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Take on the Daily Challenges of Life with Foods Rich in Iron & Calcium

Six Foods Rich in Calcium that Can Make You Stand Tall

Having a healthy intake of calcium daily benefits all of us in some ways we might not even know. Some facts might even surprise you on how foods rich in calcium can improve and maintain our health.

Having a normal intake of calcium of around 1000 to 1300mg is not only essential in keeping our bones and teeth strong. It does not only prevent osteoporosis; it also helps us avoid high blood pressure, colon cancer, and kidney stones. So let’s explore 6 foods rich in calcium.

Six Foods Rich in Calcium that Can Make You Stand Tall

Don’t you love to drink milk? A day without it just seems incomplete. Opt for skim milk if you want to lose weight, however. On average, a cup of skim milk can contain 300mg of calcium.

Drinking non-fat milk regularly can also help you lose weight. Low-fat dairy calcium helps suppress hormones that cause fat storage. So go ahead and drink. You might just have that flat belly you’ve been dreaming of.

We often eat cheese as a lot of our dishes have cheese as their ingredient. Different types have different calcium contents. For instance, parmesan contains the highest calcium level with 137mg per 10g serving. Cheddar cheese and mozzarella have around 212mg of calcium per 28 grams.


Eating sardines strengthens our bones not only with calcium but also with vitamin D. This vitamin helps our bodies absorb calcium.


If you are lactose intolerant, you may prefer yogurt over other foods rich in calcium. A 125-gram fat-free yogurt contains around 112mg of calcium. Yogurt may not only make you fuller but may also improve your immune and digestive systems through its live cultures.

Soy Products: Tofu and Soy Milk

If you like Asian cuisine, you may consider tofu. For every 100g of tofu, you may take in around 372 mg of calcium. A cup of soy milk contains 200mg of calcium. Before buying, however, check the nutritional facts.

Green Vegetables: Broccoli, Spinach, Cabbage, and Kale

Eating the vegan way definitely has its perks. Some veggies are not only low in calories, they are also calcium rich. For example, a cup of boiled broccoli contains 60mg of calcium. Similarly, a cup of cooked Chinese cabbage has 158mg of calcium.

So there you have it, six foods rich in calcium. There are numerous ways to enjoy eating these foods. Eating them will not only satisfy your taste buds, they can also fulfill your calcium needs.

Take on the Daily Challenges of Life with Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is a vital mineral for our health and has a number of functions. It is necessary for producing hemoglobin that transports oxygen in the blood. Also, it ensures that the liver functions properly and that you have enough energy.

When you lack this mineral, however, you may feel weak, irritable and tired. It is definitely important for us to eat foods rich in iron to prevent the ill effects of iron deficiency.

Why we need to take Iron Deficiency Seriously

Iron deficiency may decrease our ability to perform and is thus a great concern. Worse, it may even lead to anemia. When you have this deficiency, you will feel sleepless, lacking in stamina and highly prone to diseases. Moreover, if anemia is not addressed, you may experience complications to your health.

Aside from anemia, iron deficiency may also lead to difficulty in breathing, growth problems or even bone problems. Therefore, it is important for us all to avoid this by eating foods rich in iron.

Take on the Daily Challenges of Life with Foods Rich in Iron

What Foods to Eat

There are a number of foods rich in iron you can eat. Vegetables such as lentils, kidney beans, and artichokes can provide you this nutrient. Green leafy veggies such as collards and spinach can help you.

Aside from iron, they may also provide vitamin C that improves iron absorption. Similarly, egg yolks and dried prunes contain iron. Eating two large eggs will give you 1.2mg of iron.

If you aren’t fond of vegetables or eggs, you aren’t hopeless. For one, red meat contains iron. If you like eating steak, you’re lucky. If you like seafood, you can get this nutrient from mollusks such as scallops and oysters. For example, 3 ounces of oysters contain 7.8 mg of iron.

The liver can also help you fill in that iron nutrition need. Pork liver, chicken and turkey giblets are very rich in iron. Four ounces of pork liver, for example, contain 34 mg.

Who needs Iron the Most?

For men and postmenopausal women, an intake of 8mg per day is recommended. Pregnant women, however, need more. They need to take in around 27mg or iron because they also have to support the life within their wombs.

If a pregnant woman fails to consume enough iron, she might give birth prematurely, or her baby might be underweight. On the other hand, women aging 19 to 50 must consume around 18mg of iron.

Ending anemia and iron deficiency is possible so long as we eat foods rich in iron. So long as we take in the proper amount nutrients, we can take on the everyday challenges of our challenging world.

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