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Best Way to Shave Head: Timely Tips & Best Products to Use

Just so you know, recent studies have shown that men with clean-shaven bald head are looked upon as been more dominant, taller and stronger.

That is some positive brownie point if you’re on the fence about shaving your head. Before you rush out and buy yourself a Best Electric Shaver for Bald Head, there are few pointers you might need to consider.

Why Shave Your Head

First of all, if you still have complete hair on your head, you should think twice before shaving it all off for some unknown advantage.

Head with hair still makes you look younger, especially if you’re getting up there in age.

Best Way to Shave HeadOn the other hand, if the hairs on your head are slowing receding and not fully growing back, you should highly consider taking it all off, with an electric shaver for the head.

Some might tell you to seek the advice of a top stylist or barber before going completely bald.

From my opinion as a bald head myself, this is a personal decision that only you can make and bringing other people into this personal matter, only makes things more complicated.

It is true that bald shaved head looks good on some guys than others but do not let that fact deter you. You never know how you will look until you completely shave your head.

Now that you’ve decided to completely go bald, here are some personal practical tips from someone that have maintained a clean shaven head for the last 15 years. I consider myself an expert on how to shave head.

The first best step for some might be to have your local barber shave your head for you for the first time if you’re nervous and unsure about following some simple instructions.

Please do not try to shave your head when you’re drunk or high on any substance. This is especially true if this is your first time doing it!

Since you’re not familiar with your head contours and ridges, you need a clear mind as you go about eliminating the few strands of hair on your head.

Shaving your head is a lifestyle, not some temporary thing you can just partake in.

How to Shave Your Head

The worst thing you can do if you’re trying to shave your head for the first time is to grab any old razor for such a delicate task.

Doing so might open you up to getting nasty razor burns that can be seen by everyone, and takes the time to properly heal.

Take this advice from Carolyn Goh, an MD, you should entrust the initial head shaving to the care of a professional stylist.

She’s a skin specialist at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, and her reasoning makes much sense.

Your local professional barber has more head shaving grooming tools, and since he or she is positioned to see your total head, much care is taken not to nick or cut your skin.

It’s not quite the same if you’re trying to do it using a wide angled shaving mirror.

For those that are short on funds, and would prefer to get involved in the process of head shaving, you should get yourself a good hair clipper – like the Philips Norelco Qt4050.

You also need the help of a razor to remove the few remaining last stubble. (The Weishi Double Edged Safety Razor is a good brand to begin with).

Another MD, Doris Day, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, advises you conduct the straight razor head shaving in the shower because the head scalp is softest and more pliable during this moment.

Some More Additional Tips for Shaving Your Head

Initially, you want to use the hair trimmer to reduce to stubble the few strands of hair left on your head before using the razor.

From my experience, the key ingredient to successfully shaving your head is to make sure it’s completely wet.

Based on many discussions with guys with clean shaven head, you’re better off shaving before you get into the shower.

I would advise you to use a brand new multi-blade razor for the first time if you’re brave enough to do it yourself.

For one thing, it would help guarantee that you need just one or two passes over your sensitive scalp skin.

If you entrust your initial head shaving to your local barber, make sure he or she is using a new blade.

Good straight razor Blades are cheap, and a new one is required by law in some progressive states.

Money no matter how small has a way of affecting people’s judgment, so be sure to witness the insertion of a new razor blade before the head shaving begins with your stylist.

Before you go out and buy one of the best shaving cream for a bald head, here is what I do before using my bald head shaver.

Most times I use Dove moisturizer soap to create lather, and then massage it into my bald head.

After conducting thousands of head shaving, this soap lather works beautifully for my head and you should give it a go before buying any bald head shaving cream – like this one.

Every penny saved adds up, to help fund other endeavors dear to your heart!

Never try to shave your head without using a mirror, even if you’ve done it multiple times before.

A good shaving mirror will allow you to take your time as you shave your head to bald perfection.

With the aid of a mirror, you’ll see your head curves and contours, and the strokes applied in those areas would be adjusted appropriately.

Please take your time, and don’t rush the process to avoid unneeded nicks and cuts to your scalp!

If you discover you’re one of those guys that find it hard to master head shaving due to many nicks and cuts, it might be because a straight razor is not suitable for your head.

You should get yourself a top rated electric razor to get the head shaving done right.

After-Care for shaved head

After-Care for shaved headYou might crack up laughing when I tell you this, but the best aftercare product for a bald head is applying old fashion reliable petroleum jelly.

I prefer the baby Vaseline jelly to keep my bald head shining and looking good.

I have been accused on many occasions by my guest, of having “secret” babies as I keep several jars in my medicine cabinet.

Now you know people go through your personal stuff, while in your bathroom! Nasty habit, but most of us are guilty!

Some might tell you to wear a sun-blocker on your shaved head, but I come to believe that the sun is never an enemy, and the fear is one of those govt funded research to prevent conscious people from using this mystical power source.

Finally, you must try your best to shave your bald head at least once a day. The best way to shave head tips would not do you much good, if you ignore this one crucial advise.

If you do it daily, you’ll soon become a master, and the rigors of keeping a bald head shining will become a joy instead of been looked upon as a chore.

My sincere hope is that these tips for shaving your head will be used to make the transition to your new bald look easier and much more enjoyable.

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