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Does Himalayan Salt Lamp Deliver Any Benefits? The Myths, Origin and Health Effects of Using One

Once in a while, you come across a product that is bestowed with so many benefits (according to pundits and critics), that you’re forced to take a second look. My first encounter with a Himalayan salt lamp that was pink in color occurred many months ago, at a friend’s house. When you first look at the lamp using Himalayan rock salts you’re bound to ask questions as to what it does.

I have always looked up to my friend’s opinion when it comes to environmentally safe products that can also enhance human health. He was more than enthusiastic to tell me about the lamp that uses Himalayan salts to deliver what some might call good health benefits.

What intrigued me to research the product was the fact that each room in his house contained the lamp. My curiosity was peaked because my friend is of the frugal type, to the extent that he keeps a detailed record of his daily spending, down to the last penny.

What would make a guy that saves a significant portion of his income invest in a glowing lamp, I asked myself? These Himalayan salt lamp reviews were born out of that conversation I had with him that night. His knowledge of Himalayan rock salt lamps will be reflected in some of the opinions found in this review.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

From what I observed and after touching one, it is a uniquely crafted lamp embedded with a small powerful bulb that is covered with Himalayan rock salts. Some will come with a huge one-piece chunk of the salt; while others will have several large pieces of the Himalayan rock salt in a basket setting with the bulb inserted in-between.

As I soon gathered during my research for this review, the origin of the Himalayan salt is the key to all the health benefits attributed to the lamp. Truth be told, the air quality in my friend’s house was refreshing and made me feel like I was in a natural outdoor country setting.

The only way to describe it is that the air in his home felt like it was purified and refined to deliver many health benefits. He claims he has been using the lamps for over six years and has never been to a doctor for any respiratory illness in all those years, and he gave all the credit to the power of the six Himalayan salt lamps inside his home.

5 of the Best Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp to Buy

Within this review I have listed some of the most obvious benefits one can derive from using a well-designed Himalayan salt lamp, now it’s time to take a closer look at the merits of some of the top selling brands.

It will be a mistake to assume that all the best Himalayan salt lamps you can find online are created equally. I took a careful look at dozens of Himalayan salt lamp brands while searching for the best ones to buy for my own home, and the reviewed units within this article made the final cut.

Based on my experience analyzing the merits of many products, I based my judgment on the reputation of the manufacturer, the design of the Himalayan salt lamp itself, other Himalayan salt lamp reviews found online, and the feedback and ratings from existing customers.

If you’re seeking the best Himalayan salt lamp brand, the products found reviewed in this article will give you the most value for your money.

1 – WBM 1004 Himalayan Natural Crystal Lamp Review

The WBM 1004 is one of the top selling Himalayan rock salt lamps on Amazon for many good reasons. The dimension of this product is 6 x 6 x 10 inches and weighs about eleven pounds. There are six different sizes from 7-inch all the way to twelve-inch. WBM Himalayan light #1004 comes with a base that is crafted from Neem wood.


If you’re seeking the ultimate product to enhance the look of your modern apartment, the WBM Himalayan salt lamp would not disappoint, as it is esthetically pleasing. The only problem you’ll have with this product is answering all those questions from your friends about what it does.

The lamp is able to emit a cool calming amber color once you turn the electrical switch on. The manufacturer claims the crystal salt used is mined from the Himalayan Mountains.

Once the bulb inside the WBM 1004 hand carved natural crystal lamp is turned on, it will heat up the crystal salt, which makes it release negative ions into your living quarters counteracting the power of the positive ions before they can do any damage to your health.

It is the right air purifier if you own pets and trying to control all the dander they can create. It is also capable of clearing out smoke, pollen, and other dangerous pollutants.


With such a high approval rating from the majority of customers, it was hard finding any negatives, but every product has a few unhappy buyers, including this one. The replacement bulb is not the right one listed on the products page sent with your delivery. It requires a 40-watts bulb and not the listed 25-watts.

The manufacturer’s website needs some tweaking, as it seems their only mission is to sell more products rather than inform the consumer with informational resources about what the lamp can do. I did not find any owner’s manual that can be viewed or downloaded from their site.

