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How to Choose the Best Baby Wipes Even for Newborns with Sensitive Skin

The moment your baby is born you assume humongous responsibilities to keep that newly formed human being alive. A newborn is fragile in more ways than one, and it requires careful nurturing to raise that baby into adulthood. One thing babies are notorious for is making messes, including poop.

As simple as it might sound, some guys would not know the difference between baby wipes without chemicals and those containing tons of toxic fragrances. The instinct of a new mom is to seek out the products that would nurture and keep the newborn well and growing at a rapid rate.

The decision as to which baby wipes to use should not be taken lightly in this global economy. Before we get into the details of the best all natural baby wipes even if your baby came to this earth with sensitive skin, let’s explore some of the buying metrics you’ll have to navigate through.

Should You Buy a Brand Name Baby Wipes or Generic?

Top brand names in the baby wipes industry include Huggies, Pampers, Luv’s, Charmin, and others. It is also true that the big retailers are now creating their own brands of the same products to sell it for sell.

Inside Costco you’ll find Kirkland brands, at Amazon, you’ll find AmazonBasics, and there are other examples to drive home the point. Where do you think the big retailers get their stuff from? Probably from the same supplier that bring you the top name brand of baby wipes.

Most times, the brand name baby wipes will cost you more than a generic brand. Is it worth paying extra for a disposable product that is used at an alarming rate to keep babies clean? That is your decision to make as a parent, and reading the rest of this article will provide the proper understanding to help you make the right decision.

Organic Vs Non-Organic Baby Wipes

For many years now, I bought mostly organic food ingredients and my twenty sick-free years can be traced to what I choose to put inside my body. I have also noticed that the word organic is now been thrown around to confuse and fleece customers from their hard earned money.

The term organic used to be only applied to food stuff, but now it is embedded into every marketing scheme. I recently saw a bedding that the manufacturer claims is made from organic materials. Please, give me a break!

Having said all that, it is true that some baby wipes contain chemicals you might consider toxic in normal circumstances. Do not buy your baby wipes because it was made from organic materials, for you should make your buying decision based on what you think is right, and your financial capabilities.

Should you only buy best organic baby wipes? I have a good friend and she buys the best of everything for her newborn son, but I still consider her a bad parent due to the other stuff she does. She refuses to breastfeed her baby, she smokes both cigarettes and weed around the baby and other bad activities.

What you do around your baby and how you interact with your newborn is far more important than the brand of wipes you will be using to wipe away poop. If you can afford it, buy organic baby wipes, if not, the other brands are just as effective.

Is it better to Get Scent or Unscented?

Deciding if you want your baby wipes to be scented or unscented is one of those decisions you’ll have to make to fit into your baby rearing ways. A newly born baby poop will not smell that bad if at all, but as they get older and start eating some of the food stuff humans eat, you might be wise to invest in baby wipes that are scented with natural fragrances.

It is also true that some of the scented baby wipes contain few chemicals that might not be all that good for your baby’s skin, especially for a newborn. This will be a judgment call, so I would urge you to try out both scented and unscented best baby wipes to determine which one performs better.

It is better to Buy Baby Wipes that can be flushed?

Flushable baby wipes is another trend that is creating confusion among parents. Most of your baby wipes should not be flushed down the toilet unless you want to clog up your septic pipe.

There are brands of baby wipes that are made from softer materials, which makes them flushable like regular toilet paper. Should you pay more for a brand with this feature? Probably not worth it in my opinion, but you might have more money than I thought?

Why You Need a Baby Wipe Case

A baby case for wipes is cheap and will be used to hold the wipes in place, If your baby wipe is embedded with any type of liquid ingredient, it will last much longer and not dry out if neatly arranged inside a baby wipes case.

There are different sizes for baby wipe cases. Some will accommodate dozens of wipes while others are designed to hold just a few baby wipes. This is a cheap product that will make your life easier as a mom or dad, so just get one or two to hold your baby’s wipes depending on your activity for the day.

Best Baby Wipes Reviews

Now that you’ve decided if you want an organic or non-organic brand, you will also have to choose between very thick wipes and those that are light enough to be flushed down the toilet. With dozens of brands competing for your dollars, some of the wild claims become self-serving if you want to know the truth.

