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Instep Bike Trailer Reviews: Find the Best Child Bicycle Trailers for the Money by Pacific Cycle

As a parent, I can assure you that nothing beats the laughter you can have with your little while carrying him or her around in a bicycle trailer. A bike trailer is a piece of equipment you can attach to your bicycle and most will have room for one or two child occupants.

There are several brands of best bike trailers for toddlers with good performance, but in this article, we will be focusing our attention on the units from a company called InStep.

This firm is a major player in the single or double bike trailer market and currently, they hold a significant share of the sales based on figures from .

The first thing you should know is that this company is not a small outfit organization by any means. InStep is a subsidiary of Pacific Cycle, the same conglomerate that owns the following brands Schwinn, Mongoose, Kid Trax, and Iron Horse.

You will find the best kids bike trailer with a single or double cabin capacity. All the child bike trailers made by InStep come with foldability features, which makes it easier to pack it into the trunk of your car or truck.

A good thing is that the mechanism for the folding of the bike trailer can be accomplished without using any tools. Based on my research for this instep bike trailer reviews, the talk among bloggers is how affordable the products from this company are.

The best child bike trailer for the money can be found among this four different units reviewed below:

1 – InStep Take 2 Bicycle Trailer Review

In this instep take 2 bicycle trailer review, it will be easy to show why this bike trailer is popular with most of the current users. It is capable of holding up to two kids. It has an 80-pounds user weight capacity due to that fact that the frame is made from sturdy steel materials.

The InStep Take 2 Bicycle Trailer will protect your child from any nasty weather since it comes with a shield. Within the canopy, you’ll find a bug screen to keep nasty mosquitos and other flying ants out of the cabin area, where your kid is having fun or resting.

The ability of the bicycle trailer to provide a smoother ride is enhanced by the use of molded rims and 16-inch pneumatic tires. The folding of the frame of the bicycle trailer from InStep can be broken down with just the push of a quick release button, which means it can be easily stored or carried with you in the trunk of your automobile.

There are various versions of this bike trailer you can purchase online. You can buy just the kid’s bike trailer by itself, or you can select one that includes a coupler, or one with a helmet.

If you choose the one that comes with the needed coupler you should know it is designed to attach to most modern bicycles with ease. This double bike trailer from InStep is protected by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

2 – InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer Review

The next unit to be reviewed is the InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer, which is designed to hold one occupant, with maximum user weight of 40-pounds. To make it easier to transport or put into storage it has a frame that can be folded with just the push of a quick release button.

The unique two-in-one canopy design will offer your little one the right protection against the weather and nasty bugs like mosquitos and other flying insects. The included coupler is capable of attaching to almost all types of modern bicycles.

You’ll find that the use of 16-inch pneumatic tires and molded rims will ensure a smoother ride on almost all type of terrains. It is one of the best bike trailers any parent can use to bond with their kid.

Remember, they grow up pretty fast, so the memories you create using this single bike trailer from InStep would last a lifetime. Your purchase entitles you to a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which covers any potential factory defects that might arise.

3 – InStep Rocket 11 Bicycle Trailer Review

Once in a while, you can across a product with a wow factor when it comes to its versatility, the InStep Rocket 11 bicycle trailer can be described as such. It has a quick release mechanism for folding the unit, which makes it easier to move it from place to place.

You’ll also find the same canopy design with adequate protection from the weather and nasty flying insects. This unit uses aluminum rims and 20-inch air tires, which enables better stability, and greater user comfort.

The design of the coupler makes it attachable to almost all types of bicycles. What sets this model apart from the ones reviewed above is the inclusion of a stroller kit, which also includes a padded handlebar and a swiveling front wheel.

With very little effort, you’re able to transform this towable bike trailer into a convenient stroller, which in my opinion makes it one of the best bike trailers for toddlers one can buy for the money and value.

It can accommodate a total of two occupants and the user weight cannot exceed 80-pounds. This unit is also protected by a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – InStep Flare Double Bicycle Trailer

The InStep flare double bicycle trailer is quite similar to the one reviewed above except for a few differences in design concept and features. It comes with the same type of canopy design to protect against flying insects and nasty weather.

The foldable frame can be broken down with the push of a quick release button. The included coupler is made to attach to any type of modern bicycle. It is also protected by a one-year limited warranty just like the InStep Rocket 11 Bicycle Trailer.

While it also comes with a stroller kit with the same functionality as the model above, the size of the tires is different. This one uses 16-inch air tires. It is designed to carry two kids with user weight limitation of 80-pounds.

What is the Best Kid’s Bike Trailer from InStep?

From all the data gathered for this instep bike trailer reviews, the Rocket 11 bicycle trailer is the winner by a mile. It has a rugged look and yet modern looking. It has all the required safety features required for a safe ride with your little ones.

It is not to take away from the merits of the other units, for they all will make a suitable alternative for those seeking a durable and valuable child bike trailer for less.

If you have never used a bike trailer with your kid, it is an experience that cannot be described with words. While time flies, the bonding and intimate experience you can create with your kids using one of the instep bike trailers reviewed above will last a lifetime.

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