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All You Can Eat Buffet Menus And Flash-Back to My Obesity Days

I recently moved to a small large city in a southern state, and my visit to Chinese buffet palace gave me many reasons to explain why fat people might be tempted to eat too much. I was a former New Yorker, but moved with my teenage son to get a quieter lifestyle after a divorce.

I first visited the buffet restaurant on a Saturday, but the crowd was just too noisy for me. In my rationalization, I picked Tuesday as probably the slowest day. This was a restaurant where you pay after eating, which I thought was unusual.

Quick glance around showed the place had a newly installed decor, and the floor looked clean just from my observation. From my estimate, this Chinese food buffet restaurant can easily accommodate about 300 people at a time.

The collection of food was just too much for me to make a viable selection. The cost for the buffet lunch or dinner was $9.99, and most of the patrons looked determined to get their money’s worth. Most people fail to realize that fighting food is simply a losing proposition.

The food you try to consume to get your money’s worth will not give you additional energy, but might rub your life of all vitality needed for good living. With my clean plate, I collected a good amount of fried broccoli and shrimp, with a small addition of soft noodles.

All You Can Eat Buffet Menus

The waiter asked if I wanted beer, soft-drinks, juice, or water? My preference is always water by a long shot. I could tell from her glance of my buffed physique, she realized that she was not going to sell this guy additional stuff.

As I took small, slow and deliberate bite of my foodstuff, my look towards other guest troubled my soul to say the least. About 25% of the eaters were little kids. From my calculation, over 70% of the present guests were obese, and some had severe obesity issues.

My definition of obesity refers to people with a protruded stomach, or over-extended hips. If you have a large stomach, and you’re not pregnant, you definitely have issues with obesity and should seek best weight loss methods, instead of eating too much on a daily basis.

It made me sick to watch human beings over-consuming delicious foods, simply because it is offered in an all you can eat basis. As I looked around me, many of the eaters were stuffed full, and yet determined to consume more.

I would use a young man as a perfect example as he wandered looking at the dessert and piles of friend ribs and chicken. Just by looking at his face and stomach, I could tell he has had more than enough. His stomach looked like he was over seven months pregnant.

Why would someone deliberately get over-weight? Is it a conscious decision, or is it a slow weight gain process that takes on a life of its own?

I can only tell you how I felt on a daily basis when I was over-weight as a teenager.

Some of the Issues I Faced on a Daily Basis

Mind you, I was in the eleventh grade and carried at least 60 to 80 pounds extra weight. I wore size thirty-seven for pants, and the shirts that could fit me had to be double or triple X in size. My parents were obese and they simply transferred their gluttonous ways into my life.

I soon learned to deal with all the teasing from the other kids, by just burying my shame by eating more snacks. I knew all about the most recent available snacks, and ate about a dozen of them on a daily basis.

My trip to the bathroom took forever, because of severe blockages. I strained to get out my number 2 and the stench was so bad, that most other people ran out immediately. I lost count how many times I saw blood in my stool, and every trip to the bathroom was an agony, I wished I could avoid.

The requirement of gym period for all students simply did not apply to me. Just walking-up a few steps gave me shortness of breath, and the nice teacher agreed I should just watch and keep stats of what the other students were doing.

Do you know how humiliating it was to not be able to run a few rounds, or just shot a few hoops? Despite my agile mind and dean’s list grades, my obesity prevented me from having a fuller and more fulfilling childhood.

By the twelfth grade, I became a social pariah with almost no dates. Most girls looked at obesity as a weakness, and the cute ones avoided me like leprosy. As all the past hurts and events flashed into my mind, the two little chubby kids I saw at the buffet table gave me chills, when I started thinking what’s in store for them unless they both lose weight.

Since no one explained to the obese kids the consequences of eating too much, they simply stuffed more food into their stomachs. Is it about time, America classified massive weight gain for children as child abuse?

Any all you can eat buffet restaurant is a sad place to be, if you’re trying your best to stay in shape or lose weight. Food is just as addictive as most drugs, and the consequences are just as deadly. I soon finished my food with much frustration, despite the waiter encouraging me to get some more.

I left a 35% tip for the cheerful waitress, and got back into the humid heat for my walk back home, which was about five-miles. Let me give you two crucial incidents that helped turn-around my love affair with food in my favor.

How I lost My Extra Weight for Good

After graduation from high school, I met a cute girl from our area. Out of boredom, I started helping out at a GED prep session ran by the local YMCA. She was fine, enthusiastic, but dumb as hell. I knew she could be taught, due to her eagerness and optimistic attitude.

While I was teaching her math, English, algebra etc., she started lecturing me about the essence of nutrition. She brought books that explained food labels, and I soon became fully aware of the poison I was consuming on a daily basis.

She promised to help me lose weight if I could continue to lecture her, since her grades started to improve dramatically to the astonishment of her other class-mates. It was an agreement I enjoyed, and those few months completely turned my life around.

Change of Food

Since I was now fully aware of how to read food labels the right way, I slowly cut-off my desire for snacks, and replaced them with pure and natural fruits and vegetables.

The sandwiches I used to gobble down three or four times a day, soon gave way to steamed vegetables, and plain seafood.

She encouraged me to set a weight loss goal and go for it. She insisted I needed to buy to measure my progress every week.

As I adapted to more natural green leafy vegetables, my weight gain stopped and started to lose a few pounds every week.

The sign of progress can be traced to the joy of wearing my old pants again. I used to buy new pant sizes every two months, and that also stopped for good.

She brought to our tutoring class, and I soon learned that I needed to start some form of physical exercises to increase my weight loss and make it more permanent.

My Fitness Routine

when I was over-weight as a teenager

Mind you, I took a year off after high school before even trying to apply to any colleges. I was just too afraid to go through the teasing process with my weight in any school of higher learning. The tutoring place was about two miles away, and I started to walk both ways on a daily basis.

The first two weeks was hard on my mental stamina, and it took every ounce of courage I had left to not get back into my car, for an easy drive. Three weeks after I started walking 10 to 12 miles on a weekly basis, I noticed I had lost 20 pounds. I was ecstatic to say the least!

With my own savings, I bought myself , weight bench, adjustable dumbbells and Ab carver. I soon discovered the joy of bike riding again, and once I got home I used my Ab carver and .

By now, I was losing weight on a consistent basis and my total outlook on life started to change. Within 7-months, I lost over 50-pounds and my new physique was now slowing emerging to the surprise of all our neighbors.

In Conclusion

It was not my desire to make fun of those that are over-weight or obese, but life is much more fun when you’re in shape. There are many things you can do better, when you’re in shape. Best of all, most of the ailments that were knocking on my door are all gone for good.

Being fat is expensive to say the least! When you lose weight and stay in shape, not only will your quality of life be improved, your finances will get better and better. Your desire to lose weight must start with an intense love for healthy living.

I knew the mistakes I made with food, and it is my utmost desire that you find a way to get your life back on track to natural healthy living again.

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