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Best Matcha Green Tea Powder Brand that Can Deliver Antioxidants and Other Health Benefits

While I wouldn’t call myself a Matcha green tea expert, I have had my share of different brands of the green stuff, and can summarize what health benefits you can expect when you become a connoisseur. I must admit I have never been to the country of Japan (the source of the best Match green tea), neither could I tell you in intricate details the secret production process.

The history of the best Matcha green tea powder is open to debate, even among the Japanese citizens. While some of the information contained in this review is from research, most of the detailed reviews found on the best brands of Matcha tea came from my own personal experience. In simpler terms, I can tell a good Matcha tea just by looking at it, and tasting it.

My first thirst of the green tea occurred while I was in college, and a friend seeking my help on a term paper took me to this small tea room in lower Broadway, in Chinatown New York City. That cup of tea costs about $5, which I thought was rather expensive, but my generous friend paid with gleefulness in his eyes.

Mind you, no one prepared me for the effects of the Matcha tea in my system. All I was told about the tea revolved around it been used for religious ceremonies, and will deliver various health benefits to the body.

That cup of tea tasted pretty good and delivered more energy that kept me alert for several hours. That was how I fell in love with Matcha, and to this day I still drink at least one cup of the green energy inducing tea every morning.

Most of the green tea brands sold nowadays does not deliver all the essential nutrients and vitamins due to the manufacturing process. Matcha tea is derived from grinding the leaves, and just one cup of Matcha provides more health benefits that are comparable to ten cups of regular green tea brands.

I will provide you with some unique tricks and tips for enjoying the Matcha green tea, and each cup will deliver essential minerals and nutrients that will do your body much good.

With so many match green tea brands available for purchase online, you should know there are differences in quality. Hopefully, some of the information in this post will allow you to select the best Matcha tea for your enjoyment.

Some Facts about Matcha Green Tea

What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

While it is classified as a green tea, it is unlike the tea you can brew from a regular tea bag. Most other green tea brands are steeped while Matcha comes as a very fine powder that’s dissolved in water. Matcha green powder can be called one of the best ground-up leaves of green tea.

The way the leaves are harvested, dried and grounded is shrouded in mystery and secrecy, especially with the Japanese Matcha tea brands. You can find more information on the Japanese tea ceremony centers, which details the best preparation methods, the way to serve it, and proper drinking methods.

Since the whole leaf is consumed because of the grinding, each cup of green Matcha tea benefits your body by delivering high doses of antioxidants.

While some of the wild claims about best Matcha tea is debatable, there is no doubt in my mind and in the minds of millions of users worldwide, that the benefits of Matcha green tea are numerous.

How to Drink Matcha Green Tea

I switched from drinking coffee to drinking Matcha green tea, and my body has never felt this good. I have never visited Japan, so I cannot tell you the proper ceremonial way to drink your Matcha tea.

I can only tell you what I do, hopefully, that helps to shed light on the many questions asked online. I simply bring a pot of water to boil, with a teaspoonful of Matcha tea in a cup. I then mix both together, while also adding some organic honey to make the taste more palatable.

For those seeking the answer to how often to drink Matcha green tea? I mostly drink one cup in the morning, and sometimes another cup during the day depending on my workload.

I found practicing moderation in everything you do is appropriate, and I would urge you to do the same with this healthy product. If you’re using a good brand of Matcha tea, it will have a bright green color to it.

I know you can find many recipes online that details how to use the green tea powder to make smoothies, protein shake etc. Since the whole point of drinking the Matcha green tea it to get the antioxidants, mixing it with other ingredients dilutes the power in my humble opinion. Here are some Matcha-infused recipes you can try at home.

Should You Buy Organic Matcha Green Tea Brands?

I for one prefer organic brands in products I consume internally. But it’s your choice to make! Even among organic Matcha brands, there are many issues with quality as you’ll discover in this review.

Simply been organic Matcha does not automatically mean it’s better, but you’ll be paying more for the organic brands. Later on in the article, I will review some of the best Matcha green tea powder brands you can find online.

Does Matcha Tea Require Special Storage?

The simple answer is no, but there are some precautions to take to make sure it remains potent until it’s used. Keep your Matcha away from moisture, heat, and light. Find a cool dry place to store it. You can put it in your kitchen cabinet, or your fridge, which is how I keep mine fresh and potent.

You need to watch out for condensation issues, as it does have the ability to pick-up aromas. You can put your Matcha in the “butter” section of your refrigerator and it will be fine.

Matcha green tea stays fresher the faster you consume it, so I would advise against buying it in bulk unless you have serious Matcha drinkers in your household. Mine usually last me about two months, which is plenty of time to enjoy the flavor and health benefits from every cup of the Matcha green tea.

Matcha Green Tea Brands, Quality, and Price

When something is beloved by consumers, a competition emerges to take advantage of the millions of potential sales. I have tasted some of the best-known brands of Matcha tea, and not so good ones. You see the reviews part of this article for the ones I think delivers awesome value for your money.

As far as quality goes, you want Matcha tea that was manufactured using the old age Japanese ceremonial methods. Since the source and marketplace for this awesome green tea is vast, discrepancies do exist in labeling, so one has to be careful. I have come to only trust the brands I have tried and tasted not the sleek sales brochures or press releases by makers of the product.

