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The Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Women

I thought it would be easy to find a good pair of running shoes to give me better arch support, but some of the reviews available online were self-serving at best. A good friend sent me the most current list of the top 10 running shoes for women and that was the motivation for this review.

Despite my best efforts, some of the designs looked so similar, and through diligence and some false steps, I learned about the sneakers industry and the brands geared towards women’s feet.

When you look at all the sports related activities one can use to stay in shape or lose weight running delivers far better results including cardiovascular benefits. You can choose to run on a treadmill or hit the pavement or park roads to get your feet moving in the right direction.

Regardless of how often you choose to run, one thing remains constant, you need a good pair of running shoes for the right arch support while protecting your feet as you increase your strides.

Anatomically speaking, there is no denying the fact that both men and women have different feet structure. This article will be exploring some of the best running shoes for women, with the pros and cons of the good, affordable brands.

Women’s Running Shoes Reviews

Some of the women’s sneakers reviewed I have owned in the past, and the others were selected based on the opinions of good female friends that love running and staying in shape. It is one thing to buy a good pair of running shoes, and then constantly utilize them on a regular basis.

The brands that made it to this top ten sneakers for women list have clearly identifiable superior performance metrics based on feedbacks from existing users, co-workers, friends, and fitness enthusiast that I connect with on a regular basis.

Every woman should at least have three pairs of good sneakers and each geared towards these activities; running, walking, and everyday wear. Keep that in mind as you look for a good and affordable pair of running shoes geared towards the unique needs of a woman’s feet.

In 2016, and probably for several more years to come, the top running shoes for women are:

1 – Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 32

If you live on planet earth, I am sure you’ve heard about the company called Nike, and they’re famous for making many sports related products including excellent running shoes for ladies feet. Nike zoom odyssey women’s sneaker is available for purchase in 27 different colors.

The wire mesh design of the Nike air zoom odyssey is quite impressive and comes with a rubber sole for the right type of underfoot support while running on a treadmill or on the road.


It has a good responsive cushioning system and provides lightweight support to help you run faster. Simply means, each stride will help increase your acceleration.

To make sure your feet is comfortable while running, the upper mesh material is breathable.

Based on my experience, the arch support from this sneaker is very good and the lightweight design might make you forget you’re wearing one especially during long distance running.

Best of all the features, the foam insole is removable, which was how I kept my pair clean and odor free.


The only con I can think of is the crazy and unfair pricing, which can be higher or lower based on your feet size and the color you choose to purchase. On the other hand, the different pricing might favor you based on your preferred color and size.

Bottom Line:

Nike is the creator of the famous “Just Do It” slogan and you can find their products in all countries in the world. The Nike women’s air zoom Pegasus 32 not only looks good but the fact that the manufacturer is the leading athletic footwear brand is also a good reason to own one.

2 – Champion Women’s Gusto Runner Review

If you’re looking for good cheap running shoes for women this product from Champion is worthy of consideration. It is quite appealing and can be purchased in 8 different colors. Looking through other champion women’s gusto runner review, this brand is owned by Hanes.com.

Apart from the upper breathable mesh design the other materials are derived from pure fabric and comes with a memory foam insole. I bought one for my daughter and it is just as durable looking as the one reviewed above from Nike.


To ensure comfort while walking or running, the Champion Gusto shoe has a padded collar. Not only is it cushioned, but the inside lining is also made from softer materials.

The breathable upper mesh setup ensures your feet will remain both cool and dry, regardless of the length and pace of your distance running.

Other features that help with comfort include memory foam insole and flexible outsole that is designed not to mark the floors as you increase your strides.


This might not be a con against the quality of the Champion Women’s Gusto running shoe but the website of the manufacturer is slow and poorly designed.

Also, a few of the current users suggested you buy a pair one size bigger than your actual size. An old friend of mine loves this brand and she bought size 8.5 despite the fact she normally wears a size 8.

Bottom Line:

If you’re not into brand names, this cheap running shoe is lightweight and will help you increase your pace while providing the right comfort and protection for your feet. It is suggested by the manufacturer you use a damp sponge to keep the upper fabric clean. You should consider using a rain and stain guard to protect it from the elements.

3 – Asics Women’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe

I am not a fan of the looks or the design, but a good friend always wears one to our track meet and she swears it as comfortable as can be. Why should I take her word for the product, she runs so comfortably and not once did I hear her complain about aches or pains in her feet during or after running.

The women’s GEL-Contend 3 running shoe comes in 8 unique colors and many different sizes. The manufacturer claims it is ideal for those new to running activities or low-mileage runners.


The exterior contains materials that will increase visibility even in low light conditions.

It comes with a patented Gel cushioning system to minimize any impacting shock, which ensures better acceleration as you increase your pace.

It is lightweight due to the rubber sole and comes with a sock liner that can be removed with ease.


This is another manufacturer with different pricing based on your choice of color and size. Few users complained it did not offer the right arch support. It is suggested the shoe is more appropriate for walking rather than running.

Bottom Line:

From the feedbacks, I looked at and the opinions of fitness trainers I come in contact with on a regular basis, this product should be on any top 10 running shoes for women list. The unique cushioning system will help keep shocks from impacting your training negatively, and the sock liner is removable, which is good for runners that use any type of orthotics.

4 – Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe Review

Do not let the odd sounding name fool you, for this is a good shoe for women that enjoy walking or running. The features will satisfy the needs of both the novice and experienced runners. Salomon road running shoes uses the latest in outer sole technology to ensure comfort as you increase your pace.


The Salomon Women’s XR Mission running shoe is lightweight and yet rugged enough to handle the hazards of short or long distance running.