The biggest downside, in my opinion, is the 30-days warranty from the manufacturer. Also, the shipping charges for returned items will be the responsibility of the consumer, which in my humble opinion is not the best way to create a win-win relationship.

Bottom Line:

From all the reviews I explored, it is obvious that the WBM 1004 hand carved Himalayan natural crystal lamp is a good product, and it is one of the brands used by the good friend that introduced me to the many benefits offered by a Himalayan rock salt lamp.

Amazingly, while looking through hundreds of the feedbacks from current users of the WBM 1004, the shorter warranty was not an issue for most of the happy customers. My friend swears the WBM Himalayan ionic crystal natural salt lamp is one of the best, so be sure to put the product through the test before the warranty runs out.

The True Origin of the Himalayan Rock Salt

Whoever picked the name for this pink salt should be given credit for understanding marketing 101 – make it exciting, make it memorable, and make it desirable. The salt itself is mined in a region in Pakistan that is at least 300 miles from the Himalayan Mountains.

In fact, the salt originates from the Punjab region of Pakistan, and I am sure you understand why it is not called the “miracle salt from Punjab Pakistan”. The mine were most of the Himalayan salt is mined is called Khewra, and it is located in the Jhelum District of the Punjab region, which as we speak is a hotbed of many different insurgencies, all religious based.

So do not be deceived by Himalayan rock salt lamp vendors claiming their version of the substance is purer, which ultimately means they want to charge you more before you can start enjoying all the Himalayan rock salt lamp benefits.

2 – Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another great Himalayan rock salt lamp is from a company called Crystal Decor. You can buy one in ten different designs, which includes some for those that are religious. The dimension for the star design is 9.3 x 5.8 x 5.5 inches.


The fact that it comes in 10 different designs will certainly make it appeal to many more customers looking for the best Himalayan rock salt lamp.

Some of the current users called the product absolute gorgeous, with claims that it looks much better than how it appears in the pictures in the sales brochure.

The large rock salt pieces included with the lamp is said to be of the highest quality and reflects the most suitable color.

The light bulb is conveniently covered with a cage that protects the light bulb, unlike other brands with an open design.

The inclusion of a dimming switch gives you the ability to reduce or increase the intensity of the lighting to suit your mood.

The weight of the Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is 5.7 pounds, and it comes with a generous lengthy cord.


I tried, but could not find any warranty information, which is not what I expected. Maybe it is included in the delivery package. Few of the current customers complained about the smell of the product when you first take it out of the delivery package.

Bottom Line:

I must confess, for the feedbacks from the existing customer convinced me of its merit. The majority of the current users love the product. The negative ions emitted will certainly leave you physically and mentally refreshed. It is also safe to say that the natural glow will uplift your inner spirit in more ways than one.

What Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Do?

Before I can answer that question, I have to talk about positive and negative ions within your atmosphere. Just remember for clarity sake, positive ions are mostly bad for your health while negative ions are mostly good for your health.

Science would call a positive ion a molecule that has no electron while a negative ion will be embedded with an extra electron. Positive ions always look for something to bond to in order to fill the missing electron, while negative ions bond with tuff so that it can get rid of the extra electron.

Those damaging free radicals are mostly comprised of positive ions, and as you know, free radicals have being linked to numerous health problems, including cancer. In an ideal world, with the right atmosphere, you want the positive and negative ions to bond together before the bad ones can get to your body and do major health damage.

How does it Work?

Just like all salts, the Himalayan version is a substance that can attract and hold the water molecules found in your living environment. Since the Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, the powerful bulb inside the lamp will heat up the substance to release negative ions.

There are so many positive ions being created in your home, which creates an imbalance. The biggest creators of positive ions are all the electronic gadgets and devices found inside most homes in America.

You can read about how negative ions can help eliminate the germs in the air from this WebMD article. To learn additional information about negative air ionization, this article from cet.org will point you in the right direction.

Unless you have a product that can create the needed negative ions to compete and bond with all the positive ones, many health woes are coming to the occupants of that dwelling. Now you know why most major cities are toxic and enable many respiratory illnesses.

