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The Pros And Cons of Buying the Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Let’s be honest, for if you find yourself overweight and carrying all the health woes associated with obesity the blame rest squarely on your shoulders. Junk foods do not magically appear in your stomach, and the lack of physical activity on your part contributed to your current out of shape body syndrome, which cannot be passed around like a “yo-yo” ball.

Recently, a friend complained he had no time to go to the gym, and he was, at least, 50-pounds overweight. The massive weight gain has impacted negatively his sex life and overall quality of life. Mind you he has a high-powered job as an investment banker, so affordability of the home gym equipment was not an issue.

The weight gain has aged him tremendously, and the constant need to consume toxic foods are now manifesting in different types of health woes. As a personal trainer, I try my best not to pass judgment on people’s body structure or obesity issues.

From personal experience, I know that food is very addictive and you need all your willpower to defeat the addiction to sweet and unhealthy junk foods. I gave him the link to the post on this blog dealing with the 10 healthiest foods in the world, and I also suggested he buy a best stepper machine and make a commitment to use it, at least, twenty to thirty minutes every day.

Three months later he called with jubilant news and wanted to meet at the local Starbucks where I do most of my writing. I must confess that the way he looked threw me off my game plan. He looked, at least, 60-pounds thinner, and I had to touch him to make sure I was not seeing a ghost.

As a sign that he has changed his gluttonous ways, he brought his own salad and fruits, including a bottle of alkaline spring water. I was truly happy for him and he looked tremendously healthy. He explained he purchased a stepper exercise machine as I had suggested, and the brand he bought is manufactured by a company called Sunny Health & Fitness.

He explained his daily regimen using the stepper machine, and all the while I was wondering how an exercising machine that cost less than $100 can help one lose so much weight. While he went on and on about his weight loss progress from using the Sunny twister stepper, I made a mental note to research the brand and write a review about it.

So in all honesty, I dedicate this review of the sunny health and fitness twist stepper to my good friend that went all in and achieved tremendous weight loss using just this stepping machine.

The Sunny health stepper looks compact, and you might have initial doubts that the small home gym equipment can help you build a new physique. This step exercise machine allows you to perform versatile physical exercises right in the comfort of your own home.

I soon discovered that the brand is one of the best exercise steppers one can use to tone buttocks and thighs. You can also enhance your cardiovascular health with just a few workouts on the stepper from Sunny Health and Fitness.


It is Affordable – This stepper exercise equipment is one of the most affordable home gym equipment one can use to achieve tremendous weight loss. This complete total body workout machine cost less than $100, which is probably less than what you presently spend on coffee on a monthly basis.

This stepper is durable and compact – Do not let the low price fool you, for this stepping machine is built with heavy duty steel, and with careful maintenance, you’re bound to get many years of usage from it.

It is the right stepper exercise machine for those with tight living space. It is so compact that you can pack it up after each use and store it in your closet.

This home stepper machine offers an adjustable resistance – With just a little imagination you can come up with many ways to use the resistance levels enabled when using this piece of equipment.

The included exercise bands will give you the ability to work your back, chest, arms, and shoulders, for one of the best total body workouts you can experience from low priced home gym equipment.

It comes with the latest in LCD technology – The Sunny Health fitness stepper uses the latest LCD monitor technology to display your usage statistics; like time, calories burned, and total step count during any workout session.

This stepper can be quickly assembled – Your delivery package will include a detailed guide showing how to assemble the device, and you do not need any special skills or tools to make it happen.

From the feedbacks I examined from current users, the Sunny health and fitness twist stepper can be fully assembled in just a few minutes.

This best stepper machine is also safe to use – The inclusion of slip-resistant footrests that is oversized contributes to better safety during each use.


Based on the suggestion from the manufacturer, it is designed to be used just 15-minutes each time. If you go past the recommended time usage, the hydraulics might overheat, which ultimately creates too much noise that can lead to total damage of the exercise machine.

Based on the feedbacks from some of the current customers, this exercise machine has a lower step range. You can get deeper step motions from other more expensive stepper machines.

If you choose to use the stepping machine for more than fifteen minutes, the squeaking noise can be corrected by spraying some “WD40” on the key mechanical parts.

Bottom Line:

While this stepping machine from Sunny Health fitness requires higher maintenance, you cannot go wrong with the affordable pricing. With careful use, you can slowly build a new physique as you lose all the extra pounds you want.

The adjustable resistance feature can be used to create more workout routines to fasten your fitness goals. Keep in mind that this machine is not intended for commercial use, and you might be asking for trouble if you let your friends use it without proper supervision.

The Sunny health & fitness twister stepper is one of the most affordable home gym equipment one can use on a daily basis to achieve the right amount of weight loss. This stepper exercise machine is beginner friendly and comes with all the right features for total body workout.

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