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Using Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

Of both sexes, it is men who usually grow so much hair on the nose. The sad thing is it can also happen to women and can provide an unsightly appearance. Because of this, a nose hair trimmer for women was devised.

It should be remembered that nasal hair has its purpose. It prevents dust and germs from getting inside the body through the nose and settling on the lungs and airways.

Should this happen, it will bring life-threatening respiratory problems. But this does not mean that nasal hair has to be visible because it can be trimmed to minimize visibility.

People usually get a pair of tweezers and pluck the hair from the nose. This is not advisable because this can cause watery eyes and the possibility of the nose bleeding thus becoming infected.

Using scissors is not recommended because this may cause injury on the nose instead.

A hair removal cream is also not advisable because it contains harsh chemicals not suitable for the sensitivity of the nose. The safer and effective option is using an electric nose hair trimmer.

When you use the nose trimmer, you should first read the manual so that you would know how to use it correctly.

There are also tips on proper and effective usage of this device inside the manual.

To effectively and thoroughly trim nasal hair, get in front of a well-lighted mirror. Ideally, the mirror should have magnifying capabilities.

If you do not have this type of mirror, go to your bathroom and light it well. You can also go to a part of your house that has fluorescent lighting.

Ladies nose hair trimmer Guide

Prior to using the trimmer, get a wet and warm washcloth and clean your nose with it. This shall take off debris or dirt inside the nostrils.

You can also blow your nose so as to remove dirt and at the same time minimize a sneezing reflex when you trim your nasal hair.

Place the trimmer inside your nostrils and turn this on. Start trimming the lower hairs until they are not visible anymore when you look ahead.

Pull your nose’s tip with your fingers and turn them sideways so as to trim hair in the areas that are hard to reach. Trim from the nostril’s frontal edge and to the middle of the nose.

After a couple of minutes of trimming your hair, take a break. This shall minimize the sneezing reflex especially if it becomes too strong.

If you find your eyes watering, this is normal so you do not have to get worried. When you are through, wipe away excess hair that has fallen from your nose and landed on other parts of your face.

Your electric nose trimmer may also be used in removing hair from your other body parts such as your ears and neck.

Protruding nasal hair can be very unattractive and can minimize the beauty of a woman.

If you have a problem of too much nasal hair, buy a nose hair trimmer for women as this can trim away hair without the pain and injury.

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