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The Best Bug Zappers for Getting Rid of Both Indoor and Outdoor Pesky Flying Insects

It is quite annoying to be disturbed by pesky flying insect’s right in your own backyard. Recently, I found myself swearing out loud that unless they started paying part of the mortgage I am going to find a way to permanently get rid of them.

My next door neighbor heard me and wished me good luck with sarcasm in his voice. He knew full well the difficulties involved in trying to get rid of flying insects including mosquitos.

What Attracts Insects?

Before I get to the right answer to the question of do bug zappers work? It is quite obvious that bugs, flying insects, mosquitos, or whatever other names you care to call them are attracted by certain things you keep around your home.

While most people are concerned about bites from mosquitos, there are other bugs that can give you a bite mark you’ll not soon forget. From experience, mosquitos are attracted to any pool of dirty water, certain skin odors, certain fragrances, etc.

Those that track and study deadly mosquitos also confirmed they’re attracted to carbon monoxide and the scent of a late term pregnant woman. So before you rush out and buy a product that’s marketed as the best mosquito killer look around your home and get rid of all the stuff that might attract them in the first place.

Before I deployed my own outdoor bug zapper I had to eliminate several of my small flower pots where I grew different types of flowers before moving them to bigger pots. I discovered a few bug nest burrowed inside the trees in my backyard and hired someone to get rid of the bug nest.

This was shocking, for certain bugs are attracted to certain lights, especially the very bright ones. I changed a few light bulbs to ones that were less bright and intense. I bought two indoor and outdoor flying insects zappers and that created the space I needed to finally start enjoying my home and backyard space.

The bugs that annoy you and keep you trapped indoors could care less that you’re mad, and not going to take it anymore. The only thing that would get rid of them is consistent right action.

The mistake most people make is to just get a zapper for flying insects without first looking around the property to eliminate what’s attracting them in the first place. Trust me, if the bugs have nest or infestation spots around your property, even the best bug zappers would not get rid of them.

It’s like leaving food around that rats love to eat and expect them not to show up just because you have a few rodent traps. Flying insects like most animals are much smarter than humans give them credit, which is why you can never eliminate all of them. I sense they were here before us, and will remain after the last human is gone.

Types of Bug Zappers

Based on my analysis, bug zappers can be divided into two types; electronic insect zappers, and battery operated insect zappers.

Electronic Insect Zappers

The main distinction with this type is that they’re designed to use some form of electricity to get the unit to function properly. Some are made to look like your everyday lamp, while others are made to look like tennis rackets. The ones that look like tennis rackets require some form of human effort to function.

Battery Operated Insect Zappers

From my close analysis, most of the brands that are designed to work with batteries have similar look as the ones using electric. Keep in mind, the battery operated models require you keep track of the battery life if you want flawless operation of the insect eliminator.

The Best Bug Zappers

Do bug zappers work on mosquitoes? From what I have done and the type of bug zappers I deployed in my own backyard to get rid of those annoying insects, the answer is a definite yes. One of the main benefits from getting rid of the flying insects outdoors is the fact that any indoor insect problems you might have will be substantially diminished.

The brands found in this bug zapper reviews should not be looked at as the complete list of high performing insect eliminators, but I had to make a judgment call as to the brands with the most value for the money

1 – Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

This is the ultimate product for controlling both indoor and outdoor flying insects that can disturb the peaceful enjoyment of your dwelling. The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat is quite expensive but can be called one of the best bug zappers available for purchase online without any hesitation.

It uses powerful 120-watts ultraviolet lights to lure insects into its orbit before zapping them dead for good. When used outdoors it is capable of protecting up to 2 acres, from flying insects. For indoors, this pest eliminator can cover up to 1,200 square feet of living space.

This product can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The collection tray for the dead insects is removable and can be washed easily. The outer shell of the Flowtron 8800 Diplomat is constructed from highly rated heavy-duty plastic that’s rugged for both outdoor and indoor use.

The electronic grid found in this bug zapper is coated with chrome, which enhances the 360-degree protection it offers against all pesky flying insects. This is the bug zapper I installed in my own home and it did a marvelous job outdoors, which made me buy another one for the indoors instead of moving one around.

