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The Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Strength Training

About two weeks ago, I paid a visit to a friend that just bought a huge house with his lovely wife, and what I saw in the basement is the reason why I am writing this article about the merits of using the best free standing punching bag. On this particular day, I lost two potential clients and my long term girlfriend just decided to accept a job offer in another major city.

You could say I was frustrated and looking for ways to blow off steam. My good friend suggested I visit his newly installed indoor home gym. The house itself is an old colonial that is made out of old-fashion looking bricks and contains over seven bedrooms with five full sized bathrooms.

The full sized basement had over 3,000 square feet of usable space and my friend carved out an enormous gym, which included some of the best fitness tools one can use to stay in shape including a freestanding punching bag.

Mind you, it was not my intention to punch a free standing bag, but as I started punching the bag some of my anger and frustration started melting away. It was hard to pinpoint what got into me, but I worked that punching bag for over two hours straight.

After my strenuous workout I was drenched in sweat, but better yet, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Not only did I lose a few pounds but the thought of losing those two clients and my girlfriend moving to another state did not bother me anymore.

Before I get to some of the best free standing punching bags for your home gym, let me assure you that this physical activity is one of the ideal ways to blow off steam and let go all your frustrations.

If you’re under enormous pressures or feel like the world is against you, find your own punching bag and let us know how you feel after hitting it for a few minutes.

Not only is the workout you can do with this fitness tool good for your cardiovascular health, you’ll feel rejuvenated after each session.

Benefits of Free Standing Punching Bag

I must confess that after my first initial workout at my friend’s house, I felt sore all over my body the next morning. So from my experience, you should take it slow, while allowing your body and muscles to get used to this type of strength training.

The key to benefiting from hitting a punching bag is consistency, and not how long. You will get better results if your workout is spread out over several days, than just doing several hours in one day.

While this type of workout is not for everyone, it is certainly a good tool if you want to build up your strength while also staying in shape. Some of the benefits one can expect from regularly hitting a free standing punching bag are:

Apart from helping you to stay in shape and get faster weight loss, hitting a punching bag is also the perfect workout to improve your kicks and punches.

The more you hit the bag, the more deadly your punches become, so try not to take out your frustration on your fellow man, for you cannot only knock them out but your punches can also cause fatal injuries.

A free standing stationary bag will provide you the opportunity to develop better reflexes, as your reaction speed is also ramped up. Without you even realizing it, your punches will rain down on your opponents or the bag faster than you know it.

This is a type of conditioning training that also helps to improve your movement and footwork. Another side benefit is that you’ll carry yourself with more confidence. This type of training teaches you how to implement the right distance and spacing into all your physical exercise routines.

The punches you throw towards the free standing punching bag will not only condition and strengthen your core muscles, your cardiovascular health will be significantly boosted.

Apart from helping to develop stronger arms, hands, legs, and fists, hitting a punching bag will help develop the synergy between body, brain, and mind, so that they all work more efficiently together.

Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews

A free standing bag will not cause any structural damage while allowing you to develop powerful punches and kicks. Most are very easy to install, and will take up minimal space, as compared to a traditional ceiling attached boxing hitting bag.

They come in different weight sizes and quality structures. You should get one that is suitable for your weight class, especially if you want to experience the correct and most appropriate resistance as you punch the bag.

Best freestanding punching bags are made from different types of materials, and all will come with a structural base that can be filled with water or sand to provide the stability needed by the bag to withstand your punches.

From the other free standing punching bag reviews, I examined online, you can also find brands that are designed to use weight plates instead of water or sand to keep it stable.

After an exhaustive search, these are some of the best standing punching bags one can buy online with high-performance metrics:

1 – Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

A company called Century is the dominant seller when it comes to top rated free standing punching bags, based on numerous post and feedbacks from critics and customers alike. This particular free standing bag is called Wavemaster extra- extra-large. It is said to have the largest surface for kicking and punching.

The Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is about 9-inches tall with a diameter of about 18-inches. The high-density foam within the hitting surface is covered by vinyl that’s made from durable materials.

To help with the stability of the Wavemaster XXL it is recommended you fill the base with sand or water. When filled to capacity, this free standing punching bag weighs about 270 pounds. You do not have to worry about any leakage if you use water as the cap is rubber sealed to guard against such occurrence.

2 – Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

The next good brand on this list is from the company called Everlast. Yes, that’s the same company responsible for producing some of the best-selling boxing gloves and apparel. The unique selling point of this free standing bag is that it is designed to rock back and forth after each blow.

The rocking motion simulates the action of an opponent, which means you’ll be learning how to weave and duck during your strength training workout sessions. If you’re a professional athlete looking for better accuracy, timing, and speed, you couldn’t have found a better product.

While the Omniflex punching bag from Everlast is made from good and durable foam materials, you get better results if you wear a boxing glove during your strength training session. This bag is much smaller than the one from Century Wavemaster, and it only weighs 130 pounds once it is fully filled with water.

3 – Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

The next punching bag in this review is also from Century, and this was the exact bag that my friend installed in his basement home gym. I like the fact the upper part of the free standing bag is made in the image of a person.

You can direct your punching blows to the head or upper body of the silhouette embedded on top of the base. If you want to practice delivering accurate head blows, this is the free standing bag to get your hands on.

From my experience with this best standing punching bag, you get a superb thrill after just a few minutes of throwing blows towards this punching bag. It has 7-different height adjustments and weighs about 270-pounds once fully filled.

If you want to learn how to box or you just want stronger fist and better hand coordination while defending yourself, the features found in this product will not disappoint you. Century BOB freestanding punching bag is made in the USA, and you get a one-year limited warranty against any factory defects.

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