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Pura D Or Shampoo Reviews: The Merits of the Gold Label Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

What would you do, if you looked in the mirror and noticed your hair is not as full as it used to? Upon further examination, what would you do if you discovered your hair is now thinning out right before your eyes? Would you scream for help, or ask the lord for a miracle?

A full head of hair has always been associated with youthfulness, and I know of many female friends that do spend a fortune every year to make sure their hair is full, strong, and healthier looking.

If you still have your full head of hair, but you observe it is thinning out or shedding at a faster rate than before, this Pura d or hair loss shampoo reviewed in this article might be the right product for you.

It is better to use the right shampoo once you notice your hair is falling out at a faster rate or just not full like it used to be. This shampoo, when used on a daily basis, will correct the causes of your hair loss, provided it is not medically related, which in that case you might need the services of a specialist.

From all the feedbacks from the current users of the Pura d’or organic argan oil anti hair loss shampoo, it contains the right ingredients to help give more volume to your hair, and will stop premature hair loss while helping new hair follicles to grow at a faster rate.

From all the Pura d or argan oil shampoo reviews we examined online, this hair care product contains no harsh chemicals; neither will you find any parabens or sulfates in its formula. Some users have called it the ultimate organic shampoo that can prevent hair loss while assisting in the growth of new ones.

Benefits of Using the Pura d or argan oil shampoo

The Pura d or hair loss shampoo is known as an organic product, which means it is created using the best natural preservatives derived from plant based sources.

According to the manufacturer, the formula includes fifteen natural ingredients, all uniquely combined to prevent breakage, which ultimately negates the loss of hair.

It is well known that DHT hormones are responsible for causing hair loss in the first place. Included in this organic shampoo from Pura Dor are powerful DHT blockers, which mean the shampoo will be able to nourish your hair follicles back to health, which leads to a faster regeneration process.

The Biotin ingredient included in the premium organic argan oil anti-hair loss shampoo will help give strength to your hair strands, while the included Niacin aids in increased circulation within the hair follicles.

We looked at several Pura d or shampoo reviews and it is obvious the product not only promotes healthy hair growth, it is also safe to use on all hair types, and will not damage the color of your hair.

Abbreviation of the Feedbacks from Current Users

It would take several pages to list all the compliments written by existing users of the shampoo, so I decided to abbreviate the most common accolades after also analyzing other Pura d or hair loss prevention reviews.

The following words were used by customers that loved the product:

1 – Pura d or shampoo is one of the best unisex shampoos with all the right ingredients to add volume to any type of hair.

2 – It is the right product for men and women looking to thicken their hair, thus preventing hair breakage and loss.

3 – The vitamins infused into the Pura d or hair loss shampoo makes it one of the most highly rated formulas one can use to stop and prevent hair loss at the root level.

4 – Most appreciated the fact that the preservatives used are derived from natural plant extracts. This organic shampoo contains no harsh chemicals; neither does it contain any SLS or Parabens.

This is How to Use the Shampoo

The results from using this shampoo are gradual, and you should notice a remarkable improvement in how your hair feels and looks after about three months of continuous daily use of the product.

Apply a generous amount to your hands and rub it into your hair follicles. Continue rubbing until it becomes a rich lather covering your entire hair. Leave the lather in place for about two to three minutes, and then rinse it off.

If you suffer from significant hair breakage, you should repeat the process again to make sure it touches every inch of your scalp. Make sure the lather touches your scalp for the most awesome results.

After you’ve washed your hair using the shampoo, it is better to let it air dry completely before styling.

Differences between Pura d’or Shampoo Gold vs Blue Label

The main difference between both products can be found in the preservatives used. The Gold label uses 100% natural ingredients that are sourced from plant extracts while the Blue label contains phenoxyethanol as one of the most active preservative ingredients.

While it is not natural or sourced from plants, it is considered mild and safe to use, and can be found in many other top selling hair care products. Another significant difference between both products can be found in the color of the shampoo itself once you pour it out of the bottle.

While the gold shampoo has a transparent color, the Blue label shampoo from Pura Dor looks almost white. It is also true that the Gold label shampoo from Pura Dor contains a little bit more DHT hormone blockers.

Pura d or shampoo ingredients

The list of the ingredients found in the Pura d’or hair loss prevention organic shampoo is quite lengthy, but it is free of toxic chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. Every ingredient included in the formula will aid in increasing your hair volume, while supporting the growth of newer and more vibrant hair follicles.

This shampoo is completely chemical-free and all natural, and you can read about the complete ingredients list – .

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