As compared to regular tea, a good Japanese Matcha tea brand will cost you a little more. I would urge you to stay away from the Matcha tea brand that is super cheap, as the quality must have being compromised to make that true.

The adage “you get what you pay for”, also applies to this product price range. But when you compare a good brand of Matcha green tea to buying coffee Frappuccino from Starbucks, it is by far cheaper and healthier for you.

Should You Buy One Made in Japan or China?

Most of the top rated brands of Matcha tea come from Japan, but China is starting to deliver high-quality Matcha brands which are helping to bring cost down. This is especially true after the deadly Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Some of the agricultural areas where the leaves used in Matcha teas are sourced from are close to the nuclear radiation blast. The debate as to what effects it has on Matcha production is still ongoing. I have tried both Matcha teas from Japan and china, and can testify both do deliver excellent quality products.

But do bear in mind; Japan is where Matcha tea tradition was born, which means they have the manufacturing process down to an art. From my perspective, you cannot go wrong sticking to the original source of the best Matcha green tea powder.

Best Matcha Tea

So now let’s browse the list of some of the best Matcha green tea brands you can find online…

1 – Pure Matcha

This is a premium grade Matcha manufactured using the ceremonial method, and it does have some advantages over other top brands.


Pure Matcha has the appropriate name, as the manufacturing process can be traced back to the way the green tea is supposed to be made. This brand has all the antioxidants and minerals intact, and it is cultivated and produced in the Nishio region of Japan.

This regions has some of the most pristine fresh river waters, good fertile soil and best of all, it’s far from urban areas which limit pollution problems.

Even critics agree that most of the best Matcha green tea powder can be found in this region. This is the brand that dominates the Japanese Matcha tea marketplace with over 60% share. This Matcha brand is definitely 100% organic.


While most of the current users love the product, the few complaints centered on the bitter taste, and not having any flavor. Someone even compared it to not having any flavor as compared to what you get from Starbucks.

Common people, all products sold by Starbucks contain sweeteners, and that’s the reason for the addiction. Some users did complain that Pure Matcha green tea was not pleasant to digest, most of the stuff that’s truly good for you have a neutral taste.

Bottom Line:

This is the brand I am presently consuming since I have so many due to this review. This brand of Matcha green tea is not only affordable but also tasty. I would gladly buy it again once I run out of Matcha, which won’t be for a while.

2 – Matcha Green Tea Powder – ORGANIC

This is another organic Matcha green tea brand; it is sourced and made in Japan.


This product used to be made in China, but it’s now sourced and manufactured from the original country that invented Matcha green tea, Japan. This brand is the bestselling Matcha green tea powder on Amazon, and most of the customers love it, (over 96% approval rating).

This is the most commonly used Matcha brand for smoothies, green tea lattes, and baking. Matcha Green Tea Powder is made by Kiss Me Organics, and its FDA certified as an organic product.

This was the brand I tried next, and it does deliver a powerful kick. I can tell you it will increase your body’s metabolism, which was why I reduced dosage to half-a-teaspoon for one cup.


We could not get a straight answer as to why they changed manufacturing to Japan from China. Some of the users complained about the poor packaging, which I totally agree with. It is not the best I have seen.

Amazingly, some users complained it delivered too much power if you used too much in one cup. The dosage instructions do need some readjusting to reflect the power of the green tea brand.

Bottom Line:

This product is the top-selling brand of Matcha green tea on Amazon for a good reason; it delivers a pretty punch in just one cup. You do not need as much as suggested in the usage directions label, unless you have a deadline to meet with your term paper.

The energy delivered is not over-bearing like when you drink strong coffee, but you’ll feel it in the most subtle ways. Apart from been one hundred percent organic with FDA certification, you get 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, which is a very good thing.

3 – DoMatcha Green Tea

This organic Matcha will look familiar to those that shop at Whole foods supermarket because it is one of the main brands promoted heavily by the company. While the manufacturer makes organic and non-organic versions of Matcha green tea, I would urge you to stick with the all-natural brand.

The tasting notes can best be described as bright and grassy. The packaging is excellent, and it is the 100% organic version. This is a high-quality Matcha green tea brand, and will deliver all the antioxidants your body needs.


If you have a liking to the sweet stuff, then this brand might taste bland to you, as that was the most complaint from some users. Some did not like the texture and taste.

Some even complained the green color was not bright enough. I do add some organic honey to my cup of Matcha green tea, just to make the taste more palatable.

Bottom Line:

DoMatcha Green Tea is certified truly organic by the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association (JONA), which is the equivalent of getting your drugs approved by the FDA.

This product is made in Japan using the ancient tradition of Japanese tea ceremony. This is a top-notch ceremonial grade tea, and you’ll be happy with the quality. I will definitely buy it again when my supply runs out.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully from the information presented in this article, you’re able to make a wise selection from all the Matcha green tea brands one can find online. The three brands reviewed where the ones I personally tried, but there are other notable ones you can find through the various links in this article.

For those seeking where to buy Matcha tea for less online, the various links embedded in this article is our preferred destination. Why pay more, when you can get the same product for much less!

Paula F. Kennedy

Paula F. Kennedy

As an older woman, I have so many life-experiences and my reviews will be from that angle. With four kids – three girls and one boy, weight-loss and personal hygiene products are some of the issues I can write about with authority.
Paula F. Kennedy
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    It puzzles me why people aren’t talking about Breakaway Matcha. Maybe no one can afford to buy it to try it?
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