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Why You Snore And Reviews of the Devices to Help You Stop

During my first year in college, my roommate was a loud snorer. His snoring was so loud that I tried to be fast asleep before he does every night. The only bright side was that I used the sounds of his snoring as my alarm clock. His snoring condition was unusual; for he got louder the longer he slept.

Snoring not only affects the quality of sleep but can also create tensions within a relationship. When you examine some of the snoring remedies reviews found online, you’ll hear stories of couples breaking up simply because another partner could not take the noise anymore.

Before we get to some of the most effective snoring remedies and best anti snoring devices, let’s look closely at how this health condition that afflicts millions of people worldwide is defined.

What is Snoring?

From what I have seen and gathered from people that snore, it is a condition that occurs when one finds it difficult to breathe properly through the nose and throat during the sleeping hours.

You get a sense that air refuses to move freely between both organs, and it is the friction that creates the noise. I have seen snorers with the mouth open and closed. From what I gathered, both are capable of making very loud noises when snoring.

Now, snoring sounds can range from low audible noise to sounds that sound like machine guns exploding at the battlefield. The more extreme the snoring condition, the louder the sound from the sufferer.

A large percentage of snorers are overweight, which leads to poor dieting been a major cause of the health condition that can make good rest hard to come by.

Can Extreme Snoring be Considered Sleep Apnea?

Most medical doctors qualified to treat sleep apnea would tell you that the difference between that condition and snoring is subtle at best. Is it also possible to develop sleep apnea from snoring too much?

While it is hard to reach an objective conclusion, sleep apnea is a more deadly condition that leads to constant breathing obstruction, which causes the sufferer to wake up before breathing normally again.

While snorers might be sound asleep all through the loud noise, those suffering from sleep apnea are constantly waking up and falling asleep all through the night. Those suffering from sleep apnea condition experience extreme sleepiness and fatigue all through the day.

What Causes Snoring?

Before you can appreciate the quality of stop snoring devices or products, it is essential to know what causes snoring in the first place. It is true that the vast majority of people snore for very different reasons, but there are some commonalities from all the studies conducted by researchers over the years.

Your constant snoring can be traced to the following factors:

Poor Physical Shape

If you suffer from extreme obesity, chances are that your snoring can be traced to the extra weight you’re carrying around your body. As you know, excess weight resides in the throat and neck areas of the body and might be the reason why you snore in your sleep.

Older Age

Based on your lifestyle choices in your youth, older age can be a trouble-free existence or the health woes that have accumulated over the years coming home to roost. As one age, the muscles found in the throat region gets narrower, just as the tone muscles found in the same region decreases in strength and effectiveness.

It is true that Hereditary Factors Can Be Blamed?

One should not ignore the role played by DNA factors in snoring. If your parents snored heavily, you stand a pretty good chance of developing the same condition, especially if you have the body structure and lifestyle choices.

I am not a fan or believer in DNA passed on health woes, but it cannot be discounted entirely. If your dad or mom snored heavily and both were overweight, you must try your best to keep your weight in check or the snoring woes might appear out of nowhere.

Blocked Nasal Passages

If you experience sinus problems or blocked nasal passages, you might develop snoring condition, which might be as a result of the temporary difficulty you’re experiencing in breathing. The snoring from sinus issues is not as loud as those with a permanent snoring condition.

Toxic Products

In case, you forgot the usual suspects of products that are considered intoxicants. Most medications, alcohol, and smoking have a negative effect on your throat muscles, which ultimately leads to snoring.

Now your snoring problem might not develop after just a few drinks or few cigarettes, but the accumulation of the toxins in your internal organs would take a negative toll on your health as your age, and snoring might just be one of the manifestations.

What about Your Sleeping Position?

While I am not entirely convinced your sleeping posture and position can lead to snoring, health studies have proven it might happen in some people. You can try changing your sleeping position and see if it helps with your snoring.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Before you rush out and buy the latest anti snoring device with high-performance metrics, you owe it to yourself to try out the following natural steps to cure the condition permanently. The steps you can take in how to stop snoring naturally are diverse and can be manipulated to suit your condition.

Below are some of the most effective self-help cures one can use to stop snoring, even in extreme cases:

Get off your butt and exercise if you know you’re overweight. Those extra weights around your body will only get in the way of most top rated anti snoring devices.

The exercises you can do is only limited by your imagination. Bike riding, walking, running, swimming, jogging etc., are just a few effective weight loss physical activities that come to mind.

Make the required lifestyle changes if you want to experience meaningful and permanent results in your snoring condition. You can buy all the snoring devices you want, but without meaning lifestyle changes, your results will be temporary and not permanent.

Simply continuing smoking, drinking and overeating will not help your snoring condition, despite deploying some of the best anti snoring devices reviewed in this article.

Some popular blogs might not tell you the truth, but you have to address the root causes of your snoring to experience the most spectacular results.

Are there any Good Anti Snoring Devices in the Marketplace?

