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Healthiest Brands and Good Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Let’s get something out of the way, it is my desire that you only get most of your nutrient needs from the whole foods you eat.

Even the best protein powders cannot compare to the natural minerals and vitamins you can get from eating a well-balanced diet.

Even with some protein powders having questionable performance metrics, you can still make good protein shakes to stay in shape or lose weight.

Before you rush out and buy any best protein powder for women weight loss, there are few things you need to keep in mind.

The manufacturers of your leading protein shake for weight loss usually claim most can help one reduce body fat, but you should know that the supplements are not formulated to make you instantly thin.

The best protein shakes can help you shed those unwanted pounds, provided you get off the couch and do some physical exercises.

Despite all the vitamins and minerals loaded into best protein powder for weight loss, it is still good to monitor your intake of solid foods, if you want to stay in shape longer.

Steps to Take to Make Best Protein Shakes Work for You Better

It is true that you can use protein shakes to get all the nutrients you need on a daily basis, but it is not the ideal way to remain in shape.

You should look at protein powders as just an aid you can use to get to your weight loss goals, provided you follow other relevant rules.

To make your good protein shake durable for your weight loss goals, there are some rule you must follow:

Get yourself a good brand of protein powder

Before you can create protein shakes, you’ll need a good brand of protein powder to use. Pay careful attention to the listed ingredients, making sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

Within this article, we have reviewed some of the top brands of protein powders that deliver excellent value for your money.

Find Ways to reduce your Calorie intake

Despite all the sales of weight loss supplements and diet programs, why is it that Americans are getting fatter every day? The simple answer can be traced to too much calorie intake.

If you consume more calories than you use up, it is possible that the rest might be stored as fat within your body.

So, it is crucial you find a way to only eat enough foods to supply the calories you need for that day.

Weight gain comes from over-eating, and unless you try to correct such behavior, even the best protein shakes will not deliver any permanent weight loss.

Ramp up Your Physical Activities

It is true that weight loss supplements in the form of protein powders will not deliver any lasting, meaningful weight loss results unless you get off the couch and do some physical exercises.

The list of workout routines you can do to get tremendous weight loss is only limited by your imagination.

The following physical exercises will get you going in the right direction:

Get on your bike – you can lose a tremendous amount of weight just by riding your bike around the roads in your neighborhood.

Each time you pedal, you call upon all the muscle groups within your body. The pedaling can induce faster weight loss, provided you do it on a consistent basis.

Get your running shoes on – every time you run, you engage most of the core muscle groups within your body. If you develop the habit of running on a regular basis, rarely will you gain weight but rather stay in shape.

Walking can help you – just like running, walking is one of the most potent exercises you can do on a daily basis. Walking uses all the core muscle groups, and makes each one stronger with each step.

Start lifting some weights – staying in shape and building lean body mass requires you at least start lifting weights like dumbbells.

Mind you, there is different weight lifting you can do to build up your arms, legs, thighs, the stomach and chest muscles.

While using some of the best protein shakes for weight loss, I am sure you can come up with your own daily exercise routines. Try to include plenty of green leafy vegetables in your diet plan.

Before we get to reviews of some of the good protein shakes, let me emphasize that your weight loss goals will be realized once you begin to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis.

Protein Powder Reviews

For clarity sake, you need good protein powders to be able to make high-quality protein shakes. So when you hear protein powder or protein shakes, we’re referring to the same product.

Here are 7 of the best protein powders one can use to lose weight fast:

1 – Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Advanced Protein

Try your best not to focus on the odd-sounding name for this protein powder. Gaspari nutrition is one of the best weight loss shakes a physically active person can consume.

Gaspari Myofusion is made with a good brand of fast acting Hydro Whey protein.

Not only do Gaspari protein powder taste good and delicious, it will aid you in building leaner muscle mass as you gain more strength.

Gaspari nutrition Myofusion is able to satisfy cravings because it is made from the unique combinations of six different types of protein.

Apart from been gluten free, it is uniquely formulated to supply your body a constant and steady supply of amino acids in your bloodstream.

Gaspari nutrition Myofusion advanced protein is well suited for those that live a very active lifestyle.

2 – CytoSport Muscle Milk Review


CytoSport muscle milk is formulated more like a mass gainer protein shake, rather than the way a regular protein supplement is supposed to work.

After looking at other CytoSport muscle milk review, you can use this supplement to give your body essential and high-quality calories instantly after drinking the shake.

