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Best Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to witness the power of aromatherapy essential oils pay a visit to a high-end spa. I once visited one in California many years ago and to this day that unique scent is still with me.

It was a place that treated all types of addiction, and one of their unique tools is the use of best diffuser for essential oils.

With the massive improvement in technology, you can have the smell of fresh flowers or any other fragrance within your home or office.

The many benefits of using aromatherapy oils include the elimination of stressful thoughts, calmer nerves, and muscles.

The right essential oil smell can also relax your mind, which eventually translates into better internal health and well-being.

In this review article, we are going to be looking at the main device one can use to disperse the oil into the atmosphere.

Apart from learning about best aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils, we take a closer look at the types, benefits and some of the most desirable features in a high-quality brand.

To make the selection process complete, you’ll also find essential oil diffuser reviews of brands that deliver the most value for your money.

What is a Diffuser for Essential Oils?

To be precise and straight to the point, an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a small device that is capable of sending the scent and essential oil elements into your living environment.

This air purification method is considered the wellness approach, and it is capable of delivering the many benefits expected from aromatherapy.

There are many types of diffusers for essential oil, with the price point going from very cheap to very expensive.

Many decades ago, this type of aromatherapy used to be reserved for the kings, due to the price tag.

Thanks to technology, you can have fresh, earthly scent from aromatic oils right in your own living quarters.

Do keep in mind that you get what you pay for, when it comes to selecting a good brand from the hundreds of different types of essential oil diffuser designs one can find in the marketplace.

Diffusers Vs Humidifiers

Most times, people will confuse humidifier with diffusers due to some similarities. While the similarities can be subtle, the differences between humidifiers and oil diffusers are huge.

Humidifiers are mostly designed to affect the type of moisture present in your living area while diffusers with the right essential oil will create a different scent.

Essential oil diffusers can alter your perception of reality, thus making you feel better about life and your environment.

Some of the high-end department stores use very good diffuser for essential oil to influence your buying decision positively, through subtle mood changes.

So to be blunt, humidifiers and aroma oil diffusers are designed to do different things to the air in your living quarters.

What exactly is an Essential Oil?

Even the best diffuser will not do you any good without the right essential oil.

The true essence of an essential oil is best when obtained from plant sources. This natural substance can be obtained through distillation from various parts of good-smelling plants.

The best essential oil that delivers the most aromatherapy benefits should not contain any harmful chemicals.

Since we live in a capitalist society, scientists are now able to create fresh smelling essential oils right in the laboratory, by using the DNA sequence of the original scent.

The cost to derive a pure essential oil from just plant sources can be quite high, so the price of the product might be one of the best ways to differentiate high-quality essential oils from organic plant sources.

The aromatherapy industry is thriving due to the use of essential oils, and some of the most popular scents are; patchouli, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, orange and many others.

Each organic essential oil will come with its own unique special properties, some of which are capable of altering perception and moods in subtle ways.

Some essential oils are highly priced, especially those with healing properties.

Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

The design for essential oil diffusers is not set in stone, neither does it conforms to the one size fits all adage.

Some of the old contraptions used to diffuse essential oil can still be found in use in remote regions of China, Tibet, Israel, and other countries in the world.

But modern technology has changed the game and made this device affordable for the average worker. Most have been designed to fit comfortably into your living quarters.

For clarity sake, the division of essential oil diffusers makes more sense when we separate them into how they function.

From our research, the four main types of essential oil diffusers are:

1 – Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizer diffusers by all estimation are considered more powerful than the other types.

A Nebulizer diffuser is popularly known as a cold old diffuser, because of the way the oil is dispersed into the air.

The essential oil is first broken down into tiny airborne molecules to create a perfect fragrant atmosphere.

Nebulizer diffusers for essential oils are usually ranked higher because they’re perceived to have better therapeutic qualities.

Using an essential oil Nebulizing diffuser requires no addition of water, which means your living quarters will be filled with pure aromatic oil scent.

The tiny micro-droplets of oil created by Nebulizing diffusers will last longer in the atmosphere as compared to the ones made using heat-based or ultrasonic diffusing machines.


Since no water is added to the best Nebulizing diffuser, you get to benefit from 100% pure essential oils scent, especially those with healing properties.

A good Nebulizing diffuser will come with a built-in timer to monitor performance and how long it can perform.

Since it uses no heat to disperse the essential oil, Nebulizing oil diffusers will not contain any lighting system. This means it can be safely used at night!

Based on several designs we explored, a Nebulizing essential oil diffuser will attach directly to the bottle and can be started with just the flip of a switch.


A Nebulizing diffuser for essential oils is notorious for making more noise than the other types.

Another turn-off of an essential oil Nebulizer can be traced to the higher price tag. Most can be pricey based on your finances.

Since it functions without the aid of water, the essential oils are depleted faster. Meaning, the cost for refills can quickly add up if not used judiciously.

Nebulizer Diffuser Reviews

Here are the two Nebulizer oil diffuser brands with high-performance metrics, which means both delivers higher value for the money.

