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Some of the Best Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Any Man Would Treasure

When you consider all that you can do with your feet, it is sad that most men wear just about any type of footwear to go walking. More attention is paid to the designer clothing than to the best walking shoes for men for proper fit and comfort. Your feet is just as crucial as your eyes, for any pain in that part of your body can limit your productivity in more ways than one.

As a man, if you’re wearing the right shoes you can walk for hours on probably the roughest terrain without feeling any pain in your foot. A good walking footwear should have adequate grip and should be made out of the right materials to make it capable of holding out against the nasty environmental elements.

How do you select a good pair of shoes you can use for walking if you’re a man? Most important of all, the comfort and fit are the most significant traits in the shoes selection process. You might have big or small feet that are wide or flat, but your need for a comfortable walking shoe is still the same.

With hundreds of brands in the men’s shoe dept. you should keep in mind that not all are suitable for travel or walking. For you to be able to walk over rough terrain, your footwear should be lightweight, offer good traction, and have the right cushioning materials in the soles to give your feet comfort, as you move around.

When guys experience pains in the foot the reason can be traced to the use of the wrong type of shoes for walking or running. Walking is a good exercise that can help one stay in shape or lose weight when done right with the right fitness accessories.

The walking shoes you wear can bring you pain or enhance your pleasure while doing the exercise, so it is crucial you pay careful attention as you search through the good walking shoes for men reviewed in this article.

Best Walking Shoes for Men Reviews

I have tried to bring you walking shoes for men that are also available for purchase in larger sizes. For the brand to make it into this review, it must have outstanding feedbacks from the majority of the current users.

I searched all over the internet to weed out products with potential defects, so it is with utmost certainty, I can say that the most comfortable men’s walking shoes found below would be pain-free with the right size.

Here are the best walking shoes men all over the internet say delivers better features and value for the money:

1 – Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Reaction Walking Shoe

It is quite difficult for a guy with big feet to find the right size when searching for walking shoes, which is a problem you’ll not have with this brand as it comes in five separate colors and up to 14 different sizes based on your color selection.

Features of the Skechers 3 Reaction Walking Shoe

The shoe itself is made using both synthetic and textile materials. It weighs very light, which will enable faster strides as you walk around town.

To ensure a better grip and traction even on rough terrains, the shoe sole is made from rubber materials.

Within the midsole, you’ll find the use of resalyte, which is a uniquely molded material that is capable of dissipating the shocks from your walking steps to ensure comfort.

The insole contains Goga mat, which is a type of highly responsive cushioning material. Meaning, the wearer can walk faster on all types of roads without any discomfort.

The upper mesh design set up gives it breathability, while the included soft fabric lining will allow for the easy passage of air to help minimize odor problems.

Is the Men’s Go Walk 3 Reaction Walking Shoe from Skechers Right for You?

Since it is available in fourteen different sizes and made from both textile and synthetic materials, men of all ages should find something to like in this footwear.

The use of materials to keep odors at bay, while also containing superior cushioning should appeal to the needs of both teenagers and adults alike.

Is it the best walking shoe for men? That would depend on your color preference and size selection, but it should be on any top 10 list of the most comfortable men’s shoes for walking.

2 – Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

If you happen to have wider feet and need to find walking shoes in a very large size, this product from Rockport will certainly meet your walking needs. The shoes made by the company is prized for their durability and they do last a very long time, I should know, I own two of them.

If you like to go the extra mile, this walking shoe provides a relaxed fit, and will cushion your feet comfortably even on rougher terrains.

The Features of the Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

It is available in 10 different colors, and you have over 24 size selections, based on your color choice. There are sizes to cater to the needs of guys with big, wider, or flat feet.

The upper section of the shoe is made from a leather material, which guarantees it will better handle the elements found outdoor during your walks.

This walking shoe from Rockport can be worn both summer and winter, but do not substitute it for a winter booth in snow storms.

Apart from the padded collar and tongue, the use of a synthetic sole gives it the required flexibility to enhance your walking.

Is this the Right Men’s Walking Shoe for You?