Within this baby wipes, reviews are products with very high-performance metrics based on feedbacks from existing users and sales figures. You might have to try out several brands to discover the right one for your baby’s skin.

Also, I have included baby wipes that come as refill packs, so be sure to also buy a durable case to hold them. The baby wipe case pictured above will serve your needs with distinction, and it is not that expensive.

1 – Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Since this is one of the premier manufacturers of baby diapers it makes sense that they would also make top rated baby wipes. In fact, they have several models trying to dominate the market. Remember, this is the refill pack, so you would need a good baby wipe case to make it work most efficiently for you.

You get 648 baby wipes in the packaging, and it is not only unscented but also Hypoallergenic. The manufacturer claims it is one of the best all natural baby wipes containing vitamin E and Aloe.

Huggies natural care baby wipes are gentle and yet powerful enough to clean up your baby’s mess with one swipe, due to the three layer design. This baby cleaning product from Huggies is free of alcohol, Parabens, and fragrance.

2 – Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes is made by that giant online retailer that most Americans love. You can buy one in three versions scented, unscented, or sensitive. The scented version comes with a floral scent that is not overpowering.

The manufacturer claims the water used in making this baby wipe was purified to pharmaceutical-grade, so it is guaranteed clean and be gentle on your little one’s skin. To help soothe your baby’s skin, green tea oil, cucumber extract, and aloe was added to the formula.

The wipes are not flushable and should be disposed of accordingly, best to include used ones with your regular garbage. The fact that it is a product made for Amazon, you can be sure you’re getting one of the best wipes for newborns one can buy online for less.

The Amazon Elements baby wipes are free of Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Bronopol, Dyes, or Alcohol.

3 – WaterWipes Baby Wipes

This is one of the most expensive baby wipes among all the brands reviewed in this article. If you can afford it, this is the brand that can claim it is truly 100% chemical free. The manufacturer of this organic baby wipes claims it is made using only water and fruit extracts.

If your newborn have sensitive skin or you just want the best product that is eco-friendly, this baby wipes from a company called WaterWipes will not disappoint. With such a short ingredients list, you can be sure it is free of fragrance.

The WaterWipes baby wipe is called one of the world’s purest baby products by some of the existing users. This is a high-quality baby product that will not disturb the delicate natural balance of your baby’s skin, but the pricing is definitely a hindrance to more parents giving it a try.

4 – Bloom +Kind Jumbo Sensitive Baby Wipes

Another baby wipes brand that is almost as expensive as the one reviewed above is from a manufacturer called Bloom +Kind. It is made using a plant based formula, and also hypoallergenic. A good selling feature is that this wipe is good for all skin type, even sensitive ones.

It is free of known carcinogens like alcohol, formaldehyde carriers, Parabens, and Chlorine. The Bloom +Kind jumbo sensitive baby wipes are made right here in the United States of America in an FDA regulated facility that is also free of wheat, gluten, and nuts processing.

5 – Pampers Sensitive Wipes

The Pampers sensitive wipes are made by the same company that makes pampers diapers. Not only is this product tested by dermatologists, it is also free of perfume and Hypoallergenic. Based on the available sales data, this is the baby wipes preferred by most hospitals almost two to one as compared to the closest competitor.

This company also make pamper regular baby wipes that are not as thick as this one. It was certainly a shock to discover it is the brand used by most hospitals in the United States and Canada. Despite the claim of being a sensitive baby wipe, it is not completely free of chemicals.

6 – Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes

This is an unscented baby wipe from a manufacturer called Seventh Generation. The maker claims it is free and clear of most known carcinogens like Parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, dyes, and phthalates.

Not only is this baby wipe from Seventh Generation thick and strong, it is also capable of wiping away your baby’s mess with just one swipe. It is non-toxic and Hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for use on even newborns with sensitive skin.

Judith Gentle-Plant

Judith Gentle-Plant

As a mom with three kids, I have insights into issues concerning infant health and behaviors that most writers could only research. Within the last few years I have gotten used to exploring mother-nature, and most of my reviews will be coming at you from that angle.
Judith Gentle-Plant
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