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Action Steps You Can Take to Feel Better and Healthier

I must confess to you, the America of today is far different from the America I know in the 1980s or even the 1990s. Apart from the fact that people are more distrusting of the people in charge of our government, I get a feeling that certain forces within our officials are determined to create as many sick people as they can.

If you think I am nuts, or maybe crazy to think other Americans would want fellow Americans sick, I have little empirical evidence to back up my claim. The adage “wherever there’s smoke there must be fire” should be applied here.

I will only point you to one clear evidence, and that is the so-called war on terrorism. All our so-called enemies were created and set up by our spy agencies in the beginning.

You have to ask yourself why that is. Just so we don’t get off track in this article, I will give you some good concrete steps you can take to get your health back to normal condition.

Why Do People Get Sick?

I am always amazed at the different answers I get when I ask strangers this obvious question. Most people are clueless as to why we really get sick.

This might shock you, but all the sickness people are afflicted with originates from their mind. If you have doubts that’s okay, but I hope you have an open mind to at least consider the possibility. Here are several reasons why a poor state of mind can make you sick:

You basically have two minds operating within you, the regular one that pretends to be the boss and the subconscious that should be the boss. Your regular mind is what you use on a regular basis to feel, touch and taste the food you eat.

If your body was a computer, your subconscious mind will be the software while the regular mind will be the hardware. As you know, the software when you look at it properly is the master of what you can do on the computer.

Your subconscious mind can be subtly programmed by many different means and techniques. Not only is the government fully aware of this fact, most advertisers are cognizant of this fact also. In simple terms, you’re been programmed to eat and do what is not good for your body, which eventually will make you sick.

I will not cite medical evidence to back-up my claim, but if you have common sense you will get a feeling that I am right. So you must realize your mind is more powerful than you realize, and it is the gateway to your physical body.

The only problem is that the subconscious mind is easily programmable, regardless of how strong you think you might be. Product manufacturers most communicate with your inner mind, as they know the subtle programming will soon come to fruition without your actual input.

It is imperative you guide the gateway to your mind if you want to remain healthy, despite all the bombardments from government entities and manufacturers of different products. If you want to remain healthy, here are some crucial steps to get you going in the right direction.

Steps To Implement to Remain Healthy

Do Television Fasting – One of my college professor used to call our modern day television set, “the one-eyed monster”. Everything on television is designed to program your behavior to benefit other people. It is one of the most popular ways to condition your kids into accepting questionable special dogmas.

Government entities and advertisers love the TV medium because it provides one of the most effective access to the human subconscious mind. Most of what you eat and shop for on a daily basis was carefully implanted into your mind until it comes to fruition.

When you couple that with the thousands of repetition of the TV ads, you’ll buy the product as soon as you can afford it. If you have doubts about how commercials are used to program people’s behavior, just look inside your home and calculate the value of all the crap you bought over the years.

I have numerous shoes and clothes I bought because I saw it on television. Sometimes the purchase of the products was somehow automatic because I really did not question why I needed them in the first place.

If you constantly watch Viagra pill commercials, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself with erectile dysfunction problems. The words used on the commercial itself are mostly suggestive and hypnotic for those that know how to read between the lines.

If you watch enough food commercials you’ll become hungry. You might be aware of going out to get the food stuff, but your actions can be called robotic due to the programming.

The television commercials are carefully worded to implant suggestions into your subconscious mind, and you’ll take immediate action to fulfill what you see on your TV screen much sooner than you know.

You can induce more people to drink more through all the alcoholic beverages commercials showing happy people having fun with liquor. Have you ever seen a commercial of the after effects of alcohol abuse? Of course not, because most people would not watch it anyway.

Watching television can make you overweight, which then leads to several major illnesses. I suggest you turn off your television set for a whole month and see how you feel.

You might witness withdrawal symptoms, but if you can withstand the pressure of not caring what the latest popular show characters are up to, you’ll feel much better.

