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Your Buying Guide to the Best Essential Oil Brands

Recently we reviewed some of the best essential oil diffusers, and the buying factors that can help you get a good brand for less.

But on the other hand, even a high-quality diffuser for aromatherapy oils will not do you any good without a good brand of essential oil.

This essential oils review is required due to the thousands of different brands and products in the marketplace.

Some of the information presented will allow you to identify some of the best essential oil brands.

What are Essential Oils?

The use of essential oils can be traced back thousands of years. Good organically derived essential oils were usually reserved for kings and queens, due to their spiritual and emotional uplifting properties.

While looking at all the essential oil blends, you have to keep in mind what you expect to get from using one if you want to make sense of the definition.

Let’s start with pure organic essentials oils. Most are obtained through the careful extraction of the unique fragrance properties found in plants.

In normal settings, a pound of the freshest essential oil with therapeutic powers will require thousands of plants during the extraction process.

Since the organic pure essential oils are hard to make in large quantities, you now have cheap essential oils made through the science of mimicking the DNA sequence and scent of your favorite plant.

The vast majority of essential oils can be called laboratory formulations manufactured using the same techniques used in making some of your favorite fragrances.

So in a nutshell, organic and purely plant-derived essential oils are expensive but offer the most aromatherapy benefits if utilized properly.

The organic brands are mostly manufactured using the cold-pressing method. The mind/body connection of using essential oils cannot be denied, as long as the right blend and brand is utilized.

Essential Oil Uses

Apart from knowing what an essential oil is, it would be relevant to reveal some of the aromatherapy therapeutic benefits one can get from using a well-formulated blend.

Some of your pure essential oils contain healing properties that can be dispersed into your living atmosphere using a good diffuser.

Here are some of the well-known essential oil uses:

It can be used to induce the most positive emotional positive state. The smell of the right aroma can inspire and uplift your emotional state to levels you never could imagine.

Durable blend of aromatherapy essential oils can help you rediscover balance, peace, and joy in your life.

Your emotional wellness can be significantly enhanced by using good therapeutic essential oil brands.

Do not underestimate the power of aromatherapy to help you create the needed optimal physical wellness needed for good health.

The use of essential oil blends is one of the best and health invigorating ways to purify your home. Spraying air fresheners is old fashioned, and will fill your home with harmful chemicals.

With the right diffuser and essential oil blend, you have the power to create the aroma you want in your home, all the time and every day of the week.

If you’re into meditation and spiritual awareness, well formulated organic essential oils can enhance your calmness.

Your calm demeanor will ultimately lead to better spiritual awareness. The many benefits of aromatherapy cannot be denied, and the right blend can help you reach deeper spiritual zones than you ever imagined.

Factors that Determine Best Essential Oil Brands

It is obvious that the best essential oil companies can be found everywhere, but the products are not the same quality.

Even the best essential oil company utilizes the services of public relations firms to convince you about the durability of their product.

Best essential oils brands are not determined by sleek press releases, but through word of mouth, existing customer reviews, and long periods of established performance metrics.

These are the factors to keep in mind while searching for essential oils brands with value for the money.

What about the Price for the Essential Oils?

This niche industry is not regulated and invaded by scientific folks, meaning some of the formulations will contain questionable ingredients.

From what we gathered for these essential oils reviews, high quality organic essential oils can be pricey, but they do offer the most therapeutic healing properties as compared to the cheaper brands.

What about the Purity?

If you’re seeking top essential oils with healing properties, purity of the ingredients should be your number one concern.

Keep in mind that scientist are now able to play hidden games when it comes to creating aromas, so the reputation of the manufacturer should be looked into before making your buying decision.

If your intention is to get dispersion of healing elements into your living quarters, make your buying choices from unadulterated essential oil blends you can find online.

What Determines Quality?

For the best high-quality essential oil blends, you should pay attention to what other users have to say about the product.

Do not be unduly influenced by the packaging or bottle design. Another factor that indicates high quality is the list of ingredients used in making this essential oil for a diffuser.

Pay Attention to the Manufacturer Performance Metrics

Makers of essential oils come and go at a faster rate than any other industry. A good company must have stood the test of time.

