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Can You Use at Home Workout DVDs to Stay in Shape? A Look at the Exercise Videos That’s Worth Buying

Why is it that Americans are getting fatter despite the presence of different fitness tools like home workout DVDs? Can we blame the obesity problems on genetically modified foods that made its presence felt in the early 1990s?

Regardless of how you feel about why most of our fellow citizens are getting obese, those carrying extra body fat must take ownership of the root causes before meaningful solutions can be implemented. As a personal fitness trainer, I get asked all the time for recommendations as to the best at home workout DVDs one can buy and use to lose weight or stay in shape.

Before you rush out and buy one of the top workout DVDs available online you must analyze your personality type. Are you a go-getter? Can you implement a weight loss program and follow it religiously? Do you constantly seek the approval of others before taking action?

Those are just some of the questions that need to be answered if you’re to get the most out of any exercise video one can use at home. From industry sponsored stats, most people that buy any of the best at home workout DVDs do not do the exercises as advertised.

Another good way to tell if a DVD with exercising routines is good for you is to look around your own home. Do you have any fitness tool you never really tried to utilize? If the answer is yes, any fitness video you purchase will probably be collecting dust after just a feeble try.

Before we get to the reviews of some of the most effective highly rated workout videos, let’s examine some of the key reasons why staying in shape is good for you.

Key Reasons to Lose Weight

I am sure your interest in a DVD program for home exercise workout routines can be traced to when you first saw an infomercial on television, with carefully scripted moves that made it look so easy. Some of the best reasons to lose weight are:

Your Health is Your Wealth

Most people get it all wrong, for your wealth is your true wealth. Obesity is one of the root causes of many diseases all over the world. While some might be familiar with diabetes and heart problems that can be caused by carrying too much weight, there are dozens of other ailments just as deadly.

Americans are now suffering from joint pains, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, etc., at an alarming rate. One of the best workout DVDs for weight loss can be found reviewed in this article, and it just might be the most lucrative investment in your lifetime.

Enhance Your Social Status

Contrary to what some might think, people make judgments about you based on your weight and how well you look. It is not uncommon for other obese individuals to pass critical judgments on other obese people. Most often, the critical judgment is processed internally but will affect how the person will deal with you.

It is quite common for people to insinuate that you’re lazy and lack self-control if you’re overweight. If you follow the steps listed in any of the top workout videos reviewed, you’re bound to witness a reduction in your weight, which can only enhance your social status among friends and your peers.

It Will Improve Your Sex Life

I do not need to be a sex therapist to know which couples are sexually active. Morbid obesity can only impact your sex life negatively. It is quite hard to engage in the right intercourse with all the additional pounds getting in the way.

If you’re obese and have erectile dysfunction issues, try using a DVD workout video to lose the unwanted pounds before rushing out to buy the famous Viagra pills, which is only a temporary solution to a life changing issue.

Other Reasons to Lose Weight

I am sure each of you reading this article can come up with their own reasons why they want to lose weight. Also, the reason why you want to lose weight must be personal to you and not because you want to please others. It also true that you’re more energized after any weight loss exercise workout routine.

Best Workout Videos

My personal recommendation for any workout video you purchase is to go slow at first. For Rome was not built in one day, and consistency of efforts will yield better results. It would be more effective to perform the exercise routines found in the DVD sets on a regular and daily basis, than just once a week for several hours.

Keep in mind that the greatest resistance you’ll face will be from the initial pains from key areas of your body. The pains are going to pose the biggest challenge to your weight loss success and you must persevere, to get over them.

That is why consistency of effort is essential because the pains will subside and eventually disappear, as you increase the tempo of your daily workout routines. It took many years or months for you to accumulate those additional pounds and it would take just as long for you to see them eliminated for good.

Some of the best workout videos for women or men are:

1 – Beachbody Shaun T25 Reviews

Some of the most successful home workout DVD sets are made by a very profitable company called Beachbody. Sometimes, the true ownership of the DVD exercising program is hidden until you get your delivery package. Believe it or not, Americans spend billions of dollars on best workout DVDs, and Beachbody I am sure captures a good share of this lucrative niche market.

The T25 workout video bears the name of its creator Shaun T, and it is hard to miss the infomercials on your television set late at night or early in the morning. While gathering information for this focus T25 review, this workout program is probably not suitable for everyone.

I once tried the T25 workout DVD schedule and it was intense, and you’ll feel it all over your body. Mind you, I am a certified fitness trainer and perfectly in shape, but the T25 video steps affected areas of my body I thought were toned.

The T25 workout itself is divided into two sections, called Alpha and Beta. The alpha is supposed to create fitness foundation steps to make your body get used to working out on a regular basis. While the Beta steps will help you intensify those efforts by increasing the tempo of your workout routines.

After looking at other T25 reviews including information from the creator’s website, you should proceed with caution while using the Beachbody T25. I would not recommend it for those that are morbidly obese, or just beginning an exercise program from the comfort of their home.

You get a quick start guide, a nutrition guide, a detailed workout calendar, and a latex resistance band. In my humble opinion, the T25 workout video set is more suitable for guys unless you’re one of those women that like to create bigger toned muscles.

