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Review of the Arko Shaving Soap Stick: Can it be Trusted?

Once in a while, you come across a product that claims to help deliver a smooth comfortable close shave. I am talking about the Arko shaving soap stick, which brings to mind the classic products of old wet shaving past era.

To make this product work effectively, you’ll be needing a shaving brush and some type of a bowl.

This shaving soap comes in the form of a stick. It has ingredients that allows you to witness rich creamy soapy formula, that one can use to enable a close shave, most men only dream about.

Arko shaving soap stick can be trusted, cause it helps one to get a close shave that’s smooth, comfortable, and very affordable.

My first experience, with this shaving product, was as a gift from a friend, during my last birthday. Mind you initially, I considered it the cheapest gift someone can give another.

I might also add that my friend also included a shaving brush and shaving bowl. He tried to get me to try wet shaving, and it worked! I am now an avid wet shaver, and this shaving soap is now my favorite.

As a shaving soap stick, the packaging for this product cannot be called exhilarating. In fact, if you came across it at a local store, you’ll probably by-pass it!

One thing I did realize is that the Arko shaving stick soap really works. So if you can get past the ugly packaging, what you get inside is quite a nice shaving product.

Another aspect of this shaving soap is the smell. It takes a while to get used to. The scent is not full of heavy fragrance, but it just smells very old fashion soapy.

If you find your initial reaction to the smell on the negative, I say give it some time like I did. Now I am appreciative of the real original smell of the shaving soap. The biggest advantage is that it smells very clean.

How You Can Use The Arko Shaving Soap

You have several options in how you can use this product. Before I tell you how I use the shaving soap stick, let’s look at the many options you have in how you can use the product.

Direct Soap Stick to the Face

You can take the soap stick and wet the end. You then use the wet end, and rub it on the area of your face you want to shave.

You can then use your shaving brush to massage the soap into your skin properly. While this might work out to be the method that produced the most lather, but it does take the longest.

Applying the Soap Stick to the Shaving Brush

You simply wet the brush, and massage it into the stick soap. The few soap you get on the shaving brush is then applied to the areas of your face you want to shave.

This might be a little faster than the other way listed above.

What About Bowl Lathering?

This is my preferred method, and how I use the Arko shaving soap stick on a daily basis. For this to work effectively, you’ll be needing a shaving bowl, along with your shaving brush.

You use the stick soap to create the lather in the bowl. Afterward, you apply the lather to the facial hairs you want to be eliminated. While this might appear to require the most effort, you get better shaving results doing it this way.

What I do is shave off tiny pieces of the Arko soap, into the shaving bowl before adding a little bit of water to create the lather.

Not applying water directly to the stick soap, makes it last much longer. If you own a cheap grater, it can serve the same purpose of collecting just tiny bits of the shaving soap into the bowl.

How About My Shaving Results?

Simply fantastic, if I might just use short words! The Arko shaving soap does not have any rich fragrance, neither is it expensive.

It has a clean nice soapy smell, that does what it’s designed to do, enable the most comfortable close shave, any man could wish for.

Arko shaving soap stick can be trusted, especially if your intention is to get a close shave that’s smooth, comfortable, and very affordable.

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