3 – WBM 1301B Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Basket Lamp Review

This unit is from the same company that brought you the top selling WBM 1004 Himalayan Natural Crystal Lamp. Currently, you can buy this best Himalayan salt lamp in two unique designs, all basket shaped. The product itself weighs less than 9 pounds, and it has the following dimensions 8 x 8 x 7.2 inches.

While the manufacturer claims the salt is mined in the Himalayan Mountains, just remember our original claim that this mine is at least 300 miles from the famous Himalayan Mountain.


Not only do you get the lamp and the rock crystal salt, you also get a lengthy power cord, light bulb, and a thoughtful rotary dimmer switch. Once turned on, the lamp emits an amber color that is also calming.

Be ready to answer all the questions from your guests that have never seen such an amazing air purifying product. The negative ions released by the Himalayan lamp through the rock crystal salt create the effect of having an ionizer in your home.


Again, the warranty term is not friendly to consumers, since it only last for thirty days.

Bottom Line:

The WBM 1301B rock salt lamp is a good product, despite the lower than expected warranty terms. The included dimmer switch is UL approved, which means it was tested and found to meet the worldwide standards established for safety.

The beautiful glow emitted by the WBM 1301B Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Basket Lamp is hypnotizing when you first see it. It is a great conversation starter, and I have had my share of guest that refuses to go home due to the pleasant indoor air quality in my apartment.

Benefits of Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp

When it comes to Himalayan salt lamp benefits there are scientists all in favor, and an equal number totally convinced that the benefits are not supported by adequate scientific research. Just remember those scientists are not infallible, if you have any doubts, just look back in history at all the major discoveries they got wrong.

In fact, it might be appropriate to say that the most important discoveries came from regular folks like you and me going against the grain of established scientific practices. You can read about how the space agency (NASA) deals with the air astronauts breathe in to make sure it contains the right balance of both positive and negative ions.

So until you own and use one of the reviewed products in this article, you cannot dispute any of the Himalayan rock salt lamp benefits, which came from actual users of the product. So let’s discuss some of the most notable natural Himalayan salt lamp benefits.

Cleansing of the Air

Among all the benefits attributed to Himalayan salt lamp, this one stands out because it is the most widely discussed and readily accepted by even some scientist. When I was in my friend’s home it was obvious that something was cleansing the air within his living quarters, because it was so fresh and relaxing.

Since the Himalayan salt embedded inside the lamp is hygroscopic, it will attract all the water molecules along with the toxin or germs they might be carrying. The carcinogens in the air inside your home will be trapped by the crystal salt.

Amazingly, the heated salt will only release back to the atmosphere moisturized air that is free of all the trapped particles. Even if you have doubts about the ability of the Himalayan rock salt lamp to do all that is attributed to it, this particular benefit sounds reasonable and quite achievable.

As we go through all the Himalayan salt rock lamp benefits, I will be applying commonsense rules to see if it makes sense. The air inside my friend’s living quarters smelled incredibly fresh, and I have tried my best to duplicate it inside my apartment with great success.

Score: The natural air purifying Himalayan salt lamp benefit is true, and I can assure you that it improved the quality of my sleep tremendously.

Can it Help Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation?

You might not realize it, but all the electronic gadgets inside your home are radiating your body every time you have them turned on. Can it be the reason why the rate of all types of cancer is at an all-time high? Since electromagnetic radiation cannot be seen with the naked eye, I have my doubt how this can be attributed to the product.

Using common sense, you’ll have to buy one Himalayan rock salt lamp for each of your digital devices for the electromagnetic radiation to be truly eliminated.

Score: Can we attribute electromagnetic radiation elimination as one of the Himalayan salt lamps benefits? Not entirely accurate, but it will help reduce the numbers.

Reduction in Respiratory Illnesses

When you breathe in cleaner air, you go through a major change in how you view the world. After purchasing a large Himalayan rock salt lamp for my living room I can assure you that the air felt and smelled different.

Some have said that the product can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other allergies. Using our commonsense rules, it is reasonable to conclude that breathing cleaner air will have a tremendous effect on any respiratory illness.

Score: Is one of the main benefits of Himalayan salt lamps fewer symptoms from respiratory illnesses? Probably true, but success will be determined by other factors being neutral or nonexistent.

