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How to Find an Affordable Hair Dryer that is Also Good

If all you have to use is a cheap blow dryer, you might experience damp and dry hair. On the other hand, a well-designed great hair dryer will allow you to create head-turning salon-quality blowout.

If you’re like me, the prices at the elite salons prevent me from visiting often. To make ends meet, I have some metrics one should look out for when searching for an affordable hair dryer.

Just because the hair dryer is cheap, does not mean the performance is lagging as compared to other highly rated brands.

When you take a closer look at the technology in various hair dryers, you will find some variations but the functionality for all still remains the same.

A dryer is able to pull air in through a fan, which then goes through a heated coil to increase the air’s temperature as it is outputted.

You can say the heating process ends the similarities, and the below differences should be carefully examined before making your purchase decision.

Features of a decent blow dryer

The Heating Element – This is the key feature of any inexpensive hair dryer. Since this is what helps determine how the air is heated, you want to make sure the unit you have in mind can get the job done right.

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The three key heating technologies embedded in most blow dryers are a metal element, ceramic elements, and tourmaline elements. When using a hair dryer with heat elements, it will deliver uneven heat that is very dry.

Ceramic elements perform the heating function in a slightly different way. Blow dryers with ceramic elements are made to utilize far-infrared rays, which helps to dry your hair from the inside out. This is a far more gentle process and will cause less breakage.

The biggest advantage of tourmaline elements is that they’re able to heat pulled in air evenly. This process will help to diffuse positive ions, thus negating any issues with static electricity. Not only will the unit dry your hair faster without cooking it, the shine you expect will also be present.

The Wattage – this is the key feature that helps to determine the true measurement of the outputted hair. The higher the wattage of a hair dryer, the quicker it will be able to dry your hair. If you wear your hair short, seek a hair dryer for fine hair with low wattage.

On the other hand, hair dryers for curly hair or heavy hair should have higher wattage for it to be effective. Please do not assume a hair dryer with the highest heat output will do your hair justice. Keep in mind your hair type, and just look for brands with accurate wattage to get the job done right.

The Settings – With the advances in technology, the hairdryer you select should have more than just a simple on/off switch. It’s better to choose one having multiple settings, which will allow you to adjust the speed or even the heat temperature.

I have seen hair dryer brands with a setting that allows you to just blow room temperature air, without engaging the heating elements.

hair dryer brands


Additional Accessories – One having additional accessories to increase or expand functionality should be considered. If you maintain a curly hair, you might want to look at hair dryers for curly hair, because each unit will have a diffuser.

If you’re a straight-haired user, one with a nozzle should do just fine. Each dryer you look at will have multiple accessories to help redirect airflow to help dry your hair faster. A hair dryer should serve your hair needs, not the other way around.

Customer Ratings – Seldom do I look at customer ratings before making a purchase unless I am buying a product I am not familiar with.

With your desire to find the best blow dryer, I would urge you to look closely at the experiences of current users of the product, before making your purchase.

Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer Review


“It is quite expensive to keep your hair looking beautiful especially if you lack the funds for regular salon visits, but the hair dryer from Conair is a viable option”

Most women will confess that after the skin, the hair is one of the most difficult to get to always look perfect. That is why there are wigs, hair extensions of all kinds, and other false products one can use to make the hair appear groomed.

Why go through that headache when you can utilize the professional hair dryer Conair 1875 to get the same salon like results?

I know a friend that lacks the time to take good care of her own hair. She has over a dozen types of wigs. All her wig collection is estimated to cost well over two thousand dollars.

It is only after I bought her the Conair 1875 watt tourmaline ceramic hair dryer did she start practicing on the right ways to style her own hair.

It is not that difficult to learn how to style your own hair the right way, but you’ll need a hair dryer and styler like the one from Conair, which is the subject of this review. Let’s examine some of the merits of this hair dryer.

Features of the Conair Hair Dryer 1875

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It is designed with the latest in tourmaline ceramic technology, which why this hair dryer will not cause hair damage, while also helping to reduce frizz issues. Tourmaline Ceramic is a superb material for heating elements and can be found in high-end hair dryers with a much higher price tag.

This hair dryer from Conair uses a high-torque direct current motor, which is one of the reasons it can dry your hair faster than other comparable products.

The Conair 1875 watt hair dryer comes with three heat settings and 2-speed settings. Lastly, the embedded cool shot button can be used to lock almost any style in place.

You’ll find that the use of non-slip materials makes it easier to handle, and this hair dryer is quite comfortable to hold as you style your hair.

This hair dryer from Conair is made to use Ionic technology for the drying mechanisms. It has a hinged filter and a hanging ring, and it is one of the easiest hair dryers to keep clean.

Very few of the top rated hair dryers will come with a diffuser, but this one does. The diffuser will contribute to the creation of well-defined natural waves and curls, which is what is needed for better airflow.

Because of the diffuser found in the Conair 1875 watt hair dryer, your hair will have more volume, while also looking sleeker and smoother.

This styling system from Conair is available for purchase in two different colors; pink and black. Regular use will give your hair that healthy look with a shine that might have people thinking you paid a visit to the hairdresser.