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7 Best Hand Creams for Dry Cracked Hands

Your hands are just as important as any other body part and it will be wise on your part to keep it looking hydrated and fully moisturized by the use of the best hand cream for dry cracked hands. Contrary to what some might think, your hands do get as much attention as your face.

While I was still dating and evaluating potential mates, few nice guys failed to make the grade and some of the reasons were the conditions of their skin. Since we humans find ways to cover all the other body parts, the hands convey to others much more than you realize.

People can make assumptions about your health just by looking at your hands. I once dated a gentleman that would go unnamed and he was a Wall-Street banker, but the skin around is hands were all cracked and rough looking.

Just a few minutes into our date he found me staring at them with obvious dislike and concern. He said he grew up with dry cracked skin and he has tried all types of moisturizers with no success.

I wanted to ask him if he even tried a well-formulated hand cream made to help make hands softer, but found other distractions to occupy my time. Guys should understand that women pay attention to little things like the condition of your nails, as well as wealth status while on a date.

Dry cracked hands affect both men and women equally, but men are less likely to seek out a good hand cream to help correct the condition. Even if you have working hands, the skin around them should not be scary looking, for people might just make the wrong assumptions about your health, personality, and social status.

Causes of Chronic Dry Hands

Contrary to what some might believe, I do not buy into the argument that your parents can transfer dry cracked hands to you. You should know that the skin found on your hands is just as rugged as the one found on your feet.

The skin around your hands and feet is far stronger and thicker as compared to other parts of your body. This might be the reason why people fail to use the best hand cream or soap. Extremely dry hands can be traced to the presence of environmental and physical factors.

What Your Environment can do to Your Hands?

Dry skin is more prevalent during the cold winter months, and you should pay close attention to the skin on your hands and feet especially if you have dry skin issues to begin with.

The winter months can be brutal to the skin, and it is even more so if your skin type is dry. If you live in an area with low humidity, dry skin or any skin type can go through more rough patches than most people realize.

It is also true that most soaps for washing dishes or housecleaning contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin around the hands when used over a long period of time. Dipping your hands in hot water when washing dishes can also cause cracked hands.

Physical Concerns

Is it possible to inherit your skin condition from your parents? From my experience, I will say probably! In college, I had a roommate during my freshmen year and she had hands that were scaly looking like that of a lizard.

She tried to convince us that her mom has the same type of condition, but we did not believe her until we met her parents. That was many years ago, and with the advances in medical science, there are reliable solutions to almost all skin problems.

If you constantly have an itchy rash due to eczema or atopic dermatitis, you should get that looked at by a professional dermatologist. Even the best hand lotion for dry hands will not deliver good results if you have advanced stages of eczema or dermatitis.

Chronic Dry Hands Prevention Tips

Before we get to the best hand cream for dry cracked hands reviews, the following tip can help you prevent the problem from arising or getting worst in the first place:

If you’re constantly doing dishes or using cleaning fluids on a regular basis, you should consider wearing gloves. A good pair will at least provide you the right barrier against the harsh substances your hands handle on a daily basis. It makes no difference if you’re using latex or rubber gloves just make sure they’re lined with cotton material.

While it is good to constantly wash your hands, you should be using a mild soap with purely organic materials. It is better to use lukewarm water as hot water can strip away the natural oil that’s protecting the outer layer of the skin around the hands.

Lastly, you should always keep your hands moisturized both day and night with the best hand lotion. You’ll find some of the top hand creams one can buy online or at a drugstore reviewed below.

7 Best Hand Creams

1 – Maple Holistics Natural Hand Cream for Dry and Aging Hands

The first-hand lotion with merit is from a company called Maple Holistics, and the manufacturer claims it contains all natural ingredients to deliver fabulous results for all skin types. The most active ingredients include Chamomile, Geranium, and Lavender.

Some of the feedbacks from existing customers claim it is capable of repairing wrinkles and cracked skin. The inclusion of therapeutic-grade essential oil makes it safe to use for people with even sensitive skin. This product is manufactured in America using cruelty-free methods.

This best cream for dry hands contains no harsh chemicals including sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, synthetic colors, or mineral oil. Your purchased is backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. It is suitable for use by both men and women.

2 – O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

If you can ignore the odd spelling and sounding of the name, this lotion for dry cracked hands is quite good, with thousands of feedbacks from current users. The included moisturizing ingredients will improve your dry skin.

This hand skin restoration beauty product is non-greasy and odorless. It is simply the best hand lotion for dry cracked hands found on Amazon, based on sales figures and feedbacks from existing users.

Your purchase is backed by a money back guarantee, which requires you return any unused portion for 100% refund of the purchase price. Below is a YouTube video from an actual user of the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream.

3 – Derma-nu Miracle Skin Remedies Intensive No Crack Hand Cream

This is another hand cream with a unique name that requires practice to get it right. Derma-nu hand cream is made to attack the symptoms of dry skin, calluses, and dry cuticle. It contains Shea and cocoa butter, which means it is capable of nourishing and soothing your dry skin.

The manufacturer claims this product can provide longer lasting hydration and moisture, which makes it suitable for use during the cold winter months. It made using only organic natural ingredients, and your purchase entitles you to a 30-days money back guarantee.

4 – Miracle of Aloe Miracle Hand Repair Cream

The name for this hand cream conveys what it can do for your dry skin. It is a good therapeutic formula with about 60% of Ultra Aloe substance.

The unique formulation will help reduce redness and flaking. Some of the customers have called it fast acting as it penetrates the damaged skin layers.

The miracle of Aloe Miracle hand repair cream is priced right, and few of the customers said daily use can leave your hands looking and feeling moisturized, smooth, and comfortable.

5 – Mee Beauty Hand Repair Cream Moisturizer

This is a cream moisturizer that is made for cracked feet and hands, and it is made by a company called Mee Beauty. Two of the most active ingredients are organic Shea butter and honey.

As you know, pure natural honey has many healing powers, which guarantees your cracked or aging hands will look and feel different in just a few days with continuous daily use.

Within the ingredients list, you’ll also find organic Aloe Vera, a substance with many anti-aging properties. Most of the current users of the product love it, and you can find out more by clicking the image of the product.

6 – Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme

Eucerin hand cream has a non-greasy formula but comes in a very small tube. This product contains Alpha hydroxyl, a substance known to help heal rough, dry skin all without causing stinging or dryness.

The inclusion of alpha hydroxy acid might cause sensitivity issues, so try it out on a small skin area. This is the best hand cream to get if your hands are rough looking and tend to dry out regardless of the weather condition.

7 – Vi-Tae Dry, Cracked Hand Care & Repair Cream

This is another good hand cream with a difficult to pronounce name. It is marketed as a skin treatment and intensive moisturizer cream with natural beeswax and Shea butter.

Best of all, the one year no questions asked money back guarantee makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable hand cream for all seasons.

Based on customer feedbacks, this product is certainly the best hand cream for dry cracked hands one can buy online.

Few of the current users called the product the best drugstore hand cream one can use all year long. It is rich in Safflower oil and fatty acids, which guarantees better penetration beneath the skin surface to properly heal the symptoms.

Helen D. Worthy

I graduated from a top beauty school in California, and currently own several successful beauty salons in the LA area. I know about hair and how to make a woman beautiful.
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