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FlipBelt Reviews

It is certainly a fact that if you engage in an active pro fitness lifestyle, you’ll be healthier than those that do not. How do you carry all your essential stuff when you go to the gym? I am referring to your cell phone, keys, wallet, headphones, etc.

Fanny packs and armbands used to be very popular but not anymore, with the introduction of some of the most durable best-running belts like the one by Level Terrain called FlipBelt.

When you look at the FlipBelt sizing and how there are sizes for just about anyone from extra small to extra-large. The FlipBelt fitness storage belt might look simple but it is a revolutionary product that gives fitness enthusiasts the ability to go hands-free while conducting fitness routines.

Even if you belong to a busy gym, you do not have to worry about someone stealing your smartphone, wallet or keys, simply because you can store them inside the Flipbelt, which is designed to be worn around the waist area.

I have always told my friends to think outside the box and come up with products that can solve problems for consumers. The initial creator of this simple idea is probably laughing all the way to the bank. The design mechanism for this product is simple, and the locking mechanism is even simpler.

Features of the FlipBelt Storage Belt

This is the ultimate must have product for any gym “rat” as it allows you to have the freedom of engaging in your fitness workouts without worrying about your personal belonging being pilfered by other less honorable members.

It is made from a Spandex-Lycra blend material that is fully machine-washable. Some have called the material used to make the FlipBelt storage belt high-tech in nature due to its flexibility. You tumble dry the product on low setting, or you can hang it to dry. The material used in making the product allows it to dry quickly and feels soft while resting against your skin.

You tumble dry the product on low setting, or you can hang it to dry. The material used in making the product allows it to dry quickly and feels soft while resting against your skin.

The product itself comes with an internal pocket system that can be accessed from four different openings found in the belts exterior. The easy to reach four pockets gives one the ability to secure valuables for worry free physical fitness exercises. To secure your belongings in place, you simply flip the belt upside down.

The way you can wear the Flipbelt is only limited by your imagination. Since it has no buttons or clasps, the belt can be worn on your body where it is most comfortable. While most people choose to wear the product like a belt, you’re not limited in the different ways you can wear the Flipbelt.

Once the belt used for storing valuables while you work out is secured in place, it does not bounce, jiggle, or move around to distract the wearer. FlipBelt does not have fasteners that could degrade with time. It weighs 3-ounces and there are 9-different colors to compliment your fashion style.

So when you find your gym buddy is not carrying any valuables, they just might be wearing the FlipBelt storage belt. The design idea is patented and designed in the USA, but I suspect it is manufactured abroad.

It has a visible and reflective 3M logo, and most of the current users like the versatility that it affords the wearer. FlipBelt is not just for use to carry valuables while working out, for it can also be used while traveling, or as a hidden money belt.

FlipBelt Facts

The most prominent drawback is that the material used in making the product is not waterproof since it is designed from one particular material. If you sweat a lot during your fitness workouts some of the fluids might slip into your valuables.

To guard against his issue, you get slipcovers you can use to protect your digital devices. This extra protection for your electronics should be utilized, especially if you tend to sweat like it is raining outside when working out.

The belt for storing valuables can easily accommodate any brand of smartphones since it is 3 inches in height and has enough width for a comfortable fit.

FlipBelt is more durable than other best-running belts, because the material used offers maximum stretch capabilities, and it is made using double, reinforced stitching.

What You Can Use it for

The problem of storing your valuables while participating in marathons is solved by getting your hands on a colorful FlipBelt storage product. You can now jog through your local park hands-free!

You might be surprised to learn that most of the current customers that bought the storage belt also use it to carry valuables while traveling. It will be difficult, if not impossible for pickpockets to get to your money while in a foreign city or country while it is securely placed inside the belt.

This product is the ultimately must have gym item for hands-free workouts. Not only can you take your personal valuables with you while working out, the design style and setup will not impact your fitness routines negatively.

How else can you carry your most prized possessions in a loud and crowded rock concert? Get your own FlipBelt storage belt and you can move to the music with ease, and totally hands-free.

Is it Worth the Investment?

It might depend on how active you’re both physically and socially for the right answer to be relevant to you. If you’re a couch potato and hate doing any type of physical fitness exercise this product might not serve your needs, unless you want to use one when you travel or to carry your money around safely from pickpockets.

On the other hand, if you live an active lifestyle the FlipBelt delivers more advantages that would far outweigh the initial cost. The cost of just one smartphone can buy several FlipBelts.

Keeping an eye on your valuables while pumping iron might not keep it out of reach of thieves that are monitoring your every move. So in a nutshell, the FlipBelt is the real deal and will allow you to carry valuables regardless of the activities you decide to participate in.

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