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We Found 9 of the Best Nail Polish Removers With Value

A nail polish remover is a specially formulated solvent that can remove nail polish from fingernails quickly. One can find different types of best nail polish removers online, but you should know that they all have different chemical compositions.

One of the most annoying aspects of nail care is how to remove nail polish most efficiently and effectively. In this review article, I will explain the ingredients used in most brands and the three main types of nail polish removers.

Before selecting between acetone nail polish remover or nail polish remover without acetone, you want to know the difference between both. If you’re environmentally conscious, I have included some reviews of organic nail polish remover brands.

9 of the Best Nail Polish Remover for Natural Nails

To make your selection much easier, I have divided the most popular nail polish remover brands into three types.

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Despite all the hoopla about acetone in nail polish removers, the majority of consumers seem to prefer the effectiveness of the products containing the chemical compound.

A nail polish remover acetone is more powerful at quickly removing darker colors and nail polishes with glitter. For best results, you should only use them on natural nails, as it might be too strong and can weaken acrylics and other synthetic types of nails.

1 – Super Nail 4oz Pure Acetone Polish Remover

Apart from having acetone, this nail polish remover also contains Aloe Vera, which adds moisture as it removes nail polishes quickly, and most efficiently.

With just one cotton ball of this substance, you can remove nail lacquer from ten fingernails in less than one minute.

This is the stuff most nail salons use, as it works very fast at removing even dark colored nail polishes.

You can also buy Super Nail 4oz Pure Acetone Polish Remover in 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes.

2 – Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover

This is an instant nail polish remover that’s formulated to work effectively with both natural and artificial nails. This product is very good at removing even the toughest polishes.

Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover can also remove glitter polishes, and does not have the harsh smell commonly associated with nail polish removers containing acetone.

3 – OPI Nail Polish Remover

Since this company makes some of the most popular nail polish brands, their line of nail polish removers is just as beloved by the masses. OPI nail polish remover will not stain; neither will it dry your skin or nails.

This remover is created using a mild acetone formula, which also contains Aloe Vera. Not only is the product capable of removing all traces of nail lacquer, but does so without leaving streaks or stains.

OPI acetone nail polish remover does not have the usual toxic smell associated with other nail polish removers. With just a cotton ball filled with this solution, you can remove most polishes in less than a minute.

You can combine this product with the usage of OPI nail strengthener to achieve stronger and longer natural nails within a short period of time.

Nail polish remover ingredients

For some conscious women, discovering what is in a nail polish remover might lead to less usage of the product. The most active ingredients in a good nail polish remover are; Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Toluene, Propylene Carbonate, and Alcohol.

These chemicals active in nail polish removers can also cause skin dehydration, irritation to the eye while also making your nails dry and brittle. The strong chemical smell of some of the bestselling brands takes a while to get used to.


While Acetone occurs in some fruits and vegetables, the one used in making nail polish removers are chemically formulated in a laboratory. This compound is miscible with water, and thus highly desirable by makers of popular home cleaning solvents.

Acetone is highly flammable, and can also be found in your car’s exhaust. The compound itself is irritating to the skin, eyes, and can cause breathing problems. Minimal exposure like the one experienced while using nail polish removers rarely leads to more serious health problems.

But for those that work in nail salons and industries where Acetone use is massive, more serious health problems will develop over time. Constant and prolong exposure to the chemical can lead to chronic bronchitis and many other debilitating respiratory illnesses.

Ethyl Acetate

Most of the highly touted acetone free nail polish removers use this substance as a replacement. Unfortunately, it has the same hazards as Acetone. Ethyl Acetate is not only a respiratory tract irritant but also highly flammable.

Over-exposure to the chemical can cause irritation and redness to the nose and eyes while also making your skin become dry. According to OSHA, prolonged exposure can lead to dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin.


This is a colorless chemical that is derived from crude oil, and can be found in gasoline. A very small amount is used in nail polish removers. If one is exposed to large amounts of the chemical, it creates lightheadedness, dizziness, and can even lead to loss of consciousness.

Propylene Carbonate

This is another ingredient that’s widely used in most good nail polish removers. The compound itself does not have any negative effect on the environment but has been confirmed to be an eye, lung, and skin irritant.

Having said all that know that these chemicals in small amounts will not make you sick. You can find them in almost all household cleaning products. Most paints contain almost all the above-mentioned chemicals.

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

Acetone-free nail polish remover is the ideal product to use with fake and other types of artificial nails. While non-acetone nail polish remover can work flawless with natural nails, they do take some time to dissolve the polish.

