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Tips a Woman Can Use to Gain Weight Even With a Fast Metabolism

As a writer for several blogs, rarely do I get asked to do a research for ways to gain weight fast for women.

I am writing this gain weight fast article because I have a good friend and she just auditioned for a career-changing role that requires her to increase her weight by over 60 pounds in 60-days.

I warned this massive weight gain will damage her sexy figure, but she swears she can do the reverse action to lose all the added pounds right after the movie production.

All the men and women out there looking for ways to add on several pounds quickly, the following plan I created for her might help you do the same.

Gain Weight Diet Action Plan

We created a giant chalkboard to monitor her progress. She found one for cheap at a local discount store that was having a liquidation sale.

She’s about 5’10 and currently weighs 135 pounds. She purchased a bathroom scale that goes up to 200 pounds.

I gave her a quick regular course on how to count and add up calories.

To make the ways to gain weight fast action plan easy to follow, we divided it into weekly steps. The idea is to repeat the weekly process once we notice massive weight gain.

We visited the local Costco and loaded up on fatty foods like heavy calorie snacks, bacon, eggs, bread, pork chops, cereals, several gallons of high fat milk, gallons of ice cream, several gallons of soda, three large containers of butter, several gallons of orange juice, raisin bread, blueberry muffins, rice, potatoes, and other food items that brought our total bill to over $600.

The nosy cashier suggested we must have a very large family, to which I suggested eight kids and everyone busted out laughing.

If you’re seeking how to gain weight fast for women, Costco has the ideal set up to get all the high-calorie foods you need in one place.

To get her motivated, we found an old movie poster with Sharon Stone in the movie Casino. I have no doubt this role will change her life and fortune.

How to Gain Weight Fast for Women

Week One

For Breakfast:

She ate seven slices of bacon, several slices of the raisin bread, boiled potatoes and four scrambled large eggs. She drank several glasses of orange juice. Since coffee increases metabolism, we decided to skip it.

I suggested she study her lines for the movie at the local park instead of the library. She brought along several snicker bars, M & M peanuts, and other high-calorie snack foods.

The trip to the park and back is about one mile, which is more than enough to get all the calories going into the right body parts.

For Lunch:

She fried three pork chops using a mixture of oil and butter. She boiled one packet of Spanish yellow rice. I encouraged her to use ketchup on the meat since it has high calories.

For dessert, she ate a 16-ounce container of Haagen-Daz ice cream.

To make sure the weight gain was going into the right body parts, she took a bike ride that lasted about one hour. She found a local park on the way and stopped to continue her studying of the movie lines.

For Dinner:

We found a recipe that included jumbo shrimp, cut sausages, red peppers, green peppers and other vegetables. She finished the remaining rice from lunch. For dessert, she ate another container of ice cream.

She closed the day by eating two more snicker bars. Based on my research, sex can make one lose weight so that activity was removed from the daily plan.

Feedback from the Gain Weight Diet

She felt stuffed and very full. She only had one bowel movement, which was a good thing because a faster metabolism will ruin her chances of gaining 60 pounds in 60 days.

She felt restless due to all the introduction of massive calories into her system, so I suggested she try a motivational hypnosis tape that also helps to build a stronger memory.

Following the induction steps on the tape, she was soon deep asleep like a baby. No restless night was reported, and she got a full night’s rest.

The Next Day

She ate the same calories for breakfast like the day before. But instead of going to the park, I gave her my 10 and 20 pounds dumbbells and encouraged her to start lifting some weights to build muscle strength.

When you gain stronger muscle mass, most likely your total weight will increase. Lunch consisted of freshly made beef stew with white rice. She ate the usual container of ice cream and several snacks before dinner time.

For dinner, she ate spaghetti and meatballs. She drank some Baileys Irish cream, which is loaded with tremendous calories. In fact, she mixed the Haagen-Daz ice cream with the Baileys Irish cream in a blender.

The memory booster hypnosis tape allowed her to fall soundly asleep within just a few minutes.

The Third Day

Several slices of bacon were always part of the breakfast menu. Today she added some boiled potatoes and several scrambled eggs. She finished everything by making some of that ice cream and liqueur drink.

We found a cheap local gym and she started working on her legs and thighs. Unless you try to direct your weight gain to the right places, it might just remain in your stomach.

Lunch included several burritos from a local Mexican restaurant. She ate several snacks during the day while also studying her movie lines.

For dinner, I found an African recipe called Egusi Soup and you eat it using ground cassava plant called garri. The local African store was much help with the ingredients.

The soup included cut beef meat. She called it a day by consuming more of the Baileys Irish cream liqueur.

Gain Weight Diet

Feedback from the How to Gain Weight Fast Diet

She weighed herself during the morning of the 4th day and she already gained 6-pounds. This was going much faster than I thought was possible.

We bought a heart monitoring device to make sure all is well, as she puts on the massive weight gain.

The daily calorie intake continued with some variation of the snacks consumed for the day. She continued her gym routine of just building her legs, thighs and arm muscles.

By the 7th day, she gained over 12 pounds. She complained her clothes were becoming too tight and she went shopping for new ones.

By the 50th day, she gained the 60 pounds and we had to cut back on the calories intake. She’s on schedule to meet the goal set by the movie director, so she got the part.

My Personal Observation of This Diet to Gain Weight Fast

She’s a dear friend of mine and I care about her, but I get a sense she might never lose the added pounds once the movie is over.

She promises she would, but from my experience, weight gain is much easier than weight loss.

It takes about 21 days to create a good or bad habit, but the creation process is when most people give up on their goals.

I did my best to help her gain weight fast, but I could already see the changes in her daily activities.

She gets tired much easier now, as compared to when she was thinner. She used to gladly climb the stairs to her third-floor apartment, but now she gets moody if the elevator is not fast enough.

Luckily, most of the weight gain went to her thighs, butt, arms and legs. I am praying the movie becomes a huge hit, because that would transform her into an overnight success.

That Hollywood success might just be the motivation she needs to lose the added extra pounds.

Do I think she would be able to go back to her original weight, only time will tell?

So for all you skinny girls or guys looking to gain weight fast, the listed food items will help you along.

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