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Best Professional Hair Dryer Reviews

The best professional hair dryers have certain metrics that distinguishes them from the cheap blow dryers. As you search for a good blow dryer, the worst mistake is to assume all are created the same.

While your ultimate goal is to find one that allows you to dry your thin or thick hair quickly and most efficiently, there are other features you need present for that to happen to your satisfaction.

Here is a good review article that shows what features help determine the best hair dryers for thick hair or curly hair.

Your Blow dryer is sometimes the key to getting a good hair day or a bad one. As a beautician, I can tell you which brands are worth the money. I have collected the 9 top rated hair dryers you can buy online for less.

9 Best Rated Hair Dryers

1 – Panasonic EH-NA65-K Smooth & Shiny Hair Dryer

I am sure you’re familiar with the Panasonic name. Apart from making sound systems and television sets, they also make several models of best inexpensive hair dryers.

Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA65-K will not only dry your hair, but it will also protect it from the heat elements. Within this revolutionary hairdryer is Nanoe technology, which helps to restore moisture to your dried hair.

This newly discovered technology allows the best affordable hair dryer to retain several times more moisture than negative ions.

This blow dryer from Panasonic will add smoothness, minimize frizz, add volume, and minimize damage to your hair caused by brushing.

This best ionic hair dryer from Panasonic comes with three attachments; a quick dry nozzle, a set nozzle that helps with styling, and a diffuser that helps with hair drying or creating curl without frizz.

Apart from having 1875 watts of raw power, it also has five unique controls within the settings. You get two separate speed settings and three unique temperature settings. It has a 9-foot cord with a unique hanging loop. You get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

2 – Andis Professional 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

This best ionic hair dryer uses ceramic as part of the heating element. Ceramic infused dryers are able to self-regulate heat, which allows them to dry your hair without damaging it.

Andis Professional 1875W Ionic Ceramic uses Ionics technology, which helps to project negative ions while also reducing hair frizz.

This hair dryer for fine hair or thick hair will seal your hair cuticles as it penetrates hair shafts. It will automatically preserve the natural oils in your scalp while also restoring moisture balance in your hair.

Andis Professional 1875W is a good affordable hair dryer with five years warranty from the manufacturer.

3 – Centrix Q-Zone Quiet

The name for this best-rated hair dryer says it all. This brand is able to achieve a noticeable reduction in fan noise professed by many models. This is truly a quiet blow dryer that’s also affordable.

This hair drying tool uses tourmaline, ceramic and ionic systems to effectively create a workable union of hair drying and hair care in one device.

The infusion of the elements of tourmaline and ceramic in this portable hair dryer gives the unit the power to generate heating that’s even and will not damage your hair.

Centrix Q-Zone Quiet uses 1500-watt and has a unique control layout. Apart from being very quiet, this blowdryer is also very affordable.

4 – Revlon hair dryer reviews

Revlon is famous worldwide for making many beauty products beloved by millions of consumers. Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer is a continuation of that excellent quality that the company is famous for.

This is among one of the top 10 hair dryers in the world due to its 1875 watts power. You’ll find this unit in most of your high-end beauty salons. The power embedded within can be controlled through two-speed settings, and two temperature settings.

One of the best features of the Revlon 1875W Tourmaline Ionic is the way the heating element is configured. It relies on modern technology, and you can find the most recent innovations within the tourmaline ionic heating unit.

With some of the unique features, Revlon 1875W Tourmaline Ionic can be counted as one of the best-performing tourmaline hair dryers on the market. With your purchase, you get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

5 – Conair Infiniti Pro

This is the best Conair hair dryer from all the models made by this huge conglomerate. This is an ideal blow-dryer that can be used on a daily basis. The unique combination of the features makes it a very compact unit, and can be looked at as two dryers in one.

It has a powerful heating element, and can be used to dry the thickest hair. This is one of the best hair dryers for thick hair, and it comes with rated wattage of 1875 watts. Conair Infiniti Pro uses AC motor as compared to the traditional DC motor used by cheaper hair dryers.

The Conair Infiniti Pro is designed to utilize a tourmaline heating coil, which brings the user awesome benefits when using this blow dryer. The tourmaline element will create more infrared heat that’ll be gentler to your hair and cause much less damage to your hair.

The constant airflow creates an ideal temperature that’s suitable for drying the hair. You get two attachments to make this the most desirable portable hair dryer. The concentrator attachment is designed to force air through the nozzle and will assist in straightening your hair.

The other attachment is a diffuser, and it will help to create hair that has bounce and volume. Whether on the road or at home, this best affordable hair dryer will perform admirably every time.

6 – Elchim hair dryer reviews

Elchim hair dryers are beloved by millions of women worldwide. The company also makes many other products that are on top of the beauty products marketplace.

Elchim Professional watt classic hair dryer will protect your hair from heat damage. This blow dryer gets your hair smoother and silkier.

It has seven switch combinations and gives you the ability to control the velocity and air flow temperature.

This Elchim hair dryer will enable softer, shiny and supple hair. The housing of this best-rated hair dryer has housing that is constructed from flame and shock resistant polycarbonate plastic.

7 – Babyliss hair dryer reviews

Babyliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme Dryer uses the power of ceramic technology with over 2,000 watts of raw power. This blowdryer has three-speed options, and three heat settings.

It has a hanging ring with a cool shot button. With this affordable hair dryer, you can create professional-looking blowouts. It delivers fast drying, and as quiet as possible. This hairdryer will deliver frizz-free hair.

Some of the biggest complaints is that the dryer is too heavy to hold for a long time. On the other hand, the 2,000 watts will blow-dry your hair in a short time and leave it shiny, supple and smooth.

This best professional blow dryer has six heat/speed combinations and has a long cord for good portability.

Best Travel Blow Dryer

If you find yourself constantly on the go, there are certain features you watch out for in a best travel hair dryer. Here are the two blow-dryers we know delivers the most awesome value for your money.

8 – Bellezza hair dryer reviews

Babyliss Pro Nano travel is the one blowdryer that’s designed for use on the road. If you ever check into a high end hotel, this is the type of hairdryer you’ll find in your room.

It has a lightweight and compact design. The powerful heating element is able to deliver fast and durable drying to your wet hair.

It only weighs very little! Apart from having a 1,000 watts DC motor, it has a dual voltage that can be used worldwide. Babyliss Pro Nano hairdryer has two speed/heat settings along with a 5 ft. power cord.

9 – Conair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer

This is another great hair dryer from Conair, and will emit negatively charged ions. This blowdryer is designed for travel and will handle all the effects of hair-damaging positive ions.

This good blow dryer is lightweight and compact, with dual voltage that can be used worldwide. It has two settings for the heat and speed.

Helen D. Worthy

Helen D. Worthy

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