First of all, the fact that it is an all-weather walking shoe is a good thing, regardless of the weather conditions in your area. This walking shoe any guy would love is quite pricey, but well made with durable materials. I have two pairs, one for the summer and winter months.

The one I use during the hot summer days is my exact size, while the one I use during the colder months is one size bigger, which allows for the wearing of heavier tube socks. It is an ideal walking shoe for college bound kids and adults alike.

3 – Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

While many guys would find this brand good for walking around the neighborhood, it is also pricey, as compared to other top selling comfortable walking shoes. You can buy one in five different colors, but only two sizes to choose from.

Features of the GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe from Asics

The sole is manufactured from rubber materials, which is one of the best materials for reliable traction as you increase your pace.

Apart from the use of fabrics and synthetic materials, the inclusion of ventilated mesh panels offers breathability features.

Not only can you remove the insole, the tongue and collar are both padded for durability and ease of use.

Will the Asics Neo 4 Walking Shoe Suit Your Style?

Don’t get me wrong, the style and the design metrics are quite good, but the limitation in the choice of sizes makes it suitable for guys with smaller feet. I have a friend that wears this brand and he likes to walk several miles on a weekly basis.

If your color is available and you can find one in your size this walking shoe from Asics will offer the right support and comfort, even on an unfriendly terrain.

4 – New Balance Men’s MW840 Health Walking Shoe

You might not know it, but the origin of this company goes further than that of Nike. This walking shoe from New Balance offers two color choices, with an outstanding 24 plus sizes to choose from. The designed style and included features make it the ideal shoe for the casual walker.

New Balance Men’s MW840 Health Walking Shoe Striking Features

This walking shoe for guys is made from synthetic materials and comes with a rubber sole.

The breathability design will allow the right amount air to flow through, which will help ease odor problems.

Is this Walking Shoe from New Balance Right for You?

While it offers poor color selection choices the wider size availability makes it a popular brand guys with wider and big feet would find appealing. It has the right type of right midsole cushioning to absorb the shocks from your walking. It would make a perfect gift for a college bound kid.

5 – Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

If you have wider feet and have issues finding the right-sized shoe for walking, this product is worthy of your consideration. You can choose from five different colors, and the available size is over 24 at the last count.

The reputation of the manufacturer speaks volume, for many guys consider this their favorite brand for a walking shoe or sneakers.

Durable Features Present in the Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

The shoe is made from durable strong leather except for the sole, which is made from synthetic materials.

The lace up vamp design is complimented with a padded collar and tongue.

The use of latex foam in the footbed makes your foot comfortable as you take your strides.

Will this Walking Shoe From Rockport Help with Pain-Free Movement?

Definitely, for it has all the right features that offer your feet the right comfort, regardless of the terrain you’re walking on. Why settle for a tighter fitting walking shoe, when you can buy this brand with the right and correct sizing for even guys with bigger and wider feet?

Amazingly, this model is quite affordable. Truth be told, you can easily wear this shoe to your place of work if it matches your attire. The design elements and features are excellent and you should have pain-free movement while wearing this shoe.

6 – Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select RS Walking Shoe

It will be quite difficult to find any top ten walking shoes for men list without the name Reebok showing up. If you can judge a company by its endurance, Reebok should certainly get a gold star for having survived through the ages.

While they make more popular women walking and running shoes, there are quite a few models geared towards the needs of men that like to walk. It is available in eleven different sizes, and you can buy yours today from three color selections.

Good Features of the Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select RS Walking Shoe

It is made using leather and synthetic materials and comes with a rubber sole.

To guarantee stability and firmness while you’re walking, the rubberized sole is welded.

Let’s not forget the reasonable and affordable pricing, which means most guys can at least afford one for the most amazing walking experience.

Should You Choose the Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select RS Walking Shoe?

While it does not come in more sizes, guys with regular feet should have no problem getting fitted right. Some might think the design is lacking in the WOW factor, but that is not the reason why you should choose to buy any brand of men’s walking shoes anyway. It is certainly one of the best walking shoes for men with great pricing.

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