Can the Lamp Help With Improved Breathing?

It has been scientifically proven that positive ions are bad for your health while negatives ions can help create positive vibes that not only make you healthier but also uplifts your mood.

Since Himalayan salt lamps are designed to release negative ions into your living space to counteract the position ions, it is reasonable to say your breathing will be improved using our commonsense rules. Since buying my own lamp that uses Himalayan salts I now look forward to entering my apartment with joy.

Score: Based on my own personal experience, this health benefit of using a Himalayan salt lamp is true, and you’ll soon be able to confirm it once you get your own Himalayan salt lamp to try out.

It Will Make You Sleep Better

Among all the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp, the fact that it will allow you to sleep better is also true. I recently added another one to my bedroom since I found myself sleeping in the living room due to the excellent air quality enabled by the lamp.

To help you get the most out of this benefit, I would suggest you remove all electronics from your bedroom. I have almost no electronics gadgets in my bedroom except for my Wake-Up Light that stimulates rising sunrise, just like this one from .

Score: This benefit attributed to the use of Himalayan salt lamps can be called true if you take the time to remove all the other negative factors. The improved air quality will improve the quality of your sleep.

Additional Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Brands

4 – Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Lamp Review

This is another Natural Himalayan Salt lamp with awesome feedbacks from current users of the product. It is from a company called Crystal Allies Gallery, and the size is about 7″ x 6″ x 6″ while only weighing 7lbs.

Inside the brochure it is clearly stated that the salt is not meant for human consumption, so please exercise caution in that regard.


While it has a similar look to the one from WBM 1301B, there are a few subtle differences. This one is designed to use a 15-Watt Light Bulb, and the included dimmer switch has a rotary design.

This is one of the units found in my friend’s home, and he emphatically states that the product is powerful enough to change the feel and smell of your indoor air quality for the better.


While the majority of current users love the product, some had few gripes about its shortcomings. A customer that bought two of the natural Himalayan salt lamps wished it came with a solid base or hanging mechanism. Changing the bulb requires you pull out the old one from underneath the basket, and some customers complained it was quite more difficult than they expected.

Bottom Line:

The price for this Himalayan rock salt lamp with rotary dimmer switch is quite low, and should be affordable for many looking for a good product to eliminate the bad elements found in the air inside the living quarters.

It would have been nice if the company included a base or some type of a hanging mechanism for the lamp, but I am sure you can figure something out. The wire mesh is solid and should last many years, provided you follow the care instructions from the manufacturer.

5 – HemingWeigh Rock Salt Sphere Lamp

Finally, we bring you a Himalayan salt lamp that is shaped like the real thing. It looks just like a regular lamp, and seats on a solid wood base. How they were able to handcraft and mold the Himalayan rock salt into such a round shape is a sight to behold. The size of the product comes in at 7.7 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches, and it weighs less than eight pounds.


The shape of the lamp is intriguing, and I could not find any information about how they were able to shape the rock salt to be round. It comes with a solid wood base, which means you can conveniently use it in many spots inside your living space.

The handcrafting of the Himalayan salt allows the lamp to emit an amber glow that is both cool and soft. The negative ions created by this unit will purify the air inside your home. For optimal results, few of the current users recommend you leave the lamp on all day long, as it is designed to use very little electricity.


The biggest gripe is how long the bulb would last. This should be based on usage, but a few of the users suggested you also get replacement bulbs with your purchase just in case. The warranty term is not consumer friendly for it only last for thirty days.

Bottom Line:

This Himalayan salt lamp from HemingWeigh looks like a regular lamp in both shape and dimensions. It will definitely help counter the effects of all the positive ions inside your living space before they can cause you any health damage. From another Himalayan salt lamp review I looked at, this brand uses very little electricity.

Where to Buy Your Own Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you’re seeking where to buy Himalayan salt lamp, you can click on the images in this article and you would be taken to the where you can also review some of the feedbacks from existing users before buying one today.

If you’re looking for an air purifying product that can also neutralize some of the electromagnetic radiation from all your electronic devices, buying one of the best Himalayan salt lamp brand reviewed in this article is the right decision to make.

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