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The Best Flooring Option for a Healthier Home

If you have the advantage of looking for a new home, perhaps my experience of having lived in a home with a carpet and one with wall to wall wood floors will help you make the best decision to enhance your family’s health.

That shiny new rug you just purchased and installed with toxic padding materials would soon be filled with germs and bacteria that could negatively affect your health and that of your siblings. Even plush carpets wear down faster as you try to keep it clean on a regular basis.

Rugs or plush carpets are manufactured from a concoction of chemically induced ingredients, all fused together to make a product you can walk on. I can assure you that the rugs in your home contain hidden contaminants, and you might bring them back to life when you shampoo or vacuum your rug.

Differences between Floor Carpets and Wood Floors

Differences between Floor Carpets and Wood Floors

I can assure that wood flooring for your entire home will definitely cost you more than even a high-end plush wall to wall carpeting.

It is also true that wood flooring can be difficult and very expensive to alter if you find that your tastes in home furnishings have evolved.

When it comes to maintenance, I can assure you, it far more difficult to keep your plush rug clean than if you had installed wood flooring.

Wood flooring can be cleaned with just basic water, mild soap, and soft mop cloth device. While on the hand, you need a vacuum cleaner to keep your rug in good smelling shape.

If you own any pets, your plush rug will receive more abuse than if your home flooring is made of wood. Pet hairs and dander will embed into your plush carpeting far easier.

Your floor carpet accumulates more germs than you can get rid of, even if you shampoo your whole house on a weekly basis.

It is a fact that the materials used to make carpets are more conducive to bacteria and germs. Imagine all the stuff you step on when you go outside? All that nasty stuff is transported back into your living environment rug.

The contaminants are further enhanced to cause havoc on your health when you get down to thorough cleaning by vacuuming or shampooing the germs out. Take a look at your present carpet, and you would understand it is filled with all kinds of carcinogens that could be causing your present health problems.

It is a fact that when you vacuum, you’re not even removing 50% of the germs embedded within. You might look at your carpet and conclude it is clean, but a true scientific test for deadly bacteria would definitely shock you with its findings.

Health Benefits of Having Wood Flooring

Health Benefits of Having Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring is made from a natural substance, and will not affect your health negatively. It is easier to tell if your wood flooring is dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. It is also far easier to maintain one, even if you own pets with all the dander’s they can create.

A wood flooring will not accumulate germs and bacteria that could potentially cause your health problems. With just a little care, you can eliminate most of the dangerous germs you bring into your home if the flooring is made out of natural wood.

My little girl suffered from breathing problems, and the symptoms all simply disappeared once we changed homes and moved into one with wall to wall wood flooring. If you experience sinus problems or other respiratory illnesses and your home contains wall to wall carpeting, consider changing to wood flooring and see if your symptom doesn’t subside.

In Conclusion

If you’re blessed and have the opportunity to choose the type of flooring for your home, choosing to go with wood flooring will confer your family with many health advantages you cannot get even with high-quality carpeting.

I have lived in homes with both types of flooring, and I can assure you a home using wood flooring will not have a negative effect on your health. No matter how hard you try to keep your rug clean, the materials used in making the product is just too friendly to germs and bacteria.

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