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Different Types of Exercise Bikes for Home Use

As you get older, you soon realize that there are exercise fads when it comes to equipment you can use in your own home. Despite the popularity of home workout DVDs, exercise bikes never lost their popularity in these modern times. A good reason for their longevity might be traced to the simplicity of the product, and the many cardiovascular exercises one can perform with a good brand.

In a nutshell, they stayed popular because you can easily use one to get a full body workout. It does not come with complicated features, and you can be up and running using one within just a few minutes of getting your delivery.

Not only do exercise bikes help you save time, but you can use them to workout your buttocks, abdomen, upper body, hips, legs and shoulders. With so many cardio workout routines within your fingertips, each one will help your lungs and heart function optimally. A good 30 minutes exercise routine on an exercise bike will deliver more health benefits than other types of workouts that just target specific body parts.

You can find exercise bikes for sale online with a wide range of prices. Some of the models might just be too expensive for home use, or probably too bulky to fit into your home space. The vast majority of exercise bikes are designed for home use with different shape, sizes and affordable prices.

It is also one of the best indoor exercise equipment one can use and still be able to watch your favorite shows on television. In fact, you get more from your workout if you listen to a nice song that makes you want to dance, or watch a good TV drama with exciting episodes. Those slight distractions will make time fly by very fast, as you pedal away your stress, calories, and sore muscles.

What Are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes?

If you understand the different types of exercise types, you’ll be in a better position to know which one is capable of helping you achieve your weight loss goals. This informative guide can help you navigate the best type of exercise bike, while outlining the benefits one can expect from each brand. This time information about types of exercise bikes will give you the ability to make an informed buying decision.

Truth be told, the main difference between exercise bikes can be traced to the design, the seating mechanism, and how you can pedal. There are five types of exercise bikes and they are:

Dual-action stationary bikes
Upright stationary bikes
Interactive stationary bikes
Recumbent stationary bikes
Indoor cycles

If you can, it would be wise to visit a large sporting goods store within your area and try out several types of indoor exercise bikes before making the financial commitment to buy one. A good gym is also an ideal place to test one out.

Just because your friend likes a particular exercise bike, does not mean you’ll have the same experience. Since we humans come in different shapes and sizes, finding one that’s suitable for you should not be ignored. Since a good brand would cost you a few hundred, you want to take your time and make sure you get it right, for best weight-loss stories later.

Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

The key word with this type of exercise bike is dual action. If you desire a full body workout with massive attention to your upper body and lower body needs, you should consider getting this type. This type of exercise bike would stimulate better cardiovascular health, as the handlebars are designed to go back and forth in concert with your pedaling.

Upright Stationary Bikes

This type of exercise bike is designed more like your traditional bicycles, only they do not move like one. Most times, the seating and pedaling system will be like that of a regular bike. You have the option of riding one standing upright. If you enjoy regular outdoor bicycling, this type would certainly fit your style and lifestyle.

Interactive Stationary Bikes

Interactive exercise bikes are designed with the latest technology to help enhance the health benefits delivered by your workouts. While there are some models suitable for home use, you’ll mostly find them at your local gyms due to the higher prices.

Most will come with built-in music players, docking stations, television screens, DVD players, and sometimes computers. While the added conveniences can be distracting to most users, you can also use them to enhance your workout routines with proper discipline.

Recumbent Stationary Bikes

If you’re one of those looking for additional back support as you exercise, a recumbent exercise bike might just be to your liking. Most will come with a larger seat and backrest. The rider is supposed to seat reclined, and the pedals are located in the front rather than below the seat, like other bikes. Recumbent bikes will help workout your lower body parts, while not doing a great job with your upper body needs.

Indoor Cycles

At your local gym, those bikes used in those popular spinning classes are mostly called indoor cycles. They have much similarity to the upright bikes with slight differences in the mechanical systems. From our opinion and personal test of various models, you get the most intense workout from this type of exercise bike. Regular uses will greatly workout all your lower and upper body muscles.

Final Thoughts

After careful analysis of all the types of exercise bikes, it might be best to just call them spin bikes for simplicity sake. All involve pedaling, and you get the most health benefits as you consistently pedal the hardest. While we all agree there are different types of exercise bikes, the many names might just add to the confusion for the average consumer.

Make sure you try out an indoor bike at your local sporting goods store or your local gym, before making any financial commitment to purchase one. The one used by your friend might not be suitable for your body type. Give the best type of exercise bike a good try, and then secure one for your own personal indoor use.

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