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Who Makes The Best Safety Razor?

Shaving is an art that can define your face either positively or negatively based on what techniques and razors one is using.

This is a sacred tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. I still remember how my dad used to shave with a straight razor.

He approached it with the utmost care and encouraged me to watch even thou I was only ten years old. Vanity is not just for women, we men have it too!

The need to look good today is one of the reasons why a man takes the time to shave with a safety razor.

A great safety razor is what a gentleman needs if he wants to avoid the problems associated with shaving including nicks, razor burns, or cuts.

Luckily, we’ve put together a great safety razor reviews guide you can use to find the best-rated razors without breaking the bank.

The worst thing you can do as a man is to just grab an old razor to shave with.

Your manly face is unique and special, and you need to treat it with much care by using the right safety razor.

While there are many alternatives you can shave with, nothing compares to the manliness you feel when you use a best-rated safety razor to get the job done right.

This is your face we’re talking about here, and you should be able to look in the mirror after every shave and proclaim with joy; Damn, I look good today!

Even with good intention, finding the best safety razor that can deliver a clean smooth shave can be challenging if you know what I mean.

Every manufacturer claims to have the best product, so we have navigated through hundreds of safety razors to bring you some of the most reliable brands.

The process of selecting the best safety razors involves testing some of the products, examining the available online reviews, and the most current expert opinions from sources we trust.

Top 4 Safety Razor Reviews

Any of these products would help you get a comfortable close shave. Your decision will probably be influenced by your personal preference.

Unlike some other products, we have presented some great straight razors in every price range.

Click on any of the images or the more info icon to instantly go to where to buy safety razor for less!

1 – Edwin Jagger De89lbl

The Edwin Jagger is well established and growing rapidly when it comes to wet shaving using safety razors.

The De89lbl is a double edge razor with fine qualities. This fabulous straight razor from Edwin Jagger will cost you less than $33 on Amazon, which is the cheapest you can find online.

Believe me, we checked everywhere! The handle of this razor is easy to control and offers smooth loading and unloading of your sharp blades.

You get an initial supply of 5 Derby safety blades with your purchase, thus making the product shave ready right out of the box.

This safety razor has a beautiful chrome finish that’s almost like a mirror.

This traditional double edge safety razor comes with a closed comb head, thus making it ideal for getting the most comfortable close shave.

The packaging for this “bad boy shaver is top notch. It comes in a striking, black box for those that care about such things.

The only problem you might have is how to keep the shiny chrome look without it getting all smudged up after an extended use.

Water is a degrading agent, so try your best to wipe the razor clean after each use. You might need to use a simple polishing cloth or a dry soft towel.

2 – Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor (Model 180)

Merkur is another name you can trust when it comes to safety razors. This is a reputable company with well-documented history to match.

The Model 180 is one of the best Merkur safety razors you can buy for a clean smooth shave.

The handle on this best safety razor is longer than most other brands. This makes it ideal for men with large hands.

One of the reasons this razor is popular is because it has a sturdy chrome finish and comes with a combination of quality and price that’s hard to compete against.

This extra close shave razor can be found online, and it’s made in Germany.

The Merkur model 180 comes with a double edge design, which you can use to produce a comfortable close shave.

This high-quality shaving gear has a non-slip grip handle, and it’s one of the best safety razors for beginners.

This best safety razor is three-piece shaving equipment, which needs to be taken apart to change the blades.

Uploading your safety razor blades in no hassles at all, and you just might find it cool.

This adds to the mystical devotion thousands of men have with this razor.

With a textured long handle, this double edge razor has all the features both beginning shavers and pros would love.

What Is a Safety Razor?

When you look closely at one, you’ll notice most safety razors have a protective device that is wedged between the sharp blade and your skin.

The initial thought when it was first invented was to give men the ability to shave without fear of any accidental cuts or injury.

Some might say the first safety razor was invented by Mr. Otto and Fredrik Kampfe in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1880.

The initial patent had a crude drawing of a single edge blade that was attached to the right angle and covered by a protective comb.

I guess the comb acted as a protection against the sharp blade hence the name safety razor.

The person that took safety razors to the next level was a guy named King Camp Gillette, who in 1901 patented a unique design that also included the Gillette disposable double-edged (DE) razor.

The Gillette name soon became synonymous with shaving. The razor was adopted by the USA military during World war one, that helped cement the brand as the most reliable.

The contract to supply the American military during the war helped Gillette grab a stranglehold on the men shaving tools industry, and the company is still dominant to this day.

Currently, best safety razors now convey an air of pure antique luxury, and they now come in many different designs, including single or doubled edge.

While the term safety razor is now used loosely to refer to many types of razor brands like the Mach5, the term actually is more relevant to the safety razors you see in the guide above.

3 – Parker 99R Long Handle – Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor

The Parker 99R safety razor comes with a butterfly design. It has a textured handle that’s just as long as the Merkur safety razor model 180.

This product is the easiest to use, especially when trying to input a safety razor blade.

You just need to simply twist the handle to open up the head, thus giving you instant access to the blades for easy replacement.

This razor is heavier than most, except for the Merkur vision. Despite the reasonable low price at Amazon (see here), this safety razor feels like luxury without the higher price tag.

It comes to you ready for use, as you’ll get 5 Shark Super Chrome blades with your purchase.

Parker 99R Long Handle is more than capable of delivering the best barbershop-close shave any man could wish for.

Buy the Parker 99R for a clean smooth shave, or you can give it as a gift to someone you care about.

4 – Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C

This is another best Merkur safety razor with a higher price tag. This safety razor is heavier that the model 180 we reviewed above. It has a smaller handle, thus making it ideal for most men.

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor model #34C is a 2-piece shaving gear, meaning the base and the handle is permanently joined together.

This is a comfortable razor, but might not be ideal for men with much larger hands.

Replacing the safety razor blades is as easy as just turning a screw knob with your hands.

This double edge razor is durable enough that it just might be the last shaving razor you’ll ever buy.

Yes, it’s that good! It comes with a higher price point, but worth every penny, especially for those gentlemen with an impeccable taste for a higher quality product.

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