It has an upper breathable mesh design, which helps with moisture reduction.

Your feet will rest on a comfortable footbed that is made out of soft foam materials, which ultimately leads to less friction.


It is annoying, to say the least, but what you pay will be determined by your feet size and color selection. I get a feeling they charge more for popular colors and sizes. It is quite pricey, but the awkward selection process might benefit some female buyers.

Bottom Line:

The Salomon Women’s XR can be purchased in 5 different unique colors. Based on other feedbacks from fitness enthusiasts, the shoe itself is flexible and yet durable, and can be safely used on any type of running road surfaces.

The unique design of the laces allows you to tighten it with just one pull. To make it a title contender for the best running shoes for women, it comes with a pocket to keep the laces out of your way.

5 – Saucony Women’s Cohesion 9 Running Shoe

The Women’s Cohesion 9 from Saucony is made in 7 different colors and it is quite affordable, but certainly not the cheapest running shoe for women. Saucony is a well-known brand and I do own a pair. I can testify that it is also very good for walking, especially if you’re on your feet all day.


It has just the right amount of underfoot protection and you’ll hardly feel the impact of any rough terrain you’re running on. The manufacturer claims the sneaker contains compressing materials to negate the impact of the feet and running surface.

t is one of the best sneakers for women seeking the right arch support while running. The upper fabric is made from breathable materials, which guarantees less moisture even as you increase your long distance training.


Just so you know, it is not water resistant neither is it waterproofed. Few of the current users found the shoe not to be flexible enough during running.

Bottom Line:

If you want a cheaper brand of running shoes the Cohesion 9 from Saucony will not disappoint. The cushioning is just right, and you can wear it all day long with feeling any discomfort.

6 – Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 6 Review

This Under Armour (UA) running shoe for women is available for purchase in 11 different colors and comes with an extremely comfortable cushioning system, which will satisfy all types of runners. At a recent run through my local park, I counted several women wearing this brand and the design and color combination is quite appealing to the eyes.


The UA micro g assert 6 women’s running shoe has a breathable mesh design. It is lightweight due to the use of outer rubber sole. From the examination of other Under Armour micro g assert 6 reviews found online, it offers greater stability even as you increase your running pace.


Few users complained it’s not appropriate for women runners with wider feet, but the vast majority gave it thumbs up for enabling comfort during walks or runs on most road surfaces.

Bottom Line:

While Under Armour is making strides in trying to catch up to Nike, they still have a lot of grounds to cover. It is a good brand that is worthy of your consideration and most of the current users love the product.

7 – Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10 Review

Most people are not aware that this was the original company that used to make Nike sneakers when the company started in 1964. The Asics Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 10 running shoe is lightweight and contains a mid-sole to help enhance your strides. It is available for purchase in 9 unique color combinations.


This company is far older than Nike and they know how to build durable sneakers for women. The unique design style will allow the shoe to hug the foot as you run or walk.

The cushioning system is capable of limiting the impact of shocks even on rough terrains. It also comes with a perforated sock liner that will add to your comfort as you run in these shoes.


The biggest gripe among customers that gave it lower rating has to do with the sizing. Some complained the sizing was not right, so be sure to buy one size larger than what you normally wear. Also, the pricing will be influenced by your color and size selection.

Bottom Line:

This is the company that first made the original Nike shoes, and it offers a women’s feet all the comfort she needs while running or walking. Some of my athletic friends insist this top running shoe for women will last longer than any Nike brand name sneaker.

8 – Adidas Performance Women’s Vigor 6 TR Trail Running Shoe

It is quite hard to find a top ten list of the best rated running shoes women with this brand name not showing up. The Adidas Vigor 6 TR women’s running shoe can be purchased in three unique colors. The design style is modern looking, while the color combinations increase the eye appeal of the product.


The breathable mesh design guarantees less moisture creation as you run. It has a heel pull tab and the lace-up closure gives it an added nice touch.

It is lightweight due to the materials used and the inclusion of fabric lining ensures a comfortable feel as you increase your pace while walking or running.


The biggest disadvantage is the permanent insole setup unlike the earlier models with a removable insole. This makes it more difficult to use any type of prescription orthotics.

Bottom Line:

Despite the lack of a removal insole, these women running shoe from Adidas has eye appeal and quite comfortable to wear. The feedbacks from most of the existing users lean towards the positive.

9 – Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe

This is another high-end sneaker brand for women into running on a regular basis. One of the best selling features is the inclusion of internal straps that is capable of hugging your foot as you run.


It has a spring cushioning setup that ensures stability and comfort either while running or walking. It is recommended you buy half-size up to get a perfect fit.


If you buy online, deal with only reputable sellers for there are quite a few fake ones out there. The lack of precise sizing is another concern, but just buy one-half size bigger than your normal needs.

Bottom Line:

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 11 running shoe comes in 7 different colors and the pricing is largely determined by your size and color combination selection.

10 – Brooks Women’s Ravenna 6

I kept hearing so many people say good things about this sneakers, so I decided to include it among the top 10 running shoes for ladies. While it looks durable and stable, the design in my humble opinion does not have the “wow” factor.


The use of an insole board cushioning system provides the needed stability as you walk or run on all terrains. You can find your own color among the 8 color combinations offered.


It is pricey, to say the least, and you’ll pay more for popular sizes and colors, which was not what I expected.

Bottom Line:

The design for the sneaker from Brooks that’s geared towards the needs of women is not extraordinary for the asking price. As a regular runner, I have encountered this brand with two runners and they both gave it high marks for comfort and stability.

Judith Gentle-Plant

Judith Gentle-Plant

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