This muscle milk CytoSport is made with different proteins to enhance the rates of digestion experienced by many users.

CytoSport muscle milk gainer will promote the growth of lean muscle mass, while also increasing your strength, thus making it easier to recover from depletion of energy during exercise workout routines.

Not only do CytoSport taste great, it is also lactose-free, gluten-free, and a good source of good amino acids.

3 – Nature Best Zero Carb Isopure Reviews


If you enjoy drinking protein drinks for weight loss, this brand from Natures best zero carb will enable faster results.

Isopure zero carb is a low-calorie protein powder, and completely free of lactose. It is formulated to deliver over 25g of protein per serving.

This zero carb Isopure can be used safely by those suffering from lactose intolerance. Those seeking low-carb diets will find this supplement appealing and most appropriate.

You can find this protein shake for weight loss in eight different flavors. This Isopure zero carb protein from Natures best can be used effectively as a post workout shake.

4 – MusclePharm Combat Powder Review


Rarely do you find any protein powder reviews online without finding the name MusclePharm mentioned.

MusclePharm combat powder is formulated in such a way that it can feed your muscles good and needed nutrients for up to eight hours.

MusclePharm combat is one of the best advanced time-released protein powders one can find online.

This MusclePharm combat protein powder delivers about 24g of protein per each serving.

It is made using a unique blend of casein and whey proteins, which makes it ideal for enabling different rates of digestion for those seeking a constant, steady supply of amino acids.

MusclePharm combat protein is powerful enough to suit the needs of those engaged in various athletic endeavors.

5 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Review


Optimum nutrition pro complex gainer is a good brand of whey protein powder. It is capable of delivering about 60g of protein per each serving.

Optimum nutrition pro complex is formulated with the active ingredients of egg albumen, whey protein isolates, and glutamine peptides.

Also included in this whey protein shakes for weight loss are BCAA and L-glutamine ingredients which aids in better recovery after intense training.

This whey protein powder for weight loss is free of aspartame, and can be bought in three rich flavors.

6 – BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder Review


This top protein shake from BSN Syntha 6 contains six different proteins sourced from casein, whey, and egg proteins.

BSN Syntha-6 protein powder can be used as a suitable meal replacement supplement. It is able to supply about 22g of protein per each serving.

This best protein supplement for weight loss work because it helps to enhance the functioning of your digestive health.

Syntha 6 protein contains medium-chained triglycerides which make it a good source for healthy fat.

Syntha 6 protein powder comes in five different flavors, with chocolate been the best-selling one.

7 – MuscleTech Phase 8 Review


Despite some recent slide in sales, this best whey protein powder is still one of the top meal replacement products.

Phase 8 protein is formulated to supply 26g of protein per each serving.

The included digestive enzymes in MuscleTech phase 8 will help enhance your absorption and digestion.

The included phase 8 MuscleTech sustained-release protein formula will feed your muscles needed nutrients, for at least eight hours.

Protein Shakes Recipes

If you’re seeking good weight loss recipes, we found some whey protein powder recipes suitable for both men and women.

Despite the merits of using protein shakes for weight loss recipes, never use them as your sole source of nutrients.

Try your best to use whole foods, while using these whey protein powder weight loss recipes.

Coming up with your own recipes for protein shakes are only limited by your imagination. So the listed smoothie recipes with protein powders are just samples of what you can create.

Top Weight Loss Shakes Recipes:

1 – This is the recipe for creating a chocolate banana peanut protein shake.


2-scoops of the best chocolate whey protein powder
1-tablespoon of natural cocoa powder
1-tablespoon of natural organic peanut butter
Include one large yellow banana
Plus 12-ounces of organic milk
About 5 to 7 ice cubes

chocolate banana peanut protein shake

You can put all the ingredients inside a good blender and mix it all up. Remember, the ingredients are not set in “stone” and can be adjusted to suit your workout routines.

2 – Heavy Mass Gainer Protein Shake


Use 3-scoops of chocolate whey powder
Include four egg whites
Use one tablespoon of peanut butter
8-ounces of cold water
Two cups of ice

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender. You can also adjust all the ingredients to suit the way your conduct your workout routines.


This best protein powder for weight loss article just gave you some of the brands you can use to stay in shape all the time

Protein shakes for weight loss creation is only limited by your imagination.

Now all you need is a good brand of household blender, high-quality protein powders, and your imagination to create good protein shakes.

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