This device for controlling flying insects has very bright lights, but incredibly effective at totally eliminating the pesky flying bugs within your environment. When first installed, you should give it a few minutes as swarms of flying insects will be attracted to the bright powerful ultraviolet lights.

After the first night, expect to clean out the tray containing many dead insects. Afterward, expect to catch less and less flying bugs as most will simply stay away from your home for good. The Flowtron FC-8800 is the most powerful indoor and outdoor flying insects eliminator without any doubt.

2 – Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

While the Aspectek insect killer is an outstanding unit, it is only designed for use indoors. A friend of mine with a condo in Florida uses one to keep the annoying mosquitos from drinking her blood on a nightly basis. It uses 20-watt ultraviolet bulbs to attract the flying insects before zapping them for good.

If you want a chemically free product for controlling those pesky flying bugs within your living space, this bug zapper will not disappoint. While it is not as powerful as the Flowtron FC-8800, it is also not as expensive for those seeking a cheaper alternative for indoor flying insect’s control.

The Aspectek electronic indoor insect killer comes with a wire chain for hanging or you can simply set it up on a flat surface. It has a removable tray for the dead insects, which means all the dead flying insects residue can be washed off easily.

3 – Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

If you go by the name alone, this pest controller is worthy of your consideration. It is an electronic bug zapper from a company called Pest Sentry. It uses ultra-violet 20-watt electric bulbs to attract flies, moths, mosquitos, and other biting insects, before killing them.

It is designed for outdoor use only, provided the conditions are dry. Simply means, do not let water get inside the unit. This bug zapper from Pest Sentry meets or exceeds the following product certification marks RoHS, CE & GS.

The outer enclosure is made from corrosion proof materials, which makes the insect eliminator safe for use around people and most household pets. The zapped insects are collected in a removable tray that can also be easily washed.

The aluminum body and the stainless steel hand chain provides durability, which guarantees the outdoor electronic flying insects eliminator would last for many years with basic care routine. It is capable of protecting an area as large as 861 square feet and weighs about 3.5 pounds.

4 – BugzOff Electric Fly Swatter Racket

I am sure you know what a tennis racket looks like, for this bug zapper looks exactly like one. While some have called it the best zapper for flies, it requires human help to get it to perform effortlessly. From my experience battling flying insects, they’re much more nimble and faster than humans, especially if they sense your intention, which is to kill them for good.

The electro mesh embedded within the racket helps to zap both indoor and outdoor insects with just one swoop. I have my doubt if this bug eliminator would have made a difference in my backyard. The fact that this bug zapper is designed to operate manually is a drawback to its effectiveness.

I can just imagine the hordes of mosquitoes approaching your lounging chair and as you move to get your hands on the BugzOff electric fly swatter racket, they all fly away at high speeds. While you wait patiently for the nasty blood suckers to approach you again, you’re met with eerie silence.

In my humble opinion, this tennis racket looking bug zapper is too much work and would impact negatively your desire to enjoy your home without constantly been on the lookout for pesky insects.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that some of the most effective bug zappers are designed for indoor use and should never be used outdoors during any rainy day. Before installing a product to permanently eliminate outdoor flying insects you must try your best to identify and get rid of their nest.

If you have trees around your home look closely at the trunks to make sure the nest for the nasty flying bugs is not burrowed within. Deadly mosquitos prefer the comfort of a pool of water, especially the dirty ones. I had to get rid of a flower pot that attracted more mosquitos than I could count.

It is only after making the required bug nest elimination would an outdoor flying insect zapper help keep them away from your home. Like I said before, you do not get rid of rats by constantly leaving the foods they love around.

A good bug zapper would help you get rid of both indoor and outdoor flying insects provided you’ve done your part to remove the flying insect attracting factors.

I tried to bring you products with high customer feedbacks in this bug zapper reviews. In my opinion, the best bug zappers with an approval rating of 80% or more are worthy of your consideration. The four brands reviewed met those criteria with flying colors.

Judith Gentle-Plant

Judith Gentle-Plant

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