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Is Your Drinking Water Safe? The List of Pollutants and the Effects on the Population

I once asked a friend if he ever considered there were pollutants in his drinking water. He had that surprised look in his eyes as he moved towards the kitchen sink to get a cup of water to prove I did not know what I was talking about.

My friend is an accountant and most of them look at things through the lenses of facts and convincing evidence. I knew without any doubt that the water coming out of his tap is full of contaminants, but I needed a way to prove it to him.

I Bought him a durable tap water filtration system and gave it to him on his birthday, which happened to be a week after his initial challenge to show prove of the public water pollutants. I took the time to do the installation myself and waited about two hours before the gunk materialized.

Due to the celebratory atmosphere at his place and the number of guest around, it took almost 8-hours before we examined the filter underneath his sink. The shock in his eyes when he saw the dark residue of the filtered pollutants from the public water system sent him into panic mode.

His reaction was shocking and unexpected, but my good friend hired a water filtration expert to install a giant filter at the source of the public water coming into his home, and he also installed an equipment to alkaline the water itself before use.

The whole process he took to turn his public water into good drinking water worked like a charm, and some of you might be wandering if the public drinking water coming into your home is safe? From the information I gathered and from my own personal test and experience, it is not.

You might be wandering why most of our tax paying citizens do not complain, simply because the pollutants cannot be seen with the naked eye. So that water from your faucet that looks clean is actually polluted with different types of nasty elements, and I suspect it is one of the main reasons more people are getting sick.

Is Your Drinking Water Safe

What Causes Water Pollution?

You might be shocked to find out the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not as powerful as most people think. Through political infighting and other shenanigans, this federal agency that is tasked with watching over our nation’s drinking water supply is actually toothless to say the least.

If the EPA were to really do its job, some of the pollutants found in our drinking water would not be there and the responsible industry brought to justice. Some of the most popular causes of water polluting are:

Use of Herbicides and Insecticides

When you pour fertilizer or lawn care chemicals on your beautiful yard, where do you think the water ends up at? Right underground and into your cities water supply.

You might consider your contribution to the mess tiny, but multiply that by millions of homes and you start to get the nasty picture of how these type of pollutants end up in our drinking water. If you live in a city with several golf courses, some of the chemicals can be traced to each of the golf course.

Residue from Livestock Operations

It takes a lot of manpower and chemicals to raise cows, pigs, chickens and horses before they’re slaughtered as meat to satisfy America’s carnivorous appetite. Just consider the millions of pounds of animal waste accumulated at all livestock locations within your city, where do you think most of the waste ends up at, right into your city’s public water supply source.

The disgusting ways animals are treated, raised, and slaughtered, would turn you into a vegetarian if you were to observe it for just a few days.

Since livestock farmers cannot raise the animals fast enough, most have resorted to using chemicals to fatten the animals up, and some of the chemicals are excreted as waste, while the rest is digested by humans convinced they’re eating a balanced meal.

You probably would not want to live too close to any livestock raising and slaughtering center, for the stench would dry you nuts.

All the Waste from Food Processing Plants

Most of the junk food Americans love to buy and eat create a lot of waste during processing, which eventually ends up in any nearby water supply source. The waste from soft drinks bottling plants, large scale bakery operations, beer manufacturing plants, etc., produces tons of waste that eventually finds their way back into our water supply source.

Detergents Used By Households and Industry

Whenever you use detergents to keep your clothes looking clean, some of the waste generated goes straight into our water supply. Now, can you imagine the waste created by the thousands of Laundromats, dry cleaning facilities, and other establishments? The pollutants created by these niche industries contributes immensely to our poor drinking water supply source.

Old Water Carrying Pipes

Do you know that in some cities in America, the underground pipes that carry the water are so old that some are now leaching lead into the water before reaching the consumer? The recent incident in Michigan is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many cities in America have the same lead levels in their drinking water, but there is a concerted effort by both the politicians and industry to not tell Americans the real truth.

The list of pollutants found in our drinking water can be lengthy, so you should consider the above mentioned list just a brief introduction to the carcinogens present in our drinking water.

Water Filtration Process

Contrary to what some might think, your government does not have unlimited supply of funds. Good water filtration plants cost money and the really good ones can be quite expensive to run. The trend now among state governments across America is to privatize the water supply and make the users pay for it.

Slowly, but surely, most of the water supply lines in America are been sold to private organizations, which is one of the reasons your water bills have gone up tremendously. If the government really cared about its people, all the pollutants can be filtered out before it is delivered to most homes.

The pipes carrying the water can also be replaced with newer pipes that will not leach lead or other toxic chemicals into the water supply, but it requires wise allocation of available tax dollars. I am pretty sure that the billions of dollars wasted in Iraq could have been better used to rebuild our infrastructure, including making our water supply free of pollutants.

But as always, Americans are not paying attention to what is really going on, while spending wasted hours on social media sites doing childish things. The water supply in your city would not get better unless citizens wake up from their dream like state and start asking their politicians the right questions about what is really going on.

For those of you still in denial that your city’s water supply is fine, buy a cheap water filter and give it just a few hours to witness the accumulation of gunk you’ve been drinking all these years. I suspect some of the increase in major diseases can be traced to the pollutants in our drinking water.

You can do your own test and find the right filtration methods to protect your family, or you can continue to pretend that all is well with your city’s water supply until you or your siblings get sick. It is a problem that would only get worse, until the voting citizens start demanding answers from the politicians in charge.

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