If you find you cannot go without watching television for 30 days, it just goes to prove my point of the real addiction enabled by the one-eyed monster. Try it and let us know how you feel after 30 days.

From my experience, you’ll start to feel much better, and your need to buy more crap will be substantially diminished. Another side benefit will be less desire to eat all the time.

If you have a television set in your bedroom, please move it to another room as it has the ability to affect you while you’re in deep sleep.

The latest flat screen television sets are nothing but high-tech listening and watching devices with Bluetooth connection. Most are able to affect your body at a cellular level, and the results will not be good for your health.

Turn off all your digital Devices at Night before Bedtime – Every digital device with Bluetooth connection is not only a potential listening and watching device; it emits subtle energy that negatively impacts your genetic makeup.

Contrary to what most people think, digital devices do not make one smarter but rather dumber. Nowadays most people find it hard to remember basic phone numbers. When you do not use your muscle memory, you simply lose them. Now you know why cases of Alzheimer are at an all-time high.

All digital devices emit small amounts of radiation which will not make you feel better health-wise. It is even more crucial you turn it off at night while you’re sleeping if you want to remain healthy.

Stop Drinking and Smoking – I have many friends that drink and smoke, and some of them have being engaging in this bad behavior for many years. Now that we’re in our early 50s, the health issues afflicting some of them is pitiful to say the least.

Regardless of the industry sponsored propaganda, every type of alcoholic drink is detrimental to your prolonged good health. Whatever benefits you can find from an occasional glass of red wine, I can give your several negatives of the potential impact to your health.

Don’t be fooled by all those happy people shown on the cleverly designed hypnotic commercials. Drinking alcohol compromises your integrity in more ways than one. Your potential to make good decisions is not helped by drinking liquor; in fact it substantially diminishes it.

If you need a substance to make you feel alive, then your life is more stressed than you realize. Any type of smoking is just bad for your health, and I am sure everyone knows that.

If you cannot muster the willpower to resist that little piece of paper with tobacco and chemicals wrapped in it, your health woes will be forthcoming regardless of how many times you pray or workout.

Weed Will Not Help You Get Healthy – The bandwagon to legalize weed smoking must be examined for what it is. Weed is not only a gateway drug to harder drugs, but it is now more addictive than ever before. Do not for one minute buy into the propaganda that smoking marijuana might be good for you, it is not.

It diminishes not only your brain power but your sexual performance will slowly weaken as you puff more of the “magic dragon”. I am yet to find someone that gets high with excellent grades.

Worst of all, the weed available for sale has been doctored to be more potent by some hidden forces with their own agenda. You have to ask yourself why the sudden need to make more Americans high.

Try to Stay Away From Sugar – This toxic substance is more addictive than crack cocaine. Most people laugh when I say that, but it is the actual truth. Sugar or some type of sweetener is included in almost all food products.

They even feed it to the animals we eat, which is then conveniently passed on to humans after consumption. Packaged drinks or high energy drinks will deliver high doses of refined sugar or toxic sweeteners into your system. You’ll feel much better if you adopt water as your only beverage of choice.

I am yet to find someone that got fat from drinking too much water. The rate of diabetes in America is at an all-time high, and the high amount of sugar consumed in this country is mostly to blame.

I am not trying to tell you what to eat, drink or smoke, but your bad lifestyle choices will deliver consequences to your doorstep irrespective of your desires.

Other steps you can take to feel healthier involve engaging in more physical activities for overall good health. Remember to remove digital devices from your bedroom, and try your best to conduct the 30 days TV fast. Your digital devices are more dangerous to your health than you know it.

Turn them off at night while you’re sleeping. Some of the steps listed above will enable you to get your health back into the positive column, if adopted and followed religiously.

Ultimately you’re in charge of your physical body, and any abuse you engage in will come back in the form of health woes. Contrary to what some might think, your future well-being will be greatly influenced by the actions you took yesterday and today.

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