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Schick Hydro 5 Review

Can you imagine what it was like for our great, great, grandparents to get a comfortable close shave?

Based on my research, shaving tools for men where crude and sometimes dangerous.

Until mass produced shaving razors emerged, men found ways to shave with whatever metal tool they could cobble together.

I am more of a connoisseur when it comes to straight razors, as I must have tried multitudes of old fashion razors in my search for the smoother perfect shave.

After my review of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, I was given the Schick hydro razor to see how it holds up to the rigors of daily shaving by an active gentleman.

While the hydro 5 is a worthy alternative to the Gillette fusion, it’s also cheaper and the Schick hydro 5 blade refills cost about 50% less.

The Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor comes with cool ultra glide blades with special skin guards that can help reduce skin irritation.

The guard is what helps create more points of contact which also enables a suitable smoother surface to shave.

The Schick razor has an advanced ergonomic design, and I found it to be very comfortable as you shave.

The manufacturer claims the razor has been tested and found to be suitable for men with sensitive skin.

I have sensitive skin, and I can tell you that my shaving experience went much smoother than I expected.

Let’s look at some of its unique features:

It has Hydrating Gel Reservoir. The unique gel includes vitamin E and aloe, and it’s designed to outlast many conventional lubricating strips.

You’ll get lubrication added to your skin with each of your shaving strokes.

Hidden Flip Trimmer. You can engage it with just the flip of the thumb. The smaller trimmer can help you reach those tight facial spaces with much ease.

Special Blades and Skin Guards. It has five unique sharp blades with skin guards that help control any friction.

The shave delivered by this 5 blade razor was as good as what I get when I sometimes use my very old fashion straight razor.

Better Handle. There is something about the handle of this razor that makes it fit nicely into your hand, and it evens feels better as you go about the business of shaving your stubble.

I have somewhat of a larger hand and this razor was as comfortable as any other shaving razor I have tried, including the Gillette fusion.

Comparison of the Schick hydro razor vs Gillette fusion ProGlide

Would I buy the 5 blade razor instead of the Gillette fusion, probably for many valid reasons?

Both razors are well ergonomically designed and able to deliver comfortable smooth shave.

The learning curve for both razors is very short. My preference for the hydro 5 is based on price, as other measuring metrics are about the same.

The Schick hydro razor cost at least over 60% less than the Gillette fusion. The razor blade refills also cost that much less.

This is not a drawn out long review as the Schick hydro razor has good features that any man needs to achieve the most comfortable close shave.

If you like to watch your pennies, you should go with the Schick 5 blade razor as the higher price for the Gillette ProGlide cannot be justified by any special features.

Don’t get me wrong, the Gillette fusion is a very good razor, but the Schick hydro 5 razor is a worthy alternative that can deliver the same comfortable shaving experience for at least half the price.

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