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Best Way to Get Rid of Head Lice Using Home Remedies & Over The Counter Products

Every year head lice affects millions of our citizens both young and old. While the majority of cases can be traced to kids and their many playful ways, adults are not immune from this growing health, annoying menace.

Before we get to the best head lice treatment options, you should know that lice or the eggs called nits are not known to carry any diseases. They do cause embarrassment, and the itching can lead to other psychological problems, if not effectively treated using some of the home remedies we would suggest.

For those seeking how to treat head lice, you should know that the newer breeds of this organism are now able to withstand the powerful ingredients used in many of the leading over the counter medications.

This article about the best treatment for head lice is divided into two parts; one for those seeking head lice home remedies, and those seeking the most ideal over the counter natural lice treatment products to use.

Best Way to Get Rid of Head Lice

Once you discover head lice in your fine head of hair, you need consistent, sustained efforts to eliminate the visible creepy big ones, while also getting rid of the bed of the tiny eggs, sometimes called nits. Deep constant treatment is needed to reach the nits, for they have the ability to hide in the hair shaft.

Let’s first examine some of the best home remedies for head lice one can create from regular kitchen ingredients. Afterwards, we’ll look closely at some of the over the counter medications for treating head lice with established performance metrics.

Head Lice Home Remedies: Easy Steps to Get Rid of Lice

Head lice home remedies consist of common ingredients you can use to kill those nasty bugs that comfortably nest on your crowning glory. Having head lice is a serious condition. It can affect people of all ages. It can affect even the person with the most well-groomed hair. You see, head lice like to live in clean and healthy scalp. Isn’t that very alarming?

Aside from this, lice can transfer so easily from one person to another. You can be sitting next to a person with lice and without really making any physical contact. The next thing you know you already have a colony of these pesky creatures in your hair.

Head lice should never go untreated because if not, these pests can last for months in your head. In extreme cases, they can even move down your eyebrows and eyelashes!

Not only is it difficult because of the disturbing itch, but it also causes a lot of embarrassment to a person who has it. For most people who have this, they would rather not go outside to enjoy a sunny day because doing so would worsen the condition.

They are not confident enough to let their hair down, because they are afraid of what other people might say. Having head lice is more than just a scalp condition. Most of the time, the social stigma that it causes to a person is harder to bear than the physical problem.

You sure don’t want these nasty creatures to make your tresses their permanent domicile. Here are some helpful head lice home remedies that you can create to get rid of them.

Start by replacing your regular shampoo with a lice-killing one. There are a lot of brands that offer lice shampoo. Choose one that best suits you. When you take a bath, be sure to leave the shampoo for at least ten minutes in your hair. After this, rinse the shampoo off with a mixture of water and white vinegar. The vinegar will practically suffocate the lice and kill them.

Scoop a generous amount of petroleum jelly and apply it directly to your scalp. Cover hair with a shower cap and leave this overnight. You can also use essential oils. What you can do to create a routine is after you clean your hair during the day; rub a generous amount of tea tree or olive oil directly on the scalp of your head. This will help with the itching and kill the lice.

When your hair is clean and dry enough, take a metal lice comb. Ask someone to help you with this process, or if not, you can also do this on your own. If you have a table in your room, it would be best if you do it there.

how to get rid of lice and nits

Take a piece of paper and lay it on the table. Bring all of your hair down towards your face and start combing from scalp down to the tips of your hair. Be sure the direction is towards the piece of paper on the table. If you see lice fall down the paper, kill them quickly by all means necessary. Just be sure not to use your fingers, because living nits might stay under your nails.

To make it more effective, get some mayonnaise and apply it onto your scalp. Be sure to coat the hair with thick layers of mayonnaise. The mayonnaise will work to create a sticky environment for the lice and will eventually suffocate them. For best results, leave this for 12 hours and proceed with using a lice comb afterwards.

Be sure to separate clothing and hair accessories so as not to transfer the lice to someone else at home. Keep your towels, comb and shirts always clean. Wash all of your linens in hot water and detergent. Keep away from too much sun, because head lice thrive in hot temperature.

Try these head lice home remedies and you will surely see the effects. Remember though that these vicious beings can be very stubborn. Once you think you’ve completely gotten rid of them, they may come back anytime. Keep your hair squeaky clean and avoid being under the sun for too long, to prevent something like this from happening again.

Best Way to Get Rid of Head Lice Using Over the Counter Products

Have you tried any home remedy for head lice lately? Did it help to contain the ravaging lice eggs, or did they continue with their ravaging ways.

Despite your best efforts to use regular kitchen ingredients to create an effective remedy for head lice, sometimes the most effective head lice treatments can be found in over the counter medications.

Some of these products offer natural lice treatment due to their organic ingredients. Here are some of the best head lice treatment products one can buy online, with clear established performance metrics.

1 – Licefreee Spray Reviews

Licefreee spray is one of the best lice treatment products one can buy over the counter. In this Licefreee spray review, we’ll examine how this this medication for treating head lice came to dominate this niche market.

Simply getting rid of head lice in the comfort of your own home is not an easy task, and should be approached with the diligence it deserves.

Licefreee spray instant head lice treatment is manufactured using only non-toxic natural ingredients. You simply spray it on the affected areas, and you should feel the power of the formula doing its best to get rid of the lice impeding your healthy existence.

This product is truly effective at killing both the adult lice and the eggs called nits. Licefreee spray presently comes with a professional stainless steel comb, which is the ideal tool to get to the lice eggs underneath the hair shaft.

2 – LiceMD Lice & Egg Treatment

Another durable product one can use to treat head lice infection is called Lice MD Lice and Egg. It is formulated in such a way that it can eliminate both the adult head lice and the hidden eggs called nits.

It is manufactured using pesticide free and non-toxic chemicals. LiceMD is a clear solution that is also odorless, and can be safely used as an effective hair conditioner.

This natural treatment for head lice product has been widely tested by Pediatricians and other medical experts. If you’re seeking one of the most ideal natural remedies for lice, this is a viable product with established performance results to consider.

LiceMD lice and egg treatment is powerful enough to work on different hair lengths with amazing results. The hundreds of feedbacks from current users lean to the positive, with a great majority liking its head lice fighting power.

Within your delivery package for this best head lice treatment solution is a good comb to use, which has proven effective against lice eggs in numerous test.


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