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Be Warned Ladies! These are the Best and Most Comfortable Yoga Pants to Flatter Your Shape

Despite wearing my most flattering yoga pants on several occasions, it took me several months to convince my husband to at least come to one yoga class with me, but never in my wildest dream did I imagine he would become addicted to the practice. Now he finds time to go several times a week, while my attendance is now reduced to once a month.

To top it off, he refuses to talk about the yoga sessions whenever the topic comes up, but my woman intuition tells me the class has gotten the best of him. He’s more gentle and passionate in bed and our lovemaking is just like when we first met in college.

Out of curiosity and mostly to surprise him, I decided to stop by the yoga exercise session unannounced and what I saw was shocking, to say the least. The place is now packed full of hot women, and just a few guys.

With 40 members in a class, there were only five guys and the rest were women. You know ladies, some of you have no sense of decorum for the good yoga pants worn by some of the females were just too revealing.

My husband was right behind a younger looking lady that was trying everything to distract him with her tight yoga pants and strenuous stretching. Now I know why his sexual appetite has gone through the roof, it was like a go-go club in that yoga class.

For some reason, I felt jealous but could not find the reason why. I have a dedicated husband that helps out with everything at home and after three kids, he still professes to love me more than ever before.

To complicated matters, in that yoga class at least 70 percent of the women were single and my man would be a good catch for any of them, in my opinion. We women are wired differently than guys, for we sometimes anticipate problems that do not exist, which might create bigger problems than we anticipated.

I have my own share of best yoga pants, but what some of these women were wearing was just too revealing for my taste. While it is nice to wear yoga pants that will flatter your figure, it is a different matter to wear one that is practically in the middle of your crotch area, even Buddha would find that disturbing.

I did not announce my presence but went straight to a shopping mall to get more affordable yoga pants to match the indecent exposure that I saw inside that class. I learned from my mother that men are faithful based on the temptations in front of them.

I will reveal what happened to the rest of the story at the end of this article. Let’s focus now on some of the best slimming yoga pants one can buy at any department store or online. Before revealing the best place to buy yoga pants, it is appropriate to talk about the many styles of yoga pants, and the type of materials used.

The Many Styles of Yoga Pants

Do not be alarmed if what many are calling yoga pants got you confused. I have seen my fair share of designs and styles worn by otherwise healthy looking women that call into question their sense fashion style and decorum. Do keep in mind we ladies tend to wear what we think makes us feel good and sexy, even it breaks many fashion rules.

The yoga pant styles I have listed are from my own observations and from talking to many women that come to yoga for restful mind and body. I had to make a judgment call as to the classifications, but nothing is set in stone when it comes to finding the right best yoga pants to flatter your figure.

A – Boot Cut Flaring Yoga Pants

If you want the freedom of movement without restrictions in unusual places, this is the style to get. You can tell this type of yoga pants apart because they come with long, flared bottoms. Some will have a drawstring or fold-over waists. This type is quite popular and there are many styles of tops you can match it with.

B – Yoga Tights

While some would call them yoga tights, I call them leggings. If you’re looking for the most flattering yoga pants that could hug your shape well, this is the style for you. It is appropriate for ladies with the right figure, just be ready for the hot stares from both men and women, if it is too revealing.

C – Knee Style Yoga Pants

These type of yoga pants are quite popular during the hot summer months. It looks more like a Capri pant and the length is slightly below the knee.

D – Baggy Style Yoga Pants

The name for this type of yoga pants says it all. It is loose fitting and might be an ideal yoga pant for those still dealing with weight loss issues. It used to be very popular, but certainly not so much today, in this show me your booty age we’re living through.

What Materials are used to Make Yoga Pants?

I wish I could give you a straight answer, but nowadays, the blending of fabrics is evolving at a rapid rate. While it used to be easy to find yoga pants made from one unique specific material, lately, the trend leans towards the use of blended materials, to make the finest yoga pants.

The most popular type of fabrics is cotton, spandex, Lycra, polyester, nylon, and wool. Let’s not forget the synthetic materials that are now commonly used to give the yoga pants a smooth, shiny, silk looking exterior finish. There are advantages and disadvantages to each fabric, including even the popular synthetic ones.

Yoga Pants Made out of Cotton

This is probably the most natural fiber of all the fabric types and offers breathability features others cannot match. The cotton material is grown, unlike the synthetic fabric that is mostly derived from plastic.

Cotton will feel softer to your skin and it is quite resistant to the problems of pilling. A good cotton material will be able to absorb moisture, which might be good or bad, depending on the tightness of your yoga pants.

On the downside, cotton materials are prone to fading at a much faster rate than other fabrics. You might be able to avoid quicker fading of the yoga pants if you read the care label carefully and avoid the use of very powerful detergents. Hang drying your cotton yoga pants might also be a good way to preserve the colors.

Synthetic Yoga Pants

Synthetic materials are everywhere. Rarely do you get a fashion product that uses just one type of fabric? Synthetic blends can contain cotton, polyester, Lycra and other materials. Since the industry is not required to completely list all the materials used, it is quite obvious manufacturers will keep some details to themselves.

Synthetic fabrics are more resistant to moisture, which means you shouldn’t worry about the sweat in your crotch area showing if you wear your yoga pants too tight.

The Yoga pants made from synthetic fabric will retain their shape, even if machine washed.

The disadvantages to wearing yoga pants made out of synthetic material are that they show pilling quite easily, and most are capable of absorbing the smell from your sweating. Most of all, this material will not feel as soft to your skin as compared to cotton.

