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Review of the Complete Push-Up Training System from Maximum Fitness Gear

As you get older and wiser it would be more difficult to justify why you’re overweight, not with all the fitness tools one can buy for less, like the complete push up training system from maximum fitness gear.

We all know what causes weight gain, but eliminating the extra weight is far more difficult than people expect. What you eat is what creates obesity, and unless you have the self-discipline to eat fewer calories you’ll be needing a fitness routine you can engage in to burn the additional pounds.

This complete training system called power press push up looks easy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Before we get to the features of this workout tool, let’s define what a power press push up board is.

What is a Power Press?

It is one of the most intense and best gym equipment you can use at home for awesome fitness results. It is uniquely designed to help you build up and strengthen you upper body muscles. To make it easier to know which muscles to workout it comes with a color coding board to make working out easier.

The board functions by working as a plug and press tool, thus giving you the needed knowledge to work out your upper muscles the right way. It is designed for you to do push-ups using different angles, thus leading to a better upper body physique in just a few weeks.

What Muscles do Pushups Work?

Exactly what muscles do pushups work? This is a fair question especially before deciding if this fitness tool is right for you. Are pushups good for chest? Definitely, yes! The right push up steps will not only strengthen and increase your total body endurance, with emphasis on the upper body chest region and the core stomach muscles.

Other muscles worked by push-ups include those located in your arms, triceps, shoulder, neck, and back. The prone position used during most push up exercises would help you develop an excellent posture, which most people you know or meet would come to admire.

Now you understand why the professional teams and the military put emphasis on using push-ups as part of an effective exercise regimen. There are different unique steps you can do when doing push-ups and this fitness tool will not only show you but also lead you through the various aspects for an enviable physique.

The core upper body muscles targeted by doing push-ups the right way are Deltoids, Serratus anterior, Coracobrachialis, Pectoralis major, Triceps brachii, and the Abdominal muscles.

This is not a fitness tool for the weak heart, for your results will be determined by how well you implement the pushup steps highlighted on the colorful board.

Power Press Pushup Training System Features

The complete training system is revolutionary in that it comes with a board that is color coded to help you target specific muscles located in your triceps, back, shoulders, and chest.

This board system is not for the faint at heart, for you get push up steps with multiple angles and positions one can use to sculpt the most impressive upper body definition.

To help one understand the intricacies of all fitness levels, you get a workout DVD that teaches you how to condition and strengthen your body’s core muscle groups.

This is probably one of the most portable home gym equipment one use, simply because it is easy to assemble, and will not take up much storage space.

The hand grips in this tool are made from non-slip materials, and also cushioned to help with your endurance while doing the push-up steps.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Despite the incredible array of impressive features, like every home gym equipment training tool it has a few advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that most of the current customers that took the time to leave a feedback, love the product for what one can do with it.


There is no denying the fact that a wide array of upper body muscles will be worked out once you implement the push-up steps the right way.

To make it easier to master the program steps, a detailed workout DVD is provided, which provides the best way to do the push-ups right, and will be beneficial to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Storage of this complete push-up training system from maximum fitness gear is a cinch as it does not take up much of your living space.


Push up training is certainly not for everyone, especially if you’re dealing with morbid obesity. So, if you have a large stomach, this might not be the best home gym equipment to use to start your weight loss journey.

While the manufacturer insists the tool and the push steps will be more effective for users weighing less than 300 pounds, it would be safe to say it would depend on your height.

This is not like weight training, for the most impressive results will be shown on the upper body and stomach area of your body. You do need other exercise routines to keep other body parts in good shape.

Watch this Best Pushup Workout Video

Truth be told, this tool will only work at helping you develop most of your upper body muscles if you perform the exercises every day. As you can see from the above video, your body will go through intense changes and you would have to get past the initial pains when you first begin your push-up routines.

From this Power press push-up reviews, I hope you understand that this complete training program can help you burn calories, develop the core muscles within your upper and lower body area, while also losing weight.

The push-up exercises will take less than 30-minutes to complete, and you’ll be sculpting a newer, and better physique that will become more visible in less than two months.

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