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Poo Pourri Reviews

You need to know how I found out about the Poo Pourri before-you-go toilet spray, as it will put this review in the proper contest. At a recent high fashion party I attended, someone went into the bathroom and dropped a very nasty number 2.

The poop was so bad that must people ran out once they opened the bathroom door. I knew the lady that did the nasty deed, but I kept my mouth shut and just listened and watched. Can you imagine smartly dressed men and women now discussing the merits of poop smell basically?

The host was embarrassed that someone would be so inconsiderate and violate her apartment that way. The lady that passed the number two left quietly, before people find out she was the guilty party.

Within thirty minutes, someone went to an open twenty-four hours pharmacy to get this best bathroom deodorizer. Eventually, the ladies over-powered the stench with sweet smelling perfume.

Later on, as the party moved on to the fun part my girlfriend went to the bathroom and she came back with glowing reviews about the toilet bowl freshener made by a company called Poo-Pourri. She claimed or insisted I must try the poop spray, and get one for my bathroom.

Later on out of curiosity and to please her, I visited the bathroom to witness the toilet odor eliminator at work. The smell of the bowl freshener is pretty good, and I made a mental note to get one before doing this Poo Pourri reviews.

How Does Poo Pourri Work?

The concept of this product is quite simple and easy to understand. You simply apply the Poo-Pourri spray around the toilet bowl before dropping your number two. The nice smelling ingredients in the odor eliminator will trap the poop smell right into the bowl, and will be eliminated with the flush.

I know it is hard to believe, but the smell of your poop will not rise up from the toilet bowl to the bathroom atmosphere. Whatever they use in making this product, it helps to trap any smell, and all will be gone with the toilet flush.

If your No-2 smells like dead cow carcass, you should give this poop spray a try. After my try of the product, I became a true believer. Not only will the unpleasant bathroom odors be trapped and flushed out with your poop, you’ll also like the smell of the refreshing bouquet of essential oils.

How to Use the Poo Pourri Spray

The use of this product is quite simple, and can be broken down into just a few steps like the following below:

1 – Shake your bottle of the poop spray and point it into the toilet bowl

2 – Carefully lift the toilet bowl lid, and spritz 3 to 5 sprays of the Poo Pourri into the toilet bowl, right into the water surface.

3 – You can now sit down and take your shit. Just flush after you’re done, to release the sweet smelling aroma of the odor eliminator.

Poo Pourri Ingredients

I did try several times to get in touch with the manufacturer for the ingredients list, but all they told me was that the product is formulated to stop bathroom odors before it even begins.

Poo Pourri before-you-go toilet spray comprises of essential oils, and other well concealed natural compounds. This product contains no harsh chemicals, nor does it contain any phthalates, parabens, aerosol, or formaldehyde.

Notable Features:

You can buy one bottle in different sizes and scents. As of last count, there were 29 different scents for sale in five different sizes.

A small 2-ounce spray can be used at least 100 times with careful spraying.

Not only is the product made using the best environmental friendly practices, it is formulated not to damage your septic tank or plumbing pipe.

This toilet odor eliminator is completely made in the USA!

PooPourri Funny Commercial

You have to give kudos to the manufacturer for making a product most people would hate to talk about, and presenting it in a simple and funny way that makes one comfortable to give it a try.

The commercial uses a kind of like “tongue in cheek” method to deal with a delicate subject. Watch this commercial, and find why this product has sold over 7 million units of this best bathroom air freshener.

Will it Work for My Nasty Poop?

Regardless of how nasty your No-2 smells, this product is able to deliver pleasant scents that’ll mask even the nastiest stench. With this fresh drop bathroom odor preventor in your arsenal, you’ll not create an uncomfortable situation whenever you have to go drop the bomb!

Those seeking where to buy Poo Pourri can click on the link underneath the images for the lowest prices one can find for a good bathroom air freshener. From this Poo Pourri reviews, hopefully, I have given you enough reasons to make this toilet odor eliminator a must buy.

Not only does Poo Pourri work, it is also one of the best fresh drop bathroom odor preventor with a clear reliable performance metrics. Give it a try, and see what I witnessed to be a suitable product for eliminating nasty smells from your bathroom or home.

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