From the information gathered for this stop snoring devices reviews, there are dozens of products available for sale with high-performance metrics. There are three main types of products one can use to stop snoring, and you’ll have to decide which one is more suitable to help your snoring condition.

In this best anti snoring device review article, we’ll take a closer look at mouthpieces, chin straps and sleeping pillows one can use to reduce or cure snoring on a permanent basis if there are no other health woes at play.

The following are the most popular anti snoring solutions one can find from reviews of government health records and industry supported research.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

The most popular device and probably the least expensive is a mouthpiece. Deploying one inside your mouth is easy, and most will have no known side effects that could affect your health negatively.

Based on health historical data, mouthpieces are the oldest snoring aids, and they’re widely utilized all around the world by medical professionals and snoring sufferers.

A well-designed mouthpiece is a good device one can use to stop snoring at night. Most mouthpieces are good at preventing Bruxism, which is a condition marked by the habitual or involuntary grinding of the teeth, mostly during the sleeping hours.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

1 – Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is adjustable and has proven to be an effective night guard against Bruxism during sleeping hours. This snoring mouthpiece has been redesigned with the latest in precision locking technology.

This stop snoring device is so good that it will lock in place at the setting you left it at to prevent snoring. The beauty about this product is the built-in flexibility that makes it adjustable to different mouth and teeth sizes.

The personal calibration enabled with the Intelliguard Pro mouthpiece makes it one of the best anti snoring devices one can use with high-performance metrics.

2 – Eliminator Pro Adjustable Night Guard

The name for this Bruxism mouthpiece aid is quite appropriate. Like the one reviewed above, this brand has a new design to effectively prevent teeth grinding in most people at night.

Unfortunately, this mouthpiece will not fit small mouths. It is precision designed to auto-mold to your first bite after you boil it in water.

This night guard to help with snoring from Eliminator Pro uses precision lock technology to keep your desired setting in place, regardless of how you sleep.

Anti-Snoring Chin Straps

Another popular device one can use to stop snoring is called a chin strap. Hopefully, anyone wearing a well-designed chin strap will not step outside as it might scare some people.

It looks more like a strap to hold the chin in place helping to keep your mouth closed, which ultimately leads to your jaw positioned in the right places to enable the right breathing.

Stop Snoring Chin Strap Review

3 – NoSnore – Anti Snoring Jaw Strap

This is another name that is also appropriate for an anti-snoring chin strap product. It’s more like a comfortable headrest, which helps to secure the chin during your sleeping rest.

It is designed in such a way that it provides the needed support for jaw and throat, to help put a stop to snoring. This anti snoring product is easy to use, and it is made from neoprene fabric that is lightweight in texture.

NoSnore anti snoring jaw strap has strong Velcro strips and quite east to use. Best of all, you get a free EBook with some useful explanations about strategies to keep your snoring in check or permanently cured.

4 – My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap

I have to give kudos to the names given to some of the products reviewed in this article. The anti-snoring jaw strap from a company called My Snoring Solution is one of the top products in the marketplace.

Not only is the anti-snoring product designed to be non-invasive, it is also quite easy to deploy, and does not entail much to maintain it. This product is aimed at those that snore with their mouth wide open.

My snoring solution chin strap can be used effectively by those wearing dentures, and will not have any negative effect on the gums or teeth. Most of the current users gave the anti-snoring product high marks for helping to reduce noise during sleep.

Are there any Effective Anti-Snoring Pillows?

Based on the information collected while researching this getting rid of snoring article, it is quite true that uniquely designed head pillows can help some people stop snoring.

Most anti-snoring pillows are not cheap, due to the design and the materials used. While I have my doubt about the ability of pillows to help control snoring, the feedbacks from users of the following two products convinced me of their merits.

5 – NoPap Positional Body Pillow

This pillow is dual stuffed, which enables the best side sleeping comfort. This snoring solution pillow from a company called NoPap is available for purchase in three sizes; small, medium and large.

This anti-snoring pillow is made from 100% cotton and offers deep cushioning comfort for a peaceful sleeping rest. This product is hypoallergenic and fully manufactured in the United States of America (USA).

6 – Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow you purchase is made in the USA or imported, based on the information we found from the manufacturer’s website.

This anti-snoring pillow is made using 100% foam materials and offers better comfort as it helps to align the spinal area correctly while you sleep.

You have the option of using it to sleep on your side or your back since it is uniquely designed for both sleeping positions.

Some of the feedbacks allude to the power of the pillow to relieve stress while also relaxing the muscles. The anti-snoring pillow from Therapeutica is not cheap, but the current review from existing customers makes it worthy of your time and investment.

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  • Sandra Derrick-James January 17, 2016, 3:24 am

    Thanks for the detailed and well presented article about some of the best anti snoring devices. My husband uses both the Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece and Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow.

    After so many trial and errors we soon discovered that it was the combination of both products that proved the most effective at stopping his snoring while sleeping.

    I must admit, he also had to lose a few pounds that was hindering the effectiveness of the products. He went from 200 pounds to 185 pounds with 5’11 height.

    I do agree with the article that lifestyle chnages must occur for one to witness fantastic results.