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Best Mustache Wax Reviews: Some of the Top Brands Are?

If you look at famous Hollywood actors like, Chuck Norris, Burt Reynolds, with a mustache, you get a feeling that most men should wear one. But the truth is that some men look better with a mustache than others.

If you do have a mustache, and you’re looking for ways to give it more color, texture or stiffness, you should consider using a mustache wax to get the job done right.

Not only is using a mustache wax fun, but it also opens up a fantastic world of facial hair possibilities.

Some might be asking what the best mustache wax is….

Growing a mustache is certainly a personal choice, but using mustache wax can be a daunting experience if you buy the wrong product or use it improperly.

I say the best mustache wax for you will be any brand that can keep those whiskers in proper shape and out of your mouth. The right product should also allow you to color it, to compliment your looks or personality.

What is Mustache Wax, Anyway?

You’ll find that the best mustache wax is created from a pure combination of petroleum jelly and beeswax in a double boiler. Most mustache wax has varying degrees of jelly to wax ratios.

Also, the amount of stiffness, shine, and scents is substantially different from product to product. Some of the manufacturers of mustache waxes also add coconut oil that helps to condition your whiskers.

Luckily, all of the mustache wax reviewed in this article comes with a lower price point with the best value.

To find the best one that works for your facial hair, you should test different varieties until you find the one that’s suitable for you.

Reviews of the 4 top brands

I applaud you for going against the “grain” and growing your own facial hair. Just because you have mustache does not mean it cannot be kept in style.

Some of the highly-rated mustache styling wax available for purchase online can be found in this best mustache wax reviews.

Most would cost you just a few bucks, but you get to present your mustache just the way you like it.

1 – Firehouse Mustache Wax

If you can get past the weird sounding name, this is one of the best one based on testing, existing customer reviews and sales data.

Men that proudly wear mustache and beard love this product. While this wax appears dark when you first look at it, the color is much lighter once applied to your mustache.

Not only is this best mustache wax easy to apply, it also offers superior hold, if you know what I mean.

Those that have tried the product swear that just one application can last you the whole day, even if you reside in a city with hot, humid conditions.

The firehouse mustache wax is completely hand made in the USA. Some color variations might be noticed in different batches, due to the fact that it is handmade from scratch.

Firehouse Mustache Wax offers consistent quality, which is just what you need to keep that mustache or beard in tip-top shape!

Deciding what type of mustache wax you want

Our great grandfathers would be proud to have all the choices that are now available for those looking to add stiffness, color or shine to their mustache.

This men’s grooming product comes in many varieties, including some sub-varieties. You can buy mustache waxes that are organic and petrochemical free.

I have also seen some that are purely vegan, or soy free. You should also know that waxes do come with different holding strengths; strong, or extra strong, light/medium, or medium.

Selecting Your Style of Wax.

Traditional Wax. Traditional Wax can be found in a tube and more likely to contain added petrochemicals, which includes mineral oil, Petroleum Jelly, etc.

This type of mustache wax formulation was popular a few years back until people started paying attention to the serious health effects posed by prolonging exposure to the chemicals used in manufacturing them.

No conclusive studies have been done to gauge the side effects of exposure to these chemicals; therefore you can still find many mustache waxes with this formulation.

Modern Moustache Wax. These are usually the newly formulated mustache waxes to take advantage of the health consciousness that’s prevailing among many consumers.

You’ll find them in round or rectangular containers and most are made from pure organic or natural ingredients. The true organic brands would clearly state so on the label of the mustache wax.

Best Mustache Wax Reviews

2 – Clubman Mustache Wax

This is another excellent wax for keeping your mustache and beard in shape. Pinaud mustache wax is made from beeswax, which makes it easier to apply the product.

Just one application can last all day long! This mustache wax from Clubman contains ingredients that’ll blend or cover gray hair.

You can buy this best mustache wax in three different colors and one neutral color. The wax ingredients are derived from food-grade preservatives, which help to minimize irritability of skin sensitivity.

Pinaud mustache wax can also be used on your eyebrows or sideburns. Currently, you can buy this product for less than $5 and it includes a mustache comb/brush applicator. This is truly a great deal!

3 – Fisticuffs Mustache Wax Review

This is another great product with an odd sounding name. Anyway, the wax is loved by many customers from all the recent reviews we explored before writing this review.

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax comes in three distinct scents: original, Lavender and Bay Rum. The packaging itself is unique and can easily fit into your pocket, not that I will carry it that way!

The wax itself is easily pliable, and will get the job of waxing your mustache or beard done with tip-top efficiency.

The pricing is at least double that of the Clubman. Personally I think the Pinaud mustache wax reviewed above is a better buy!

4 – Woodsman Mustache Wax

By now you probably know the makers of mustache waxes have no idea how to pick a name for their product.

This one does not sound as bad, but I would have chosen a different name to do justice to the effectiveness of the product.

This best mustache wax is an all-natural product and has a Woodsy scent. Woodsman Mustache Wax is free of all petroleum products and will deliver amazing hold once applied.

Below is a video that is amusing and shows the right way to apply the mustache wax

Here is How to Use Mustache Wax

While there are different mustache waxes you can use to style your mustache or beard, certain steps to do it right will apply to all products.

Please read over the usage instructions for the brand of mustache wax you’re using.

Before you begin your mustache waxing, you’ll need the following items:

A good mirror
Can of Mustache wax
Diligence and Patience

Any of the mustache wax in our reviews is easily pliable. If you bought another brand and you find it hard, you can use a hair dryer to heat it up.

This is only to make it more manageable, do not expose your wax to too much heat.

You can use your finger to apply the wax, but a small comb would be more appropriate.

The Clubman mustache wax does come with a comb/brush applicator all for less than $5, which makes it the ideal one to purchase if you like to save money.

For how long to leave the wax on your mustache, you’ll need to look closely at the manufacturer’s directions for use.

To make your mustache style stand-out, you should apply some beard and mustache oil before styling. Here is a good and cheap brand of beard and mustache oil.

Where to Buy Mustache Wax?

With so many websites offering men’s grooming products, it’s getting harder to discover the site with the best prices.

The answer I gave to a friend that asked – where can I buy mustache wax would be appropriate here!

Amazon is the king for the online retail for so many products online. Apart from that, they offer one of the most exciting shopping experiences as compared to other websites.

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