The good part of using one is the less toxicity of the scent, as compared to nail polish removers containing acetone. Here are the three best brands we thought have the most value.

4 – OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

This company makes so many good products, and this one is no different. OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover can work effectively on either natural or artificial nails.

This is a unique non-drying formula and comes with a pleasant aroma scent. Included in the ingredients is a hint of Aloe Vera, and will deliver instant removal of all nail polishes with just one rub.

OPI is a great company, as I am currently using their nail polish, nail strengthener, and just added this acetone-free nail polish remover to my collection.

5 – Barielle Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Toweletts

I have not tried this brand, but my girlfriend swears they do a beautiful job at removing nail polishes. I trust her word about the product because her nails are way better than mine, and she does her own manicure.

This is more like small round little pad with the solution in it. It will condition your cuticles, and will not dry out your nails.

The scent is pleasant, and the one pad she let me use did clean all ten fingernails to perfection.

This brand is called Toweletts, and the name is most appropriate. At least you do not need cotton balls when using this product.

6 – Absolute Nail Polish Remover

This is another brand of nail polish remover without acetone that comes in a pad. You get more pads with this brand.

Included in this nail polish remover are ingredients with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. One container with 32 pads is less than five bucks, and for double that amount your get the four containers that are on sale.

This product is not widely marketed, but the few reviewers gave it high marks for removing nail polishes without any nasty smell.

Differences between nail polish remover with acetone and non-acetone nail polish remover?

A nail polish remover with acetone is more powerful at removing nail polish from human fingernails. On the other hand, non-acetone nail polish remover was created to be gentler on fake nails that are now widely used by women all over the world.

Acetone nail polish remover is still the most preferred product because it’s the most effective. While it can dry the cuticles if not used properly, the chemical itself it’s not toxic if one is exposed to small amounts of it. Just make sure you have proper ventilation, and the effects will go away within minutes.

A nail polish remover without acetone uses ethyl acetate as the active ingredient. While it has some of the hazards of acetone, it’s a lot gentler on the nails and skin. If you use fake or synthetic nails, make sure you’re using a non-acetone nail polish remover if you want to avoid chips and damage.

From my experience, the difference between both is subtle and not noticeable. If you want to avoid all the toxic chemicals found in most nail polish removers, try some of the organic nail polish remover brands reviewed below.

Organic Nail Polish Remover

The move to organic products is now in full force in the cosmetics industry. According to our favorite government agency (OSHA), most of the ingredients in our beloved nail polish removers can be toxic to humans and animals when you’re exposed to large amounts.

Nowadays, non-toxic nail polish removers are getting better and will soon become the products of choice for most women. If you’re allergic to the regular nail polish removers, here are three healthier alternatives that can still get the polishes off with just one rub.

7 – Organic Lavender Nail Polish Remover

This brand of organic nail polish remover is formulated to be non-toxic and vegan. This product is manufactured using cruelty-free methods, meaning it was not tested on defenseless animals.

Organic Lavender nail polish remover contains soybean oil, which is derived from American farm crops. Even the packaging materials are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

You can also purchase this natural nail polish remover in an unscented and tea tree scent formula. Amazingly, this product is comparably priced like the others reviewed above.

8 – Mineral Fusion Natural Nail Polish Remover

This Non-drying acetone free nail polish remover is appropriately called Mineral Fusion. You can use it to gently clean and prep your nails.

Based on the many reviews from current users, it can remove nail polish in one run. This non-toxic nail polish remover has a mango scent that’s beloved by most users.

9 – Nail Polish Remover – Natural Soy by Priti

This is a soy-based nail polish remover and contains no residue of petroleum products. Apart been natural, this nail polish remover is formulated to be non-toxic or carcinogenic.

Apart from been able to remove nail polishes, it also has a lemon scent that’s beloved by many users. It has an astounding 97% approval rating. The packaging is cute, but it’s probably the most expensive of the entire best nail polish remover reviewed above.

Which Good Nail Polish Remover Should You Buy?

I have several of them, at least the first six. From my experience, the nail polish removers with acetone will have that toxic smell, so be sure to use one in a well-ventilated area. On the other hand, I find them to be the most effective at removing nail polishes without hesitation or residue.

A good acetone free nail polish remover will get the job done, but not as quick. The organic brands are just as effective, but not as powerful as the acetone nail polish remover. As a test, you can get a bottle from each type and conduct your own test for that best nail polish remover.

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