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How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

After many years of working with patients dealing with different types of addictions, I have come to the conclusion that food is also an addiction in the western world. While some foods are good for sustenance, a majority of what is now pedaled as healthy nutrition in our supermarkets, fast food joints, and most restaurants are actually toxic to our body.

While the topic of this article is how to lose 10 pounds in one week, one must also address the underlining causes of rapid weight gain in most western countries. This article will not be about fast diets that work or easy diets to lose weight.

These are all packaged words by top magazines to hook you into the false premise of actually believing you can lose weight without changing the underlying cause of the weight gain. Before we get to some of the best diets for rapid weight loss, we must first deal with the psychological issues of binge eating.

Even if you read the latest WebMD article on how to start a diet to lose weight, you must first address the reasons why you gained weight before you can implement some of the best workouts to lose weight tips mentioned in this article.

Why do we Gain Weight

Contrary to what some people might think, weight gain is a gradual process. You did not become overweight overnight, no diet is that powerful. Most weight gain is incremental, and will only become apparent when it gets out of hand.

Another falsehood peddled by clever wordsmiths employed by the bestselling magazines is that dieting can make you lose weight fast. I can assure you most protein shakes for weight loss will only deliver temporary results, and the weight gain would come back with a vengeance since the main cause were not addressed.

While there are some best weight loss supplements that are beneficial, most have ingredients that are formulated to addict you. I should know because I used to drink muscle milk to build muscles and became addicted to it for many years.

I finally read the ingredients and what I discovered blew my mind. It was nothing more than chemicals concocted in the laboratory to alter the way the body is supposed to function.

So for the purpose of clarity, all those weight loss pills that work temporarily will not be addressed in this article.

The weight loss tips are from my life experience and would work for both men and women, provide you apply yourself diligently. Please do not become pusillanimous after reading this quick weight loss tricks you can implement.

Easiest Way to Lose Weight – Step One

Write down your weight loss goals. Writing down how many pounds you want to lose is the first internal communication to your brain and mind that you mean business this time around. First you need to weigh yourself “naked” to have your exact weight.

The amount of pounds you want to shed is not set in stone and can be adjusted as you see progress in your weight loss without exercise.

Step Two

Get yourself products for full body Detox that can also induce weight loss cleanse. You have loaded into your system thousands of chemicals and food by-products and most are causing you pain and internal digestion problems. Even if your think you feel healthy, carrying excess weight is a sign that your internal “plumbing” has some issues.

Most of the foodstuff sold to us as healthy is nothing more than chemicals concoctions invented in the laboratory. Just for an example; do you know that chicken nuggets only contain about 40 to 50% chicken parts? The rest of the ingredients are filler parts from blood feces, chemicals, pieces of bone, blood vessels, nerves, pure fat, and cartilage.

You don’t even want to know what’s in our beef sold in the supermarkets. What we now have in America today, are mega chemical companies practicing agriculture science on a massive scale. Most weight gain can be traced to what’s in our foods, and that is why most diet programs fail to induce weight loss.

So if you’re looking to lose weight in 2 weeks, you need to get yourself a good colon cleanse weight loss product. The two products we recommend are: Detox Cleanse Diet Supplement and Purifex – Powerful 30 day Total Body Cleanse. You can also find other natural weight loss Detox supplements online, just be sure to read the reviews before purchasing.

Step Three

You need to stop smoking or getting “high” now. Contrary to what you might have heard, smoking of any kind will do more damage to your internal organs, more than any perceived benefits you might think exists. Smoking cigarettes is not good for your health, and smoking marijuana will only make you eat more than you should.

Why would you want to alter the natural functioning of your internal organs? To shed the most pounds from your body, you’ll need to ditch those smoking habits or any rapid weight loss tricks you implement will only last for a short period of time.

Step Four

rapid weight loss tricksYou need to substantially reduce your alcohol consumption. I am yet to find anyone over-weight that would agree that he or she drinks too much. If you’re over-weight and drink hard liquor or wine on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll find it difficult to lose those extra pounds around your body.

I know it is not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth based on all my years of interacting with patients seeking the best weight loss steps or programs.

Nowadays most alcoholic beverages are sweet and contain some form of sweetener. Some of those beverages have calories that are just as large as eating a big Mc sandwich and large fries.

Initially during the beginning of your weight loss journey, you’ll need to eliminate your desire for alcoholic beverages of any kind.

If you can abstain for at least one month, then you’re not addicted, but if not it proves my point. When you have your weight in check again, you’ll be in a better position to control your alcohol intake. Here are a good article and infographic that shows how alcohol contributes to weight gain.

