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Benefits Of Best Organic Castor Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

I have done my fair share of reviews of best hair growth products, including the ones you can use to get an amazing glowing skin. This review about best organic castor oil came about as a result of inquiries from some of our readers that have experienced tremendous benefits from using castor oil for skin.

Contrary to what some might think, lengthy informative reviews do require in-depth research, testing and collation of facts before writing it for public consumption.

As a little kid growing up in a small town in Arkansas, my grandmother used castor oil to cure any problem. According to her, it was one of the best home remedies for multiple ailments. Granny is gone now, but her wise wisdom of how she used this miracle oil stayed with me and my sisters to this day.

Most people that have tried best organic castor oil know it has numerous natural health benefits. As I delved deeper into this review, I soon discovered that castor oil can be used for not only your skin, but it can aid quick hair growth and has many other health benefits unknown to most people.

A call to some of my girlfriends gave me more information about how it can be used for nourishing eyelashes, so I decided to order a couple of organic castor oil brands including the popular Jamaican black castor oil. As I gathered more information about this essential beauty care oil for face, I soon discovered many uses for it.

After trying several castor oil brands for a few weeks, it became my go-to product for eliminating wrinkles and forehead fine lines. The good brands of organic castor oil that I bought allowed me to moisturize my skin deeply. Not only did people notice my glowing skin, but my husband commented how it feels softer and smoother.

Looking at the label on one of the bottles I bought, it said it can be used to get rid of those stubborn eye wrinkles. Those feedbacks from different sources gave me the best evidence that this oil needs more exposure to anyone with skin care needs, or hair-loss problems that cannot be cured with regular laser treatment.

Castor oil Extraction

The castor plant can be found mostly in Africa and India. The plant is also referred to by its scientific name Ricinus communis, and the oil is extracted by pressing the seeds. It’s more like an expensive vegetable oil and has been famously used all over the world for centuries.

Castor oil is widely recognized for having anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. With so many therapeutic and medicinal benefits, this miracle oil is beloved by a wide range of industries for use in multitudes of products.

In this article, we’ll eventually address the skin, hair and health benefits derived from using this oil. It is one of the most widely used ingredients in top selling soaps, cosmetics, massage oils, textiles and even medicines.

Castor oil in its natural state is a very pale yellow liquid that is also colorless. The texture of even the best organic brands of castor oils is very thick. The odor and taste are very distinctive, and it will stay with you for a while once ingested. The taste is rather strong and very unpleasant.

My grandma used to mix it with other sweet stuff, to make it more edible to consume as a kid. Ongoing research has shown that the benefits offered by castor oil can be traced to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids in high amounts. Food grade castor oil is widely used as a preservative in the food industry.

I have divided this article into three sections, the first dealing with the benefits of using castor oil on your skin; the known castor oil benefits for stopping hair loss and promote hair growth; and some of the established health benefits that can be attributed to using castor oil.

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin

Our skin is the largest and probably the most important organ in any human. Just by looking at your skin people can reach such conclusions as to your health, diet and state of mind in general. Here are some of the most notable skin care benefits of using castor oil.

1 – Common Skin Problems

This miracle oil is a boon to those suffering from the effects of acne, sunburn, stretch marks and dry skin. The best castor oil for skin will help you fight off boils, warts, chronic itching and athlete’s foot.

2 – Can be Used To Treat Ringworms

Castor oil is very effective at treating ringworms, which is prevalent among all age groups. Within castor oil is found an acid called undecylenic, which aids in the elimination of ringworms successfully.

3 – Use it To Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The ingredients in castor oil will penetrate deep once applied while also stimulating the instant production of elastin and collagen. This in turn is what helps to hydrate and soften your skin.

Not only will it help your skin look softer, smoother and younger, it also helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Those wrinkle lines around the eyes can be treated successfully with just a few applications.

4 – Can Help Control Acne

The Ricinoleic acid in castor oil is powerful enough to fight off acne-causing bacteria. Since the oil is able to penetrate deeply into the skin, it is one of the best home remedies for acne that’s truly effective in both teens and adults.

5 – Moisturizing Powers

Castor oil is one of the most ideal and effective moisturizers one can buy online. What creates the benefits of castor oil for skin is the presence of good amounts of concentrated fatty acids. This is what helps to remove all visible dry patches while also restoring needed hydration to the skin.

6 – You Can Use it to Fade Scars and Stretch Marks

One of the most amazing benefits of castor oil is the ability to fade scars and eliminate stretch marks. Do remember the scar fading process is slow and steady, but you’ll see gradual improvement with daily use, due to the power of the fatty acids present in the oil. This amazing oil works best on stretch marks on your thighs and stomach.