The good ones have a well-designed website, with customer friendly resources that explain how to use the oils.

A reputable company with nothing to hide will clearly state the ingredients list for each essential oil they produce.

Top Essential Oil Brands

With so many brands to choose from for this essential oil reviews, here are the top essential oil producers we thought delivers the most value for the money.

1 – Young Living Essential Oils Reviews


From all the young living essential oils reviews we looked at online, this fast growing MLM Company was first established in 1993.

The essential oils from young living all have therapeutic-grade qualities due to the ingredients list and formulation practices.

The company is able to maintain quality production chain from the way the seeds are grown, to harvesting and distillation methods.

Youngliving essential oils can be bought in many different aromas, and some of the existing users insist this brand is one of the highest quality products within the industry.


The thousands of good young living essential oils testimonials that we examined can be traced to the forthright manner of the company in listing manufacturing steps and included ingredients in each oil.

The known essential oil processing methods are revolutionary, and the company refuses to follow the industry practice of rebottling products.

Young living has been in business for over 24 years, and they played a great role in making Americans aware of the benefits one can derive from using therapeutic-grade essential oils.

No other brand comes close to the organic inventory count of essential oils from Young living. At present, young living essential oils can be bought in 78 different blends.

Young Living Essential Oils are packaged in industry leading amber/brown glass bottles, which helps to shield the contents from sunlight and minimizes oxidization.


Price wise, the essential oils from young living are the most expensive within the industry.

You have to get the blends of oil while you can, for they do run out of stock occasionally, due to growing seasons and limitations of natural ingredients sources.

Bottom Line:

Young living is headquartered in the state of Utah, in a small town called Lehi. They also have offices in Singapore, Japan, Europe, Canada and Australia.

This is the undisputed world leader in the procurement and manufacturing of essential oils.

They certainly have established a growing reputation for making high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

The company has perfected a way to preserve the potency and natural essence of the extracted plant properties.

Apart from using cold pressing technology to make their essential oils, you can find the used ingredients and how to use the oils on their website.

2 – DoTERRA Essential oils


Another great brand that’s making inroads within this niche wellness product industry is from a company called DoTERRA essential oils.

The company was founded about seven years ago, and has been able to produce only certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

The best essential oils from DoTERRA are also expensive, but less pricey than the ones from Young living.

The manufacturing process for this best brand of essential oils involves using low heat distillation process to extract the properties from the natural plants.


This producer of this line of good essential oils is well known for carrying out clinical research to establish clear performance metrics of their products.

Your purchase of DoTERRA essential oils entitles you to a no questions asked money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


The high pricing might be a turn off for customers looking for cheaper essential oil brands.

Despite their reputation for making high-quality products, the company does not own their own plant growing farm.

Bottom Line:

While DoTERRA is only 7 years old, their reputation for making high-quality essential oil is growing day by day.

This company is also located in the state of Utah. The low steam method of distillation has allowed them to produce essential oils with purity and potency that is consistent from batch to batch.

3 – Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews


The name for this next brand of essential oil is most appropriate for a wellness product.

The company that makes Edens Garden Essential oils was established in 2009, and with headquarters in San Clemente, California.

From the Edens garden essential oils review we examined online, the freshness of their product is one of their greatest selling points.

Edens garden certified organic essential oils are stored in well-regulated precise temperature environment, with very little light to ensure the preservation of the therapeutic properties.


This best essential oil brand has an amazing collection of over 148 essential oil blends, which gives them the ability to offer deals, discounts and seasonal bonuses of many products.

All the benefits of essential oils can be found in this brand, due to the fact that no fillers, bases or additives are included in the ingredients list.

All you get is 100% therapeutic-grade oils with a thirty days money back guarantee.


The company is also heavily invested in making top line fragrance oils as compared to just making essential oils.

One might wonder if the production lines do not cross with such massive list of oils to produce. They make both organic and nonorganic oils.

Bottom Line:

Despite the fact they also make oil fragrances, they’ve been able to keep both products separate with different quality metrics.

