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Green Vibrance Reviews: Is it the Best Superfood Supplement?

Despite our best efforts at eating the right foodstuffs, our intake of vitamins and nutrients from what we eat might not be enough to deliver all that is good for our internal organs. Green Vibrance is a superfood supplement that’s formulated to bring an ideal nutritional support for circulation, digestion, and immune system.

If you want an undiluted food source for minerals, vitamins, Polyphenols, and much more, this green probiotic supplement is a great choice. The formula is completely gluten free, and able to deliver about 25 billion probiotics with each serving from 12 strains. This supplement for good health is also loaded with organic greens and dried grass juices.

This complete health supplement is produced by a company called Vibrant Health. It is a green superfood drink powder capable of delivering essential nutrients into every cell of your body.

While one can find many Green Vibrance reviews online, this one will be filled with honest facts, while I give you the breakdown of the formula in the most objective manner possible.

I got the impetus for this review from my good friend, whom I shall call Joe for the sake of this article. I am always baffled as to how he’s able to remain very healthy despite a bad smoking and drinking habit. While I do not smoke or drink, some of my best friends indulge in such nasty behaviors.

Joe makes it a point of duty to drink three cups of this green supplement every single day. He swears it is what gives him additional energy, and makes his skin glow.

I do agree his energy is always at a higher level, and his skin does not show any signs of aging, that’s normally common among those that smoke and drink on a regular basis.

While I firmly believe his bad lifestyle choices will eventually manifest in many health woes, his current condition is nothing short of miraculous, and he gives credit to the power of this green supplement called super green food powder.

Another contributing factor to his good health might be because he mostly eats vegetarian diets, with hardly any meat involved.

As I researched the merits of this product, I soon discovered it’s a great way to get increased endurance and energy, with an amazing clarity in thought and enhanced bodily function.

Better health brings clearer thought, which then also delivers a more potent immune system that can withstand many types of infections from your environment and the elements.

Green Vibrance is made from 74 natural ingredients, all uniquely combined to give one better health through the delivering of all your essential biological requirements.

Much care was given to the way this green supplement was created, and it will give at least eleven of your body functions the healthy nutritional support required for optimal performance.

Another great factor that differentiates the Green Vibrance Powder from other green supplements is the listing of the amount of each ingredient. Just by looking at the nutritional list, one can determine the exact make-up of the superfood product.

Please do not attempt to create your own version in your kitchen, as you’ll find some of the crucial steps are omitted on purpose just to forestall such efforts. Kudos to Vibrant Health the makers of green Vibrance, for giving full disclosure to the tens of thousands of users.

Green Vibrance Nutritional Value

This superfood delivers better nutrition, as compared to other top rated green supplements one can find online. When you look at the antioxidants and herbs that it delivers, you’ll get more nutrients from one serving than most people realize.

If you want to know more about the exact nutritional facts, you can look at the ingredients list to determine what amounts of herbs and antioxidants you’re getting from each serving. Knowing exactly the amount of available nutrients you’re getting, you’re bound to expect more powerful results after each serving.

After reviewing best probiotic brands, I must say this green supplement has one of the most solid profiles I have seen in a green drink formula. By having 25 billion live probiotics in its formula, you get more help for your internal organs than most people realize. You also get to know about the exact activity level of the included enzymes.

What about the Taste of the Green Vibrance Powder?

Truth be told, this green supplement probiotic will not win the top prize at any tasting competition. Personally, I could not drink it by itself as done by my friend Joe, but it does bring more nutrients into your body for best digestive and skin health.

The many ways you can mix this green powder is only limited by your own imagination. I find this product taste best when you add it to fruits, vegetables, and a few teaspoonful of honey in a blender to make your own smoothie.

Just a few scoops of the natural green Vibrance powder will make you able to create a delicious powerful health smoothie for weight loss. If you’re into the vegan lifestyle, you’ll find the taste of the green powder to your liking.


It is a well created and formulated superfood that can help you achieve a comprehensive digestive and skin health.

Just by looking at the labels, one can determine the exact amounts of the nutrients served in each serving. The percentage of each ingredient in the formula is clearly stated, which is more forthcoming than other brands.

Included within the Green Vibrance Powder is a robust list of fibers, antioxidants, and herbs.

It is an ideal product one can use to eliminate waste, with increased detoxification and metabolism.


Lousy taste from my perspective, but can be masked by including it in your smoothies. If you’re brave enough to drink it alone, you might get to like the taste, but be warned it’s not that pleasant.

Some of the users complained that it was too expensive. Personally, I find that the cost is reasonable, provided you search through the link provided underneath each image. You can get it for less than one dollar per serving.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

Here is a great image of the nutritional list, and you can use it to determine the exact amount of each ingredient one can get per each serving.

The best place to store your green Vibrance power is in your freezer or refrigerator. Do your best to keep the green superfood supplement out of the reach of children.

Here is a video from a doctor explaining the merits of Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Drink

Additional Thoughts

This product is the most comprehensive green supplement one can use to get into your system one of the most powerful group of healthy nutrients. Your digestion rate will be enhanced and improved, thus giving you a more efficient gastrointestinal tract.

Everyone can benefit from this product including gluten-intolerant eaters. The benefits of the added nutrition delivered can be beneficial to anyone including adults, kids, athletes, and vegetarians.

My Green Vibrance Reviews hopefully, delivered the facts you need to get this green supplement that is able to to give you all the nutrients you need for the ultimate sustainable good health.

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