Step Five

How to Lose 10 Pounds Start drinking more water. When was the last time you heard someone got fat by drinking water? This is a natural fluid that does a body good.

Even the worst tasting water is still better than a can of coke. You need to eliminate from your diet, all sugar beverages. Most of them have nice sounding names and come with superstar endorsements.

Most sugary drinks have high calories and will make you gain weight. Even the low-fat or low-calorie beverages are not immune from causing you weight gain.

Simply replace all your meal drinks with pure fresh tasting water, and you will be surprised at your weight loss without exercise. To make this plan effective, you need to be drinking water for the best results.

Step Six

Start reading food labels and not just the headlines. Whatever food item you intend to buy at the supermarket, read the ingredients label to know what you’ll be cooking. Just doing this little exercise of reading food labels would change the way you relate to food in a big way.

Some of the ingredients in our food products are toxic and unhealthy to the body. That is why they make the bad foods cheaper than the healthy foods. I mean think about it, why would a salad cost more at McDonald’s as compared to a big Mac sandwich?

Vegetables are easy to grow and if natural, would require no chemical processing. On the other hand, the cow needs to be fed, slaughtered and cooked, which is a more labor intensive process. Why the price differences, baffles me!

But I know the powers in charge of our food supply are gladly approving food products that are toxic to the human body, and by product of that toxicity is rapid weight gain. America is now the second country right after Mexico with the most obese population.

So please, start reading food labels before you buy your food items. the ingredients with unfamiliar sounding names to see what they can do to your body, before cooking them.

Step Seven

desperate to lose weightStart walking around more. One of the major reasons for weight gain is the lack of strenuous activities. Walking is one of the best ways to move all parts of your muscles and should be done on a daily basis.

Not having any sidewalks in your neighborhood is not an excuse. Here are some ways your can slip in more steps for best weight loss in one week:

You can trade in your power mower and get one that requires you to push. You’ll be exercising your muscles while also trimming your lawn to perfection.

Try to park your car a few distances from your usual spot. Those few steps you take to get home will do your body good.

During office hours, go out and get your own lunch instead of ordering in. Those few steps would help with your rapid weight loss goals. Hopefully you will be ordering healthy lunch to stay thin.

Instead of using a leaf-blower, get yourself a leaf raker and work those body muscles.

If you take public transportation, get off a few stops from your home and walk home.

Visit a giant shopping mall, and be sure to visit all levels without buying anything. You can leave you credit cards at home to make sure of that.

Try to take the stairs every chance you get. Just by walking up office or apartment building staircase, you can lose more than 10 pounds in less than a week.

Try to sign-up for all those charity walks you read about in the newspaper.

Crank up the music and clean every room in your home.

Every time you walk, your muscles are used in the most efficient way to stimulate natural weight loss. This is especially true if you lack the time to visit the gym on a regular basis. Walking might be the best answer to those online asking – how can I lose weight without exercising!

Step Eight

You need to join a gym or find other ways to workout if you want to shed those extra pounds. While you can do weight loss exercises at home, the most effective way to get yourself thin is to join a gym. When you see other people working out, you’ll be motivated to try harder.

Any home remedies to lose weight you might implement will come with distractions that’ll affect and alter your ultimate goal. So, please join a gym and make sure you visit at least three to four times a week for best results.

Step Nine

Dust off your bike and pedal your way to your desired weight loss. Riding a bike does something to your body, and will definitely contribute to rapid weight loss if continued on a regular basis. Riding with groups of friends is also an ideal way to achieve the best results.

Other Top Ways to Lose Weight includes:

Try cooking your own food for best dieting methods

Visit your local library and read some good books, instead of doing it online

Snack on fruits and vegetables, instead of your regular “chemical” wrapped snacks

Watch less television. At least 40% of the commercials on TV is to sell you food stuff and they’re deadly effective. Without watching TV, you don’t have to process all those subliminal messages embedded into your brain.

In Conclusion

For those desperate to lose weight, do not try to achieve your goal by seeking protein shakes for weight loss. I can tell you that any weight loss from using shakes or pills will be temporary. After writing down your weight loss goals, start by getting yourself a good weight loss Detox product.

Try your best to read food labels, refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages until you reach your goal. Nourish your internal organs by drinking more water, for not only will you look more fabulous after your weight loss, but your skin will glow to the amazement of people that meet you.

Brad Wellington

I am more of a fitness buff and more into reviews of products that can help you stay within shape. I currently work as an addiction help specialist. To get some of my quitting addiction tips subscribe to the bog post. You can leave your comments at the end of each article.

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