more calories than you use on a daily basis. The excess calories will find room within your stomach, waist, thighs, legs, butt, neck, arms etc.

If we all walked around naked, most people would not leave their home due to the ugly body distortions caused by food consumed on a regular basis. Americans are now walking around with more excess pounds that it is not that difficult to make out the late night snatchers and voracious eaters among the population.

Food and Your Sex Life

A good friend recently told me that he was having erection problems and he asked for my opinion. Since he was considered a close personal friend of mine, I told him the truth. He was at least 70 pounds overweight and worked too many hours on his high stressful job on Wall Street.

I recommended he cut back his working hours, increase his consumption of more alkaline foods and start exercising on a regular basis. I also suggested he include his wife in his plans for she was also overweight and did most of the cooking at home.

Six months later, my buddy lost all the excess weight and now does most of his stock analysis from the comfort of his own home with higher productivity that even impressed his bosses. He stopped using Viagra and now claims his sex life is way better than when he first got married.

His wife also lost all her excess pounds, and they seem more in love than ever. I would be hosting them this summer in my city down south as they take a well-deserved vacation, which is the first meaningful one in ten years.

His wife also lost all her excess pounds, and they seem more in love than ever. I would be hosting them this summer in my city down south as they take a well-deserved vacation, which is the first meaningful one in ten years.

Food and Confidence

Show me someone that is overweight and I can point out certain things he or she does to compensate for the poor body image, especially when around other people that have taken the time to stay in shape with moderation in eating with regular exercising.

Your clothes can only hide but so much, for eventually the excess pounds will start manifesting in places you never expected. What you eat will not only make you fat but can also lead to diminished confidence levels over time.

Steps You Can Take

While this article is not about the types of foods that are good for your body, it will be beneficial to your health if you pay more careful attention to what you eat on a regular basis.

Consumption of more alkaline foods will help eliminate the toxins from the junk within your internal organs from all the junk food you’ve eaten.
Make sure you’re getting your fair share of leafy green vegetables and try your best to stay away from acidic foods that make you feel tired.

Drinking more water on a daily basis should not be a choice but a necessity if you want to stay healthy in our present day toxic environment. Drinking clean refreshing water is good for you, and I am yet to find anyone that got fat from drinking too much of it.

It is one of the most natural substances that can get rid of toxins lurking within your internal organs.

If you find yourself obese, your best bet is to take it one day at a time and not try to rush the weight loss. It took several months for you to gain the weight and it would take several months for the excess pounds to be successfully eliminated.

Not only should you be eating fewer calories, you should also be physically active on a daily basis. While you can use some of the best-rated diet pills to achieve quick weight loss, it is the adjustment you make in your lifestyle choices that make it permanent.

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