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Merkur Futur Review: A Look at the Best Merkur Safety Razor

If you’re familiar with old fashion shaving or you’re just a beginner looking for the best safety razor to use, then this Merkur Futur review article will introduce you to the best shaving razor from a company called Merkur.

This company has been around for many decades and has built-up a reputation for manufacturing quality safety razors. Your desire for the most comfortable close shave is certainly possible with a best Merkur safety razor.

Apart from offering safety razors with a more elegant and contemporary look, the razors also come with the traditional three-piece and two-piece designs with easy mechanisms for changing the blades.

Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor comes with a smooth finish that encompasses the whole body, with no patterns visible on the surface of the body you hold on to.

When you look at a Merkur Futur razor, you’ll soon realize the handle is far longer than the standard short-grip razors.

For those with larger hands, this adjustable safety razor from Merkur is the ideal gift from high heavens!

The Design

If you’re looking for the unique aspects of this safety razor, you’ll have to look closely at the cutting head of the Merkur Futur.

For men with big hands, this is the ideal razor as it comes with bulky and large cutting head that is designed to lengthen the width of the best double edge razor itself.

This is one of the biggest razors on the market today, and that might be a positive or negative depending on how you like your shaving gear.

If you’re looking for something bigger, you’ll have to go with the Merkur Vision.

The handle of the razor comes with uniquely numbered settings that go from 1 to 6, plus half marks between each number.

With just a simple turn of the handle, the wet shaver user can increase or lower the cutting head thus enabling a smaller or larger blade gap.

When you set the Merkur safety razor to 1, you’ll be using the smallest blade gap.

So when you first use the razor, try out the different numbered settings to see which one is best for your stubble growth.

The handle to turn the numbered settings is designed to be tight, thus preventing accidental increase or decrease of the double edge blade pressure.

From the users manual, you’re encouraged to turn the settings with dry hands, to forestall any chance of any accidental injury.

What About the Shave?

This safety razor has a wonderful and comfortable feel when shaving, despite its heaviness.

The Merkur Futur will perform admirably on most areas of your face, but shaving under the nose might pose a little problem due to its bulky size.

Because of the large cutting head, it will be wise to take it slow when shaving those tight and smaller areas of your face.

On the other larger areas of the face like the cheeks and neck, this safety razor handles well and gives good maneuverability when it comes to navigating the curves of the jawline.

So should you buy the Merkur Futur safety razor?

Honestly, that would depend on what you expect from your safety razor, and how big your hands are.

If you’re a big dude, and your only care is to get the best most comfortable close shave, this made in Germany adjustable safety razor would do just fine.

While the razor is not made to win any “beauty” contest, it has a double edge design with good satin finish, and with the unique adjustable blade angle will enable you to get the most comfortable close shave.

So, in a nutshell, The Merkur Futur is not pretty, some might even call it ugly, but it sure can deliver an awesome shave.

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