The storage of the essential oils from this company helps to preserve the quality of the product.

The use of darker bottles for packaging ensures the preservation of the contents when exposed to sunlight.

Having said all that, make sure you’re only buying the certified organic oils from Edens garden, for they also make other non-organic fragrance oils.

4 – Now Essential Oils Reviews


When you look at all the now essential oils reviews you can find online, you’ll soon realize that this company makes so many products for wellness, that it is difficult to keep track of all of them.

Now Foods have been around for about 67 years and was originally created to manufacture health supplements and natural foods.

Now Foods Essential Oils headquarters can be found in Chicago, Illinois.

They certainly have a well-established reputation for making high-quality personal care products along with some of the best essential oil blends one can find within the industry.


The reputation of the company is well established, and you can buy your essential oil blends from them with confidence.

Some of their line of essential oils has therapeutic-grade quality.


Since they make so many products, their line of essential oils would not be our first choice unless you’re seeking one for the cheaper prices.

Their line of therapeutic grade essential oils lacks the official grading seal from the appropriate third party testing organization.

Bottom Line:

This company is into so many products, that we have concerns how they can maintain rigorous quality standards.

From our opinion, you might get a better bang for your buck from the other more expensive essential oils listed above, especially if you’re looking for oil with healing properties.

On the other hand, the fragrance oils from the company are as good as any other brand.

5 – Aura Cacia Essential Oils


The company that makes this high-quality essential oils was started in 1982.

They merged with Frontier Natural Products Co-op in the year 1993, thus making the company a formidable presence in the aromatherapy well-being industry.

The company is notorious for making very high-quality premium blends of essential oils.


The best essential oils to have from this company are certified organic, by the Quality Assurance International (QAI), a third-party testing organization.

Their line of essential oils can be found in most department stores, including major food stores.

The essential oils from this company are cheaper that the other brands reviewed above.

They make 89 single brands, along with 21 essential oil blends. Best of all, they do not rebottle their oil products.


This company makes both organic and nonorganic essential oils. The bad part is that most are non-organic blends of essential oils.

Bottom Line:

This is a cheaper brand of essential oils with some organic and non-organic blends to select from. Your purchase does entitle you to a 60-days money back or replacement guarantee.

In Conclusion:

There are other minor players within the essential oil industry like;

Plant Therapy Essential Oils
Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils
Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils
Healing Solutions Essential Oils

The best smelling essential oils we listed above certainly do have better performance metrics, depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

The top rated essential oil companies listed above make both organic and non-organic products.

The medicinal healing properties of some of the top essential oil brands can help you get a better air quality in your living quarters.

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  • Walter Carrington September 28, 2015, 5:29 am

    Most organically derived essential oils come with some healing properties. Some can help you sleep better, relax now, improve your skin texture or digestion.

    A well-formulated aromatherapy oil can present many benefits that go beyond just letting you experience pleasant smell.

    Currently, you can find over 90 essential oils in the marketplace due to the invasion of scientific manufacturing practices.

    To get the most out of your aromatherapy oil, try your best to use unadulterated version of any essential oil you have in mind.

    Truth be told, real pure organic essential oils are difficult to make in large quantities, thus leading to higher prices.

    The non-organic essential oils are cheaper to make but offer less healing benefits. Think about what you want to derive from the essential oils before selecting a good brand.

    Here are the List of Essential Oils and Their Benefits

    With over 90 different essential oils in the marketplace we could not bring you all of them, but here are the top essential oils and their benefits.

    1 – Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

    I am sure you’ve heard about lavender essential oils and the many blends you could buy.

    Remember that your lavender oil benefits is mostly related to the formulation.

    Here are the main lavender essential oil benefits from our research:

    A good blend can soothe your nervous tension, anxiety, headaches and depression.

    It is a good blend one can use to induce sleep, especially for those suffering from insomnia.

    Hope this helps some of the readers looking for more benefits of lavender essential oil.

    • admin September 28, 2015, 5:30 am

      We recently explored the best diffusers and why you need one. You can also find more information from our detailed look at the top essential oil brands.

      Thanks for your detailed insights!