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Panasonic ES la63 S Review

Contrary to what some might think, the advancement in men’s shaving equipment has not kept pace with the rapid tech era we’re living through.

Some might attribute the lack of true competition in the wet/dry shaver market, to the complexity of human face structure and design.

I can understand how tough it can be when searching for the best electric razor.

The Panasonic Arc 4 is a worthwhile option, and I would give you several reasons why.

But before we get to the awesome features of this best-selling electric shaver, you need to be aware of a few facts.

Do you have much facial hair? If you have a long beard or mustache, you might want to trim it a little down to manageable stubble, before using this electric razor.

If you currently use disposable razors, know that this product would cost you more initially, but you save a bundle in the long run.

When people hear the name Panasonic, they instantly think of musical equipment, television sets, microwave ovens etc., and rarely do they think of personal care devices.

This well-established company is now a name to be reckoned with when it comes to personal care products, especially shaving tools for men and women.

The es-la63-s Panasonic razor is a durable electric shaver for men and has a revolutionary Arc 4 four-blade technology to enable a comfortable close shave.

Some might call it one of the best electric razors for men since it has a Multi-Flex active head, along with pure stainless steel blades and foil.

You can use this electric razor in either wet or dry conditions, and it comes with a linear motor with 14,000 CPM that delivers enough power for the most comfortable close shave any man would want.

Panasonic Arc 4 has many patented advancements like the sonic vibration cleaning mode, which enhances prolong productivity from this best razor.

For those looking for the best product in electric shaving, it features an ergonomic design with easy grip handle. The LCD display gives you instant readings on battery status and charge indicator.

A Closer Look at the Key Features:

Arc 4 Technology. The key ingredient in any electric razor is the blade technology.

This Panasonic electric razor has an Arc 4 shaving system that includes four foils, with independent floating blades.

The blades are uniquely synchronized to provide the best coverage of the shaving area while also reducing shaving time.

High-Tech Coverage. This high-tech razor from Panasonic comes with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head that’s designed to work with the structure of your face rather than against it.

This electric razor has a 30-degree angle feature which enable it to swiftly cut hair at the root without any fear of skin irritation.

Hypoallergenic blades. For men with sensitive skin, you’ll come to appreciate the Nanotech blades with Hypo-allergenic features to help reduce skin irritation, including nicks and bumps.

You can use it anywhere. Since the Panasonic Arc 4 comes with a rechargeable battery, you can use this grooming tool just about anywhere.

One hour charge time delivers power for at least 45 minutes of pure shaving pleasure.

The ES-LA63-S is waterproof, and will not be damaged if immersed in water.

This ES-la63-S Panasonic Razor has dimensions of 2.2 x 2.7 x 6.5 inches, and only weighs 7 ounces.

Panasonic Arc 4 comes with all the features you need to experience the most comfortable close shave. You also get a well-designed travel pouch with your purchase.

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