If you’re a beginner, go slow and practice some of the quick start steps for many days before moving on to the next step. Remember, consistency of efforts will yield better results, so try your best to do the suggested workouts every day, for it is only then would you witness the most awesome fitness results.

2 – Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews

There are several home fitness DVDs from Jillian Michaels and based on sales and feedbacks, most of the customers are thrilled by the weight loss results. The Jillian Michaels body revolution DVD set will only take you about thirty minutes to complete.

She claims you can experience tremendous weight loss in just 90-days. The metabolic training steps are divided into three phases. The Jillian Michaels 90 day body revolution phase one requires you do low impact exercises, all designed to help you build endurance, stability, and core strength.

The phase two of the schedule increases the resistance with greater movements and more intense physical exercises. The last phase involves the performance of high energy circuits that are uniquely designed to help you tone muscles while eliminating the remaining fat.

Most women and men would find the fitness exercise on this DVD set to be friendly to beginners, and you also get a detailed Jillian Michaels body revolution diet plan and schedule. It is certainly among one of the top workout DVDs for women.

3 – Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

This is one of the original home fitness videos that popularized this mode of weight loss training. Not only would the DVD set teach one how to dance and move, you’ll also experience the elimination of those unwanted pounds from all over your body.

Is it the best dance workout DVD? Hard to say, but it is certainly among the top 10 fitness videos using dance moves. The dance steps are carefully choreographed, and must be done the right way to get the fitness results that will amaze people you know.

I would say it is one of the best workout videos for women that use dance moves to initiate weight loss. It is beginner friendly but needs to be done on a daily basis for you to get rid of all those unwanted body fat.

Might I say, most of the current female users said it helped them build a more seductive physique? The fun dance moves found in the Zumba Slim down workout DVD is available in both Spanish and English.

Apart from the program guide you also get a nutrition guide with awesome tips about healthy recipes and better nutrition to help enhance and make permanent your weight loss.

4 – 10,000 Steps Weight Loss Walking Exercise DVD

For those that are morbidly obese and seeking a good video workout, this brand would get you moving in the right direction. The whole point of this DVD series is based on walking to lose those additional pounds you’re carrying around your body.

The walking steps are definitely newbie friendly! This is the right program for anyone suffering from severe obesity, and you should start seeing results within a couple of days of doing the steps daily.

Also included, is a DVD fitness moves to help strengthen your knees and hips. It requires you sit on a sturdy chair to do the workout moves.

5 – Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout

For women or guys that found the first Shaun T video to be too intense, this dance workout DVD will certainly thrill you. Almost everyone likes to dance and with the right moves, you certainly can lose those extra pounds. It is a step by step dance routine that will engage most of your core muscle groups.

I would suggest you put on a good pair of running sneakers, for the moves in this DVD fitness set is not as easy as it looks on the television infomercials. Do not rush the steps, for you need to master each move before you can start seeing superb results.

During my early fitness training days, I took part in several Shaun T dance move fitness settings at a local gym and I learned how to do many dance moves that still come in handy on many different social occasions. It is a fitness DVD that is friendly to beginners, both men and women would find the dance moves to be enjoyable.

6 – Beachbody Insanity DVD Workout

The first and the most popular home fitness DVD set from Shaun T is called Insanity. I can testify that the exercise moves in this program are incredibly hard to perform accurately and master. This program is not for the faint at heart, for it will restructure and tone muscles you never even knew existed.

My interest in fitness training certification was sparked after my first try using the Insanity DVD workout. It started as a dare from a friend that I could not complete the program, and if I remember correctly, the bet was for $100.

After just ten minutes into the workout routines, I regretted my decision, but it was too late to back out due to my need to win that money. I did complete the first-day challenge successfully but felt aches and pains all over my body the next day.

Luckily, I had good friends that were into weight training and they encouraged me to continue, and for that extra push, I am eternally grateful, for it changed my life for the better. If you’re morbidly out of shape this is probably not the program, to begin with, for it is too intense.

But then again, you might have more determination than most beginners. Take it slow with the fitness routines and try to master each step before moving on to the next one. In the beginning, it is cool to do one move repeatedly, until you get it right, before moving to the next one.

Included in your Insanity DVD workout package is a nutrition guide, a detailed calendar, and a fitness guide to help you make sense of all the fitness steps. The Beachbody Insanity fitness video should be performed with utmost caution and care.

This is probably the best workout videos for men and women that would help you experience the most awesome transformation of your body, provided you do it on a daily basis.

7 – Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

This is the original home workout video set from Jillian Michaels. When you click on the image, you’ll find newer versions with some minor additions to the workout routines. She claims you can get dramatic weight loss in just 30-days with just 60-minute daily workout of the included steps in the video series.

Is it one of the best workout videos any woman can use to stay in shape or lose weight? It will be safe to say it should be included on any top 10 DVD fitness list, due to its popularity and the thousands of positive feedbacks from users that got excellent results from implementing the fitness routines shown in the program.

Some of the users insisted all you need as a beginner is a 20-minute daily commitment to do the exercise routines the right way, and you’ll get superb fitness results.

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