1A – Aromis Aromatherapy Diffuser


The design for this best Nebulizer diffuser is esthetically pleasing, and will compliment any modern decor.

The glass shaped design of this aromatherapy diffuser means you have to handle it with care.

This brand uses no water, just cold vapor. You can be assured the healing properties of your essential oil will be preserved during dispersion.

The base is made from solid wood, and you can be assured that no artificial, toxic or plastic material will come in contact with oils before or during dispersion.

This Nebulizer oil diffuser from Aromis has an adjustable mechanism you can use to maintain regular aroma intensity.

The performance of the built-in timer is unique in itself. The ten minutes intervals of the timer are ideal for consumers looking for an essential oil Nebulizer diffuser that can self-monitor itself.

Aromis Aromatherapy Diffuser is capable of filling a 30′ x 30′ space with the scent of your favorite essential oil aroma.

Best of all, from all the Nebulizing diffuser reviews we looked at, this is one of the brands with several videos explaining how to setup and care for the unit.

How to use Video

1B – doTERRA Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


This is another good essential oil Nebulizer diffuser brand with a higher price tag. The design is more traditional and some might mistake it for a small heater.

This top essential oil diffuser from doTERRA uses unique cold fusion technology to preserve all the natural essence and therapeutic benefits of your essential oil.

Once you turn it on, you only get to witness micro-fine vapor from this best aromatherapy diffuser.

Apart from having a built-in timer, it also comes with features that provide a defense against airborne bacteria and viruses.

This Nebulizing diffuser for essential oils comes with complete cleaning instructions, which can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

2 – Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers are the most common type you’ll find in the marketplace.

An ultrasonic oil diffuser is designed to use ultrasonic energy to break down the essential oil put into it.

The aroma of the oil is then evaporated into the atmosphere as mist. Even the best ultrasonic diffuser will need water to effectively function.

Some of the healing properties of your essential oil might be lost during the creation and dispersion of the cool mist.

Be careful what type of essential oil you put into your ultrasonic aroma diffuser, as an erosion of some of the parts might occur due to the addition of water.


Some of the ultrasonic diffusers are designed to be used as humidifiers during the cold winter months.

Even the cheapest ultrasonic diffuser will make less noise than any highly rated Nebulizer diffuser.

From what we gathered for this ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser reviews, they’re certainly more affordable than Nebulizing diffusers.

If you’re seeking best ultrasonic diffuser, there are many brands, options and models to choose from, as compared to other types.


The addition of water into the oil mix will reduce some of the healing powers of your essential oil.

Some of the users of ultrasonic oil diffusers have complained about the longer cleaning period, and most will not recommend using citrus essential oils in them.

Best Ultrasonic Diffuser

While there are many models of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers to select from, here are the two best brands we thought would deliver great value for the money.

2A – Calily Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


The picture for this aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser explains clearly some of the benefits of buying this essential oil dispersion unit.

First of all, it quite affordable! It is designed to emit soothing soft mist swirls.

It has an auto shut-off feature! It is cool and safe to touch while it is operating.

The small footprint design will compliment any home, spa or office. It can be used effectively to service an area as large as 250 Sq. Ft.

The therapeutic feature comes with seven soothing colors that can enhance your mood.

This best aroma diffuser is as quiet as can be, and requires no filters or distilled water to operate.

Regular tap water is all you need, and a full tank can operate for about four hours.

2B – BellaSentials Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

BellaSentials aromatherapy diffuser is quite simple to operate. It has an awkward round bowl like shape, with the dispersion hole right in the middle.

On a full water tank, it will run for 8 hours straight if you put the settings at high, or 12 hours if you select the low mode setting.

This brand of essential oil ultrasonic diffuser from BellaSentials will shut itself off once the water in the tank is depleted.

The embedded 7 rotating soothing colors can be turned on or off with the manual switch.

The good news is that it is backed by a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

3 – Evaporative Diffusers

This is as plain as a diffuser can get, and you do not have many models to select from. It is simply a set of pads with the oil resting on it. The evaporation of the oil will occur due to the heat.

It is not the best type to use if you want to preserve most of the healing properties found in your essential oil.

Most of the basic aromatherapy diffusers will have a fan embedded within to blow the heated oil elements into the atmosphere.


It is more appropriate for a smaller living space. Another big advantage is their low cost.

Most are portable and can be moved around quite easily.


The essential oil is broken into light and heavy elements during dispersion. The lighter elements are dispersed first into the atmosphere.

This will significantly cut down the essential oil healing value. Another drawback is the shorter running times.

Heat diffusers

The functionality of these devices is as simple as can be. The essential oil is heated and the vapors produced are dispersed around the room.

While most units will produce sufficient fragrance in your living space, the chemical composition of the oil will be negatively affected.

This type is just as basic as the evaporative diffusers.


The lower price tag is certainly one of the adorable selling points. You’ll find more essential oils to use with this type, especially the cheaper scientifically created ones.


The heating will affect the healing properties of the essential oil used. Too much heat compromises the quality of the essential oil.

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