The Most Ideal Fabric for Top Yoga Pants

As you can tell, each of the listed fabric above comes with few pros and cons, so it is quite okay to look for yoga pants made out an infusion of various materials. More like, the best aspect of each material is uniquely combined to create a superb synthetic fabric.

Based on my research for this best yoga pants review, most of the top selling brands are made from a combination of different materials. The biggest disadvantage to combined fabric is the washing issue. Pay attention to the care labeling attached to your yoga pants if you want it to last.

My simple rule to washing yoga pants is to use a mild detergent, hand wash or machine wash using gentle cycle, and always hang it to air dry, even if the care label says you can put it in the dryer. I have thrown into the trash some of my best fitting yoga pants after the dryer ruined the fabric and sizing.

The Most Popular Yoga Pants

It was quite difficult to curate from the many brands of best-selling yoga pants. Keep in mind that the best one for you is the pants that make you feel good and ready for the yoga exercises. Do not let anyone convince you only a certain brand would help you with the ancient practice.

Based on my shopping preference, I tried to bring you yoga pants with higher approval ratings from most of the current users. Clicking the image or the provided link would take you to the products page where you can read the feedbacks and discover other best yoga pants brand that might be more appealing to your figure.

1 – Spalding Women’s Slim-Fit Yoga Pant

This company started out as a manufacturer of sporting goods for men, but now they have fitness products for both sexes, including this affordable hot yoga pants. It is available for purchase in four separate sizes.

Despite the name that says slim fit, it is not as tight fitting as other brands but has a flared bottom. The straight leg fit does confer some advantages, especially when jogging or doing hot yoga exercises.

The material used to make this yoga pant comprises of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. While it is machine washable and can be iron, I would suggest you hang dry the pants to ensure it remains the same size.

2 – Baleaf Women’s Ankle Legging Inner Pocket

The name might be hard to pronounce but this yoga legging pant is quite popular among ladies. It is an affordable brand and can be used for not only yoga but also running.

The Baleaf legging pant comes in six different colors with five unique size selections. The material used to make this pant is derived from 87% Nylon and 13% spandex, which makes it stretchable and lightweight.

It is a non-see-through fabric, so a tight fit will not be exposing all your goodies for free. It has a flat seam and an elastic waistband. The inclusion of feminine lines and a hidden small pocket are some of the reasons the brand is quite popular among female yoga enthusiasts.

3 – 90 Degree By Reflex Fleece Lined Yoga Pants

This yoga pants from a company called 90 Degree by Reflex is actually made from fleece materials. Unless you want to get real hot and sweaty during your yoga sessions, this pants is best worn during the cold winter months.

The fabric used is a unique combination of polyester and spandex materials. You can buy one in 14-different colors and 4 unique sizes. It features interlock stitching, which is matched with a Gusset crotch. This yoga pant is good for the cold weather months or sessions held in colder rooms.

4 – Viosi Women’s Premium 250gsm Yoga Pants

This is another brand with a name that takes getting used to. You can get one in five unique sizes and it is available in 26 different color combinations. Despite the thickness of the pants, the fabric is derived from 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex materials.

Apart from using it for your yoga sessions, this brand is quite popular to wear as an everyday type of pants. Go to any suburban supermarket on any weekend and you’ll see many women wearing this pants, and some of them know nothing about doing yoga poses.

5 – Danskin Women’s Sleek Fit Yoga Pant

Whatever happened to this brand? They used to be bigger with a lot more fashion products. It is certainly a good yoga pant and comes in two unique colors with 8-different sizes to choose from.

This pants for yoga sessions is made from a truly blended fabric derived from 55% Cotton, 35% Polyester, and 10% Spandex materials.

Danskin yoga pants for women has a boot style cut and can be machine washed. Just remember, hang drying will preserve the quality of the fabric while keeping the sizzling the same.

6 – Lululemon Wunder Under Crop III Yoga Pants

The Lululemon yoga pants craze has slowed down quite a bit, but some of our popular celebrities will not do workouts without one. I do own one, and I must admit it is well made. The feel of the material is beyond what I can describe with words.

The biggest advantage the Lululemon yoga pants has over others is the way the fabric moves with your body during your exercising sessions. The inclusion of a waistband pocket for stashing your valuables is another nice touch missing from other best yoga pants brand.

This is probably one of the best yoga pants for women, but the pricing will keep it out of reach of many deserving female yoga practitioners. It is available in six different sizes and the only color selection is black.

7 – Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Capri Legging

Champion is another brand that is well known for making plenty of other fitness related fashion accessories like this yoga pants. These fitted knee tight pants come in fifteen different color combinations plus five unique sizes to make your selection from.

The fabric material is derived from 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. These yoga pants have a pull-on closure and it is machine washable. The fabric has some flexibility, which means you can do your yoga poses with ease.

Bottom Line:

I am still married to my dotting husband and I now make time to go with him to all our yoga exercise sessions. I can tell the ladies were not pleased to see my presence at every class, but I can sense what they were up to.

Apart from wearing good yoga pants, the practice is quite beneficial to your overall health. It is one of the best ways I know to stay in shape or build a newer figure. The exercises will sharpen your thinking ability, and a quiet peace will come over you that is quite magnetic.

Couples having issues should give it a try, for it is one of the non-chemical ways to re-ignite the love flame. For you ladies, try to use common sense as you shop for your own yoga pants. Nowadays, some of what is worn at yoga classes are just too revealing and would make Buddha blush!

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