7 – Good Antimicrobial

Castor oil skin benefits include the ability to help heal open wounds. The massive amount of antibacterial properties present in castor oil makes it an excellent disinfectant for those trying to heal open wounds. With good amounts of pain-relieving and anti-itch properties, feel free to use it as a first aid treatment medicine.

Best Organic Brands of Castor Oil

If you’re looking for benefits of castor oil for skin, here are some of the best brands you can purchase online for less.

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil

The name for this company says it all. Heritage has been in business over four decades, and you can find their quality products for your beauty, health and wellness needs within the marketplace at affordable prices.

Just like other skin care products made by this firm, the Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil is completely gluten free and cold pressed to retain freshness and purity.

This unscented castor oil is not hexane gassed and comes to you in a slightly darkened glass bottle that’s designed to help protect its beneficial ingredients. The company creates and manufactures products using only proven ingredients so that it does not have to be tested on animals.

If you’re looking for a certified organic castor oil, this brand will not disappoint. Even the feedbacks from most of the existing customers give credence to the performance of the best castor oil from Heritage.

Heritage Store Organic Castor oil Customer Reviews

As I researched the hundreds of reviews from existing customers that bought the castor oil from Heritage, the praise for helping them solve and cure different skin issues should be further examined by anyone looking for a good brand.

Most appreciated the manufacturing ways that does not pose a threat to animals or the environment.

It was a skin care product for helping to stop hair loss, help eyebrows grow, while also doing fantastic work as an anti-inflammatory agent.

One customer recommended it as a great moisturizer, most likely beneficial for those with dry skin. To use the castor oil for skin as a face moisturizer, all you need is a few drops as it has a thick texture. She also suggested one might get a shiny look until the ingredients are fully absorbed into the skin.

Another customer had excellent results using it on skin Eczema cases. It can also help to relief the symptoms of dryness, itchiness, and soothing redness.

While Aloe vera has some enviable record of being a good natural solution to Eczema, some customers actually suggested this organic castor from Heritage delivered better results than aloe vera.

You can read here, how another customer got her baby to feel as soft and smooth, and it lasted far longer than other best organic skin care lotions or creams. This Castor oil brand is all natural and organic and it has the ingredients to nourish deeply your skin with results that last for days from just one application.

Other users complimented the product for helping to fade and in some cases even remove dark age spots. Not only does it help heal and cover scars, but it has the power to make fine lines and face wrinkles simply disappear. Most experienced rejuvenated and nourished skin, and the product packaging is just as friendly.

Swanson 100% Certified Organic Castor Oil

This 45-year-old company has many reputable health products under its belt. This castor oil from Swanson is a USDA certified organic product. It is made using cold pressed manufacturing technique and contains great emollients capable of penetrating deeply into your skin for most amazing results.

The satisfaction ratio from customers that have tried the product is way above 97%, and you can read about some of the notable feedbacks. It is a true organic brand of castor oil and will help you get softer, smoother skin texture with just a few applications.

Here Are Some Health Benefits of Castor Oil

A certified organic castor oil can help stop the pain and symptoms effects associated with constipation. Most people are aware that a good organic castor oil brand can deliver powerful laxative medicine to help you stop the symptoms of constipation. You might need to mask the strong odor and bitter taste to make it easier to swallow like my grandma used to do.

Other helpful health benefits of using organic castor oil includes: the ability to clean out your liver and lymphatic system for optimal performance; It can be used to cure the painful symptoms experienced by those suffering from joint and arthritis pains; and it has the ingredients to boost your overall immune system.

Castor Oil Benefits for Hair

While everyone knows about the power of using castor oil for hair growth, there are many other benefits it can deliver. When applied liberally to your scalp, you’ll experience thicker and fuller hair.

Castor oil use on your hair and scalp will help boost blood circulation to the follicles to promote faster hair growth. Continued use of castor oil will lead to fewer problems of split ends and hair breakage as you condition and moisturize your hair.

Castor oil can also be used to deliver thicker eyebrows, treat scalp infections, and help with hair darkening. You should also know that castor oil contains vitamin E, which can help when treating ragged cuticles and brittle nails.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

If you want to experience the best benefits that can be delivered from using castor oil, get your hands on Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil brand. Based on the available data and customer reviews, you’ll be wise to mix the product with pure organic coconut oil (like this brand).

Mixing it will make it less thick while applying it to your scalp. Even if you mix it up 50/50 with coconut oil, the potency of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil will not be diminished.

Whatever problem that is holding your hair from growing can be corrected with the constant use of this product. The hundreds of reviews from very satisfied customers cannot be wrong.

If you want the best benefits for hair growth that can be delivered by using castor oil, get your own Jamaican black castor oil by Tropic Isle Living. You do need a plastic bottle applicator to make this work most effectively. You can also get one, and it comes to you with a suitable applicator included.

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