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The Best Organizers to Use for Your Makeup Collection Even if You Have Limited Space

As an American woman, I can testify that most of us are shopaholics, and we do buy cosmetics by the boatload. From my own personal collection, I have over a dozen shades of lipsticks, more than that in nail polish and nail polish removers, multiple makeup sets from different designers, and a lot more.

One of the most difficult tasks a lady faces with all that makeup products is how to keep them organized so that everything is within reach? You need the best makeup organizer if you find yourself constantly searching for that shade of lipstick or that powerful nail polish remover.

Until I got my own nail polish remover organizer, I found myself buying shades of polish that I have somewhere in my residence. Guess what, once I started organizing my cosmetics the right way, it dawned on me I have wasted money by buying several of the same beauty makeup product multiple times.

I am sure there are millions of women with the same predicament, too many different types of cosmetics that are not neatly organized. I know several girlfriends with multiple makeup collections laying everywhere in their living quarters.

A good sign that you need a good tabletop spinning cosmetic organizer is when you look around your home and there are liquid foundation brushes, concealers, lipsticks, mascaras, etc. all over the place.

I used to put some in a shoe box under my bed, somewhere hanging over the closet door in a high school bag, while multiple beauty cosmetics were mixed in with my intimate wears in my dresser drawers.

Types of Makeup Organizers

The beauty upkeep of a woman is a full-time job, and there are many cosmetics formulated to make a woman look more beautiful all day long. When I searched online for my own best acrylic makeup organizer I soon discovered that some are made to hold specific beauty products.

The makeup organizers with drawers will come with more space for different types of beauty cosmetics. Rarely would you be able to find one large makeup organizer to accommodate all your cosmetics?

I have discovered it is better to have an organizer for just your nail polish and nail polish removers, due to their unique bottle styles.

For your makeup brushes, it better to have an organizer with drawers that can hold all of them. I have my makeup brushes arranged based on what they can do in each draw.

Finally, for the cosmetics that are not too large, you can arrange them inside a very large makeup organizer. I have three different types of makeup organizers not counting the best makeup organizer bag that I use for travel.

The Best Organizers for Your Cosmetics

With the different design shapes and sizes of makeup organizers out in the marketplace, the selection process can be daunting if you fail to analyze how you’ll be using the product before buying it.

In this review of the best large makeup organizers, one can buy online, different design styles will be presented to get your imagination going as to how best to use each.

Also, I tried my best to select makeup organizers with excellent feedbacks from current users. Some of the cosmetics organizers reviewed in this article are currently being utilized by someone known to me, and I made it a point to reach out to each to get their personal opinion of the product.

For women looking for the right type of product to help keep cosmetics neatly organized, the top rated brands with outstanding feedbacks from current users are:

1 – Rotating Metal Nail Polish Organizer by MyGift

If you have as many nail polishes and removers like I do, this organizer would be a godsend to your efforts to keep your place clean and your cosmetics organized. I find that it is always better to start with a good nail polish organizer if you want to get control of how your cosmetics look around your home, and this brand is quite sturdy.

The rotating feature makes it an eye-catching piece on your vanity. It has a three tier setup and can hold up to 44 bottles of nail polish, which should satisfy the needs of most women that love to own different shades for the fingernails and toenails.

This tabletop makeup organizer for nail polish is not that large, so it should not take up much space. I do own one, and I must confess, I use it to hold more than nail polish since it has so much room. I have mine resting on a small table in my bedroom, and it will also complement most modern decor style.

2 – Whitmor 5 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Another clear acrylic makeup organizer that I use and value is the product from a company called Whitmor. The Whitmor 5 tier clear makeup organizer comes with drawers and might be large enough to accommodate all your cosmetics if you own a reasonable collection.

This is a popular acrylic makeup organizer with drawers for good reason, it is sturdy, and the transparent design gives you the ability to see the right cosmetics and grab it. The rubber feet is made from non-skid materials, which means it can rest comfortably in one place without tipping over.

It would be futile to tell you what type of cosmetics to hold inside this acrylic drawer organizer for makeup, for it is large enough to even hold foundation brushes and other beauty upkeep tools.

If all you need is one acrylic cosmetic organizer with drawers that’s large enough to hold multiple types of beauty products, this is the brand to get. It is well-built and should help you get all your cosmetics organized the right way.

3 – Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

While this organizer is not marketed as a regular cosmetics holder, it can be used for your larger beauty products, especially if you have a smaller medicine cabinet. This is a thoughtful gift and it is designed to hang over just about any type of door.

It is quite cheap but made out of heavy duty fabric with breathability features. I bought one for a friend of a friend for her house warming and I still, hear good things about the product. She claims she uses it to hold curling irons and larger beauty items that would not fit into the tiny medicine cabinet.

If you just let your imagination juices flow, you’ll find that this storage solution has multi uses. It is available for purchase in three different colors.

This one has 42 double mesh pockets and can be fitted on just about any type of door. It has a tie to attach it to the doorknob so that it does not swing back and forth with the door opening or closing.

4 – Large Wave Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder Organizer by CICI&SISI

Is it impossible to get that Hollywood look for your date night without the right makeup brush? I own several makeup brushes and it is better to keep them together but separated so that you can easily grab the right one.

As simple as this product look, it is made out of high-quality clear acrylic material. It has three different sections, which is handy for separating your makeup brushes into their specific duties.

This makeup brushes holder from CICI&SISI should be on any woman’s dresser or countertop, to help complete the makeup organizing steps. It will help preserve the bristles of your brushes and the low pricing makes it quite affordable.

5 – Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel

Another good brand for holding your cosmetics the right way is from an outfit called Nifty Home Products and it is designed as a carousel system. It has a base that allows it to rotate 360-degrees, which means all your makeup products will be visible and within easy reach.

The cosmetic accessories you can hold within this unit is probably only limited by your imagination. My super-girlfriend uses this brand to hold all her cosmetics, but her collection is quite reasonable. Secretly, I do admire her ability to only buy make products that she needs.

If you find yourself with a limited collection of makeup products, the Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel will do just fine, and can be set up on any flat surface.

Selecting the Best Makeup Organizer for You

Keep in mind that the best acrylic makeup organizer is the one that works for your unique situation. Your needs might be different based on your living space, so keep that in mind as